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What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering?

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:September 14, 2022
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Have you ever wondered, “what time does Amazon stop delivering?” If you haven’t, you will once you need to grab emergency stuff from the online store. If you’re one of the many customers wondering about the time Amazon stops delivering, you’ll likely need answers. We’ll explore what time Amazon stops delivering.

Amazon stops delivering all packages, including groceries, gadgets, and clothes, by 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. Sometimes, they could extend their services to 10 pm when they have a truckload of deliveries to make in particular locations. The same closing hour applies to Sunday, though they work shorter hours than other days, as they start a little later on Sundays.

How Does Amazon Delivery Service Work?

Like most online stores where they sell several items, delivery is one of their most essential services. Besides, its services are conducted online, so there’s no in-house location to pick up your order. You can only select the items you want, pay, and you’ll get a date when your parcel will reach you.

Amazon’s delivery options are like any other service. They track your location based on the address you provided. Afterward, you sign an agreement that you’ve received your package.

In case there’s no one around during their delivery, these workers leave the package in a safe location. However, there might be no “safe” location to drop off your order in some cases. Other times, your product might need someone to pick them up immediately.

If the latter is the case, they will send you an email with your package information. They make a delivery attempt three times for three consecutive days. If the third attempt is unsuccessful, they return your package and get a refund.

Despite Amazon’s effectiveness, customers might report that their tracking shows that their orders have been delivered when it isn’t. The customer needn’t worry; instead, they check to see if the package was dropped with a receptionist or a neighbor. If the package is still missing, they have customer support that users can reach easily and report their problems.

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What Days Does Amazon Stop Delivering?

Amazon is diligent with its customers. Besides the fact that several people scattered around the world using this platform, it’s also a reliable shopping arena. As a result, it’s only normal they have a lot of daily delivery requests.

Therefore, Amazon has no off-days; they work seven days a week. The only regulation they have is an opening and closing hour. Some days, its delivery men work 12 hours, sometimes longer.

When Does Amazon Start Delivering?

Customers can expect to get their orders by 8 am. You can request an early delivery in your account preferences if you prefer to receive your product earlier than this. Overnight delivery choices allow early-shift carriers to deliver your shipment starting at 6 am. 

What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering Packages?

Amazon’s package delivery might be one of the best, but it also has working time. In other words, you don’t expect them to work all day long trying to deliver orders to every customer. Like most delivery, they start working from the morning but close by 8 pm.

jesse ramirez YiSD 1eJ 1g unsplash

However, when there’s a great demand, its workers might have to continue working a little longer. So, don’t be surprised if these delivery men knock at your door a few minutes to ten. The reason for such late hour is probably due to several factors, one they might not relate to customers. 

Amazon Stops Delivering after 10 PM, How True Is That?

It’s a standard that Amazon stops delivering at 10 pm; however, Amazon Prime gives an extra window of two hours. The latest service allows for delivery to be made between 6 am till 12 midnight that same day. Users utilizing this service can also enjoy such on weekends. 

You can select the delivery time to suit your preferences. For instance, you could arrange for a late or early-hour delivery through your account. 

If you reside in areas where Amazon Prime is supported, you can also arrange same-day deliveries. These services allow you to order and receive your products on short notice. You might place orders at midnight and get them before 8 am the next day.

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Customers can also decide if they want the company to deliver their package to neighbors in cases where they’re absent. In the same vein, you could request that they leave your order in a specific location, with a particular person. Remember to read the instructions, terms, and conditions that follow these settings before purchasing. 

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy Prime Now, a free delivery service. This is only available if you’ve purchased goods worth at least $35. If your purchase is less or you want an hour-interval delivery, you might have to pay an additional fee.

What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering on Sundays?

Amazon stops delivering by 8 pm on Sundays. You can opt for this service via the optional Delivery Preference menu. Customers can otherwise decide to restrict delivery to only weekdays and Saturdays. 

amazon delivery

When choosing Sunday delivery options, there are a few things to note. First, the Sunday service is available to any Amazon customer. However, be sure that the company permits such options in your residential area. 

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you may order on Friday and receive it on Sunday for free. Non-members may have to pay extra for expedited delivery on weekends. Amazon ships goods throughout the country on Sundays using UPS, USPS, and Flex drivers. 

Is It Possible to Know When Amazon Stops Delivering?

Amazon lets its users locate their package on a map before the delivery team gets to them. You can also track the delivery driver’s whereabouts in real-time if the package is only a few stops away. 

However, your package cannot be tracked while in a delivery vehicle en route due to security concerns. You can only see the places the bus just left on the map, not its current location.

The Amazon customer support page has a Shipping and Delivery section to keep track of your package. Your order’s tracking information should be available by selecting the “Track Package” button next to it. Furthermore, you’ll be able to find an expected delivery date even before the courier picks the package. 


Working out when your package will arrive isn’t as confusing as it seems. Once you understand Amazon’s delivery process, you can have your products delivered in time.