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What Companies Are In The Consumer Services Field?

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:September 14, 2022
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If you are looking for what companies are in the Consumer Services field, you are in luck. We’ll provide all the insight you need regarding companies in this industry. 

The consumer services field is a diverse market that includes companies offering services to various customers. It consists of everything from retail companies to hospitality companies. Some other examples include financial, travel, and media-related companies. Companies you often don’t realize fall in this field are cultural-related companies and transportation and logistics companies. 

There are several companies in the Consumer Services field. Since the pandemic started, new companies have been emerging and attracting more customers daily. 

In this article, we’ll look at what companies are in the customer service field and give you a brief description. First, let’s figure out what is a Consumer Services field? 

What is the Consumer Services Field? 

Before we jump into what companies are in the Consumer Services field. Let’s figure out what is the Consumer Services field. 

As the name suggests, this field offers different kinds of services to consumers. Unlike consumer non-durable and durable fields, these are non-tangible. To help you better understand, we’ll give you an example. 

Think about when you go to a hair salon or barber to have your hair styled. Here you don’t get a tangible product. Instead, you receive “consumer service.” Hence, consumer services are essential in every industry, especially in the hospitality, retail education, and health and social sector.

What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

Do you have any clue what companies are in the Consumer Services field? In the previous section, we dove into what a Consumer Services field is? Now let’s focus on what companies are in the customer service field. 

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We choose the most popular companies you often come across daily. Below are some examples of what companies are in the Consumer Services field:

1. Finance Companies

Financial companies are the backbone of the Consumer Services field. They offer services such as loans, facilitating different types of investments, and financial advice. Some financial companies provide services to individuals, while others select commercial clients.

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Nowadays, financial companies can use numerous methods to meet their customers’ needs, such as providing consumer services online and over the phone.  

However, unlike other companies in the Consumer Services field, financial companies are subject to more regulations. That means they undergo more scrutiny than others. 

Example of Financial Companies 

Examples of financial companies include banks. Banks provide consumer services to individuals and commercial clients. Plus, they are the most well-known type of financial company. They are also further divided into investment banks and commercial banks.  

Investment bank companies offer services mainly to commercial clients such as companies and agencies. In contrast, commercial banks serve a range of consumers. They provide various financial services to individuals and a few commercial clients. 

Other types of commercial companies include brokerages. They act as a financial middleman between sellers and buyers. The least common type of financial company is financial guarantors. 

2. Insurance Companies

Suppose you are someone who wants to protect your assets, whether it be your home, car, and so on. Then insurance companies are a sure way to go. Most people in the United States alone have some form of insurance coverage, either auto or home insurance. 

Example of Insurance Companies 

Not all insurance companies offer services or cater to the same customer base. You’ll find accident and health insurance companies among the category of insurance companies. 

However, the most popular insurance companies are life insurance companies. They offer policies that pay a lump sum of money to beneficiaries after the policyholder’s death. 

Other types of insurance companies are property insurance companies. They provide insurance coverage against accidents to your car and other personal assets. The remaining insurance companies include mutual and stock insurance companies.  

Mutual insurance companies are run by shareholders who are considered policyholders. At the same time, stock companies also have shareholders, but they divide the earnings among the shareholders.

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3. Travel and Hospitality Companies

Hospitality and travel companies are essential in the Consumer Services field. Companies in these sectors aim to provide the best positive experience for their customers. But these companies have a ton of competition.

Example of Travel and Hospitality Companies 

Examples of hospitality and travel companies often include hostels and restaurants. Travel agencies and booking websites are examples of hospitality companies. Because of their ability to connect with consumers in real-time, they are some of the most popular hospitality companies. Moreover, they can leverage promotional travel deals to optimize their customer service and stand out.

4. Transportation and Logistics Companies 

Similar to travel and hospitality companies, transportation and logistics companies face significant competition. These companies offer the best possible consumer services by implementing several techniques. 

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For example, offering real-time information such as bus and train schedules, shipment tracking, and so on to provide the best quality consumer services. By using social media, they tailor their services to specific customer needs. 

Example of Transportation and Logistics Companies  

There are several types of transportation and logistics companies. But let’s start with supply management companies. These companies provide distribution, procurement services, and more. Supply management companies are also similar to third-party logistic companies. Third-party logistic companies move products from the manufacturer to the consumer and ensure they arrive in good condition. 

In addition, there are freight forwarding companies. They find the best and most affordable way to get your goods from one place to another. Most freight forwarding companies don’t deal with any freight. Instead, they partner with other companies that do. 

If you want to store your items securely, that’s where warehouse and distribution companies come in. They provide distribution methods such as air, sea, and land freight. 


Our article highlighted what companies are in the Consumer Services field. Because of the pandemic, companies in the Consumer Services field have integrated sophisticated technology overnight. Making them some of the top companies in the market.