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What Companies Are in the Consumer Non-Durables Field?

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:September 14, 2022
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Do you know what companies are in the consumer non-durables field? This particular industry stands out because of its variation and size. It spans many markets and is a primary creator of employment opportunities. 

The consumer non-durables field consists of companies that produce items that do not last long, such as garment and food companies. They produce goods that only last a short period. Another example is paper manufacturers that make paper-related goods such as paper towels and toilet paper. Leading companies in the consumer non-durables field include cosmetic and personal care companies, subdivided into several other companies. 

Several companies produce consumer non-durables goods. However, it is not a simple process. It requires a tremendous amount of time and money. That’s why many companies are in the consumer non-durables field today. Some companies specialize in just one niche or product. 

This article outlines what companies are in the consumer non-durables field to see what is happening across this industry. In addition, we’ll give a brief introduction to what is the consumer durables field. This will give us a better understanding of the different products in this field. 

What is the Consumer Non-Durables Field? 

Before we look at what companies are in the consumer non-durables field, we need to focus on what is the consumer non-durables field. 

The consumer non-durables field is involved in producing products that typically last a short period. This field consists of companies that manufacture products that only last a day to a few weeks and must be replaced constantly. For example, the most popular items include beverages, food, and clothing. You can find numerous consumer non-durables goods in your pantry or grocery store. 

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Compared to the consumer durables field, the consumer non-durables field comprises companies that have been producing consistent goods for decades. Moreover, consumer non-durables fields are available lower growth companies with steady revenue. 

What Companies Are in the Consumer Non-Durables Field?

The consumer non-durables field has seen drastic growth in the past decade due to consumerism and trends. As a result, there have been several new companies entering the area. Here is a list of what companies are in the consumer non-durables market:

1. Paper Companies

These companies manufacture paper from pulp which is made from wood chips. Generally, paper manufacturing companies use mechanical or chemical pulping to make paper. Companies that use chemical pulping manufacture more paper-related products compared to the automated pulping process. 

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Mechanical pulping is mainly used by companies who specialize in only making paper or toilet paper because it’s suitable for low-strength products. 

Example of Paper Companies 

First, graphic paper companies have steadily declined over the years. They specialize in manufacturing newsprint and coated papers, with a few making uncoated papers. 

Consumer and industrial packaging companies follow this, and tissue manufacturing companies are driven mainly by emerging trends such as the demand for environmentally sustainable products. These companies have taken the lead in terms of innovation and sustainability. The remaining paper companies manufacture paper bags and other household products like toilet paper. 

2. Cosmetic and Personal Care Companies 

These companies are not just about producing makeup products. They manufacture consumer durables products such as perfumes and hair care products and leading revenue generators in the consumer non-durables field.

Example of Cosmetic and Personal Care Companies 

When looking at cosmetic and personal care companies, they are divided into several categories. First, there are large conglomerate firms that specialize in the production of both beauty and health care products. These are also some of the most prominent players in the consumer non-durables field. 

And then, some cosmetic companies own an extensive selection of famous brands and have licenses to commercialize products. These cosmetic companies also fall under conglomerates, holding historical reputations and maintaining dominance in the overall cosmetic industry market share. Other examples include luxury cosmetic companies that sell exclusive, higher-end cosmetic products.  

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Finally, specialized companies are operating mainly in the hair care market. These companies focus on a specific niche in the market to compete with larger and more reputable companies. 

3. Garment Companies 

Garment companies deal with taking raw materials such as cotton and producing a finished product. The process involves several quality checks, sizing evaluations, cost estimations, and much more to make garments to meet the large consumer base.   

Example of Garment Companies 

Examples of garment companies include haute couture companies that manufacture custom-made garments that are typically high-end. The lower hand of the garment companies includes ready-to-go clothing manufacturing companies that make affordable and sometimes low-quality garments. 

remy gieling KP6XQIEjjPA unsplash

On the production side of things, some companies oversee the entire garment production process. These are commonly referred to as whole production companies. They are responsible for all the stages of the garment production process, from designs and fabric sourcing to making the final product.

4. Food Companies

There are no other companies that can compete with food manufacturing companies. Food companies engaged in the manufacturing and sale of produce and processed and packaged food. They are broken down into subcategories: snacks, refrigerated and frozen food, and commercial food. 

Example of Food Companies

Snack manufacturing companies produce branded, mostly food with longer shelf life sold in groceries and retail stores. Add on companies that sell refrigerated and frozen food which are temperature controlled. 


The consumer non-durables field consists of several companies that produce goods that are constantly replaced or purchased because they last a short time. These short repeat sales make the consumer non-durables field more stable than the consumer durables field. However, this comes at a price. 

Typically, companies in the consumer non-durables field experience slow and gradual growth. But for the most part, this is seen as a good thing because they are reliable, especially if you are interested in investing in a consumer non-durables company.