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What Companies Are In The Transportation Field?

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:July 6, 2022
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An interest in the transportation sector could make you wonder about companies in the transportation field. The importance of the transport sector cannot be matched, making it a tangible field for your investment. So what companies are in the transportation field, and what do they offer for the overall benefit of the country? 

The companies in the transportation sector include firms that provide railroad, trucking, shipping, airlines, logistics, and transportation infrastructure services. These companies deal with moving individuals, goods, and products from one place to another. The companies in this field are grouped in terms of the transportation system they operate with. Transportation is inevitable, offering numerous benefits. 

Are you ready to get a deeper insight into the transportation sector of the economy and how the companies involved operate? Read on for more answers to your question, ‘what companies are in the transportation field?’ 

What Is the Transportation Field?

The transportation field comprises all businesses that move people and goods from one place to another. It is also the industry that deals with providing infrastructure for transportation. The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) classifies transportation as a field that technically falls under the industrial sector.

Several factors influence the efficiency of the transportation sector and how the various enterprises within it operate. The key factors are changes in corporate profitability and the price of transportation services. Regarding the company’s earnings, factors like government regulations, fuel and labor costs, service demand, and geopolitical events matter.

These components work together in determining the outcomes of the transportation field. For example, increasing demand for transportation services will visibly affect the quarterly report of transportation corporations. On the other end, energy traders will hike the price of oil and related products, causing the companies to raise prices.

Benefits of the Transportation Field

A company cannot survive without proper transportation in place. All companies want to reach out to their consumers at the most basic level. The transportation field ensures the transfer of goods from areas of manufacture to where the business has its customers.

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It is an industry that encourages connectivity between people, places, organizations, etc. Without transportation, an element as basic as demand and supply cannot be carried out effectively. This field enables a company to create economies with proper transportation infrastructure by making trading simple.

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Everyone in the modern world will find it challenging to keep up with the changes without access to transportation. A developed transportation system will attract people to a region, increasing its population and subsequent development. 

Finally, transportation has led to the development of the tourism sector. Tourism is essential in economic expansion, promoting socioeconomic factors, and influencing international relations. The world cannot move without transportation, so what companies are in the transportation field, making it work?

What Companies Are in the Transportation Field?

What companies are in the transportation field? There are several companies in the transportation field, with organizations like Uber, Scoot, and Via being popular options. However, each of these businesses falls under one of the following types of companies in the transportation field.

So what companies are in the transportation field? Below are the major divisions:

Railway Companies

A business in the rail sector is referred to as a railway company. It covers any enterprise that deals with movement via railing systems. A railway company can either be an operator or a manufacturer.

In some cases, the firms also operate and run the trains and tracks. However, in most cases, independent companies run the tracks while another operates the trains. The operation of railway companies is rather simple. 

They make money from businesses that need tracks and trains to transport merchandise. As they move goods, they charge the business with a regulating body controlling the prices.

Trucking Companies

Trucking companies have two modes of operation. A firm may operate a single truck with one owner or many trucks with multiple separate drivers under one business. The former is a small-scale operation, while the latter operates on a large scale.

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The truck system is one of the most lucrative ways of transporting goods in large quantities using land. In the United States, almost seventy percent of every item used in households, companies, schools, etc., is moved by trucks.

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Many companies get their raw materials by employing trucking companies. Furniture companies will get timber from the forests using these vehicles. After the production process, they call on these companies for extensive distribution. In turn, the company makes its income.

Shipping Companies

Shipping companies operate in areas where other means of transportation cannot. The role of shipping in the world economy cannot be overemphasized. The international maritime industry does about 90% of the overall world trade.

With water covering a good part of the earth, shipping is the most convenient way to bridge this gap. There is partly no means of international and intercontinental trade without shipping. It allows for the import and export of essential goods, maintains them safely during delivery, and keep their prices stable.

Airline Companies

When talking about airline companies, we’re referring to passenger and goods movement by air vehicles. The vehicles the companies use in providing their services are known as aircraft. Aircraft significantly impact conducting business activities and conveying people across continents for cheap rates.

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Logistics Companies

Logistic companies get goods from companies, keep them safe and deliver them when needed. It can be domestic or extend as wide as import and export across countries. The logistics companies are a bonus group more focused on transportation towards the planning of an activity. 

Transportation Infrastructure Companies

You can’t ask ‘what companies are in the transportation field?’ and leave out this group. These companies are concerned with the background system that ensures smooth transportation. They carry out the underlying activities on which every other transportation field is built.


The transportation field is vital to our livelihoods, business operations, and countries’ economies. It comprises airline, railway, logistics, and shipping companies. You may already be aware of some companies that operate in this field, such as Uber and Via.