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What Companies Are In The Capital Goods Field?

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:September 14, 2022
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So, what companies are in the capital goods field? You’ve likely heard of the capital goods field. It is a big industry with various companies and multiple career opportunities. 

The capital goods field comprises companies that manufacture and distribute goods to consumers. All the companies produce capital goods used in manufacturing specific products and even construction projects. This includes companies that produce machinery for manufacturing facilities and large automotive companies. Apart from that, the capital goods field is also made up of aerospace and defense companies. 

Despite the popularity of capital goods, some companies do not fall into this category. This article will look at what companies are in the capital goods field. In addition, we’ll give you a brief introduction to the capital goods field.

What is the Capital Goods Field?

The capital goods field includes companies and products that are vital in producing and manufacturing other goods. While they are commonly confused for raw materials, they are not used as materials in manufacturing products. 

Instead, they are used in the product manufacturing process. Such as anything from electronic parts to more sophisticated engines.

Because it plays a massive role in the manufacturing industry, it helps drive the economy. As a result, the capital goods field is also a significant indicator of economic conditions and stock market performance. 

For example, a rise in the capital goods field means a booming economy and stock market. And drops in the capital goods sector will also lead to a decrease in market prices and the overall economy.

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What Companies Are in the Capital Goods Field?

Capital good companies are those that are involved in the manufacturing of capital goods. It includes a diverse selection of companies that not only manufacture but also sell capital goods. The following are some of the major companies in the capital goods field. 

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1. Industrial Machinery Companies

Industrial machinery companies are one of the most significant contributors to the capital goods field. These companies use several manufacturing processes, including bending and forming individual metal components. They use assembly lines to combine the various components to create industrial machinery. 

In addition, they can manufacture anything from simple machinery to heavy machinery that is used for construction and in the mining industry. Coupled with machines used in the energy, textile, woodworking, and paper industry. 

Examples of Industrial Machinery Companies

Today there are tons of industrial machinery companies in the United States alone. They include companies that manufacture electronic motors, pumps, and other industrial equipment.

There are, of course, other companies such as paper machinery and woodworking machinery companies. And they make industrial machinery for paper and wood products. 

2. Aerospace and Defense Companies 

Aerospace and Defense companies manufacture aircraft, ships, and Defense systems, among other things. Some companies also sell supporting products such as airplane components to private and commercial companies. However, most Aerospace and Defense companies manufacture products for military use. 

Example of Aerospace and Defense Companies

Aerospace and Defense companies include defense contractors and commercial companies. They provide commercial products such as satellites and missiles. Many of these companies are also partially state-owned, with a few being privately owned.

In addition, other Aerospace and Defense companies are strictly service providers. These companies provide services such as maintenance and repairs. They are classified as subcontractors to the government, commercial companies, or both. 

The remaining Aerospace and Defense companies include commercial aviation and space companies, which face more significant financial challenges. Commercial aviation companies are private companies that design, build and service jets, helicopters, drones, and aircraft for non-military use. 

In addition, they also manufacture aircraft components such as engines, flight controls, and more. Commercial aviation companies provide mainly services for private use. 

Space companies also operate in commercial space. They design, manufacture and launch spacecraft and rockets. Also included in this category are companies that make environmentally friendly alternative fuels. And finally, aviation security companies that focus on protecting the airlines from terrorism and cybersecurity threats. 

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3. Automotive Companies

These companies manufacture vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Some companies even produce motorcycles and a few heavy vehicles such as fort lifters and firetrucks. Automotive companies comprise a range of companies involved in designing, building, and marketing vehicles.

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Example of Automotive Companies

Aside from the apparent vehicle manufacturers, several other companies also design and manufacture parts such as seats and door handle. They are further subdivided into rubber fabrication companies that make tires, seat belts, air conditioner vents, and seals. 

Others include marketing and transportation companies responsible for vehicle sales and distribution. They deal with the distribution of vehicles and replacement parts to car dealerships and auto repair shops. Many car dealerships and auto repair stores rely on these transportation companies for manufactured parts to meet auto customer needs.

4. Textile Companies

Fashion textile companies are responsible for designing, manufacturing, and marketing clothing. This includes using raw materials like cotton to create a fabric that’s used to create specific clothing items.

Example of Textile Companies

Textile companies are mostly textile product mills that convert raw materials into finished products other than clothing. They manufacture household items like carpets, rugs and curtains, and more. Taking these raw materials and making everyday household items is complicated. Hence it is done by specialized textile mills.


The capital goods manufacturing process is complex and sometimes time-consuming. All the capital goods companies specialize in the production process of creating capital goods for other industries. The resultant product is either a finished good ready for the market or a semi-finished good that can be used to make another product.  

That’s why the success of the capital goods field and other industries depends entirely on these companies. We hope our article has given a deeper insight into what companies are in the capital goods field.