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What Is Portugal HQA Visa?

Author: jack
Published:May 15, 2023
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It’s hard to imagine a more picturesque place on the planet that is both socially and economically highly developed than Portugal.

Here you can turn your dreams into reality and succeed as a professional. Madeira, the Azores, or the small cities on the coast of the Algarve are suitable for lovers of solitude and peace, while Lisbon, Porto, or Coimbra are perfect for those who are used to an active and action-packed life.

The most incredible thing is that the government provides many opportunities for travel and accommodation.

These include an investment permit, which allows you to qualify for citizenship and a “pass” for startups, as well as a visa for highly skilled activity professionals.

We will focus on the HQA and tell you who can apply for this permit and how to obtain it.

What Is Portugal HQA Visa?

The two-year Portugal HQA Visa is physically a sticker on your passport with the expiration date and entry into force. You can move to or visit the country for six months with this document.

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It is a prerequisite of this program. It is issued only to qualified specialists who found a job in the state’s territory in advance and signed a contract or provided another document confirming the agreement with the employer. 

Eligibility Criteria For Portugal HQA Visa

The main requirements to obtain a startup pass to the territory of the state are the following:

  • have no criminal record and have reached the age of majority;
  • provide certificates of recent income;
  • write a resume, bring a character reference from a previous job, and show proof of your professionalism and skills if required;
  • have $175,000 available and also cover the fee.
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Who has the right to obtain this visa? Residents of non-EU regions other than North Korea, Syriaюand Venezuela.

Engineers, doctors, scientists, managers, programmers, freelancers – here is a short list of professionals who can benefit from this service.

Benefits Of Portugal HQA Visa

The stamp in the business development passport is the fastest way to process and get your driver’s license.

Within one month of application, documentation will be ready, and the government will approve your request.

The pros of getting an investor visa are: 

  • speed of issuance and two-year term;
  • you can apply for a residence permit in the SEF after processing;
  • low requirements for foreigners;
  • you can bring children under 18 years old or unmarried adults, as well as parents and other relatives;
  • the possibility of paying taxes at a flat rate of 20%;
  • a low cost; 
  • an investment return in case of refusal;
  • access to the Schengen area and travel around the country.

The residence permit obtained through issuing a residence card will allow you to stay in the territory only seven days a year.

However, a six-month stay is required to maintain your status for many years!

After two years of residency, you have the right to extend your permit by applying to the consulate 30 days before the card expires.

You can apply for citizenship only after five years of residence in the territory if you have shown yourself as a law-abiding citizen, a successful entrepreneur, and know Portuguese.

How To Apply For Portugal HQA Visa

You first need to write an application for this type of permit, which will give you the right to stay in the country for four months.

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During this period, you must enter the territory and request temporary residence for two years.

Then, to retain the right to extend the visa and later apply for citizenship (after 5 years), you must live in Portugal for at least 6 months a year.

You can apply right there if you are in the country and already working. First, it is necessary to collect documents, including an agreement with the company, a diploma on graduation from a higher educational institution, all certificates, and medical insurance.

Then, you fill out the questionnaire on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website; after that, it is sent to the embassy in the place of the applicant’s residence. At that time, you must rent or purchase Portuguese housing.


So, according to Evgeniya Morozova (agency Immigrant Invest), this visa is the fastest way to self-realization through the success of your business in the country in the West of the European continent.

But it is not necessary, and it is enough to provide a contract with an enterprise located in an Atlantic jurisdiction and to make the amount specified in the investment program.

This way, the sticker in the passport is the shortest way to get a lot of benefits for a minimal cost and subsequently qualify for citizenship.

To properly and quickly complete the necessary documents, you should seek the help of professionals.

They use an integrated approach to solving the problem, which significantly speeds up the process.

So you can be sure that the issue will be successfully resolved in the shortest possible time.