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What Companies Are In The Public Utilities Field?

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:September 14, 2022
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What companies are in the public utilities field, and what do you gain from investing in this sector? This sector is not just one of the largest in the US but also one of the most important. So what companies are in the public utilities field if you’re looking forward to investing?

The companies in the public utilities field consist of several organizations in different industries acting as producers, providers, or suppliers. They include water, natural gas, energy, electricity, and sanitation and waste disposal companies. Communication services and public transportation are partly included. These companies provide actual products such as electricity, dams, water, sewage solutions, and natural gas to the general public. 

What do these companies do in the overall economy, and what part do they play? Continue with this informative article for more answers to your question, ‘what companies are in the public utilities field?’ 

What Is the Public Utilities Field?

The public utilities field consists of companies that deal directly with the needs of the masses. They are businesses responsible for the provision of vital services to society. 

Public utilities are businesses that provide vital services to society. All companies supplying electricity, gas, power, water, and other necessary services fall under public utility services. All of these things are necessary for people’s daily existence.

For these businesses to begin, they must make significant capital investments. Hence, most times, they are government-owned corporations or operate as monopolies. 

Benefits of the Public Utilities Field

The public utilities field comprises companies that have the overall need of the public in their best interest. Without these organizations in place, several amenities we enjoy in the community may not be present. They ensure the elimination of the middleman, providing essential services at little or no cost.

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Furthermore, the services of these organizations tend to flow smoothly. As monopolists, they don’t have competition interrupting or disturbing their services. They are companies that are unaware of status or positions, so there’s no discrimination among them. 

What Companies Are in the Public Utilities Field?

What companies are in the public utilities field? The companies in this field are bent on satisfying the public. As you think of the basic things you enjoy, you can name the types of companies in this industry.

So what companies are in the public utilities field? Below are the broad groups encompassing these companies.

Water Companies

This company is responsible for providing drinking water and other water services, including sewage treatment as a part of it. Water companies are providers in the country’s economy at both residential, commercial, and industrial levels.

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One of its biggest consumers is the agricultural sector, which uses water for irrigation. Agriculture alone uses three-quarters of water production worldwide. The service to this industry gives these companies massive returns every day.

However, as years pass by and the population increases, there is more pressure on the water companies in the United States. Also, climate change heavily impacts the industry.

Natural Gas Companies

A country can hardly survive without natural gas. From transportation to electricity and other commercial activities, natural gas runs numerous daily activities. The companies responsible for producing and distributing this natural gas are called Oil and Gas Companies.

Oil and Gas Companies are grouped into upstream, mainstream, and downstream. The upstream section of the industry is responsible for drilling and mining natural gas. On the other hand, the mainstream companies are in charge of gas distribution to the suppliers.

Finally, the downstream companies are the ones who provide the refined gas as a finished product for consumer use. With the constant daily circulation, these companies generate huge income. They are significant contributors to the economy.

Energy Companies

The energy companies are closely related to the natural gas companies. It comprises companies that basically produce and supply energy. This energy could be either renewable or non-renewable.

In our world today, the energy industry plays a vital role in propelling industrial growth. As the supply of fuel to the economy, it generates its revenue. 

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The companies in the energy sector are grouped based on their energy source. It could be a renewable energy company like those that tap into solar systems or non-renewable like fossil fuels.

Electrical Companies

Electrical companies are one of the most relatable in the country’s industrial sectors. This is simply because they provide one of the essential amenities for the country – electricity. These companies can also be called electrical contractors, just as we refer to the individuals working in them. 

Contractors either provide small-scale electricity supply to residential homes or large-scale supply for industrial operations. Aside from supplying electricity, they also design, fix, and maintain their electrical systems. It is a major source of revenue for the entire country.

Sanitation and Waste Disposal Companies

A considerable amount of waste is produced daily from basic activities in the United States. Due to this, the sanitation and waste disposal industry is a significant industry that the country cannot do without. Without the sanitation and waste systems, one can imagine increased health issues from a stinking society.

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These companies handle different kinds of waste, from hazardous to industrial and municipal. Income-wise, many of the largest waste companies are based within the country, generating huge revenue daily from their services.

Communication Service Companies

You cannot exhaust the question, ‘what companies are in the public utilities field?’ without considering communication service companies. These companies are the information life wire of the country. They include information and communication systems around the country for public use.

Transportation Companies

Transportation companies don’t fall entirely in the public utilities field as it depends on the company. Certain government-owned organizations provide transport services to the public at no or subsidized fees. Such organizations are under the public utilities field for their social service.


The companies in the public utilities field offer a range of services, from electricity to sanitation and waste disposal. It should also be quite evident that these companies are worth your investments, providing numerous opportunities and potential.