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What Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field?

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:September 14, 2022
4 mins 58 secs

To get into the basic industries sector, you need to know what companies are in the basic industries field. The basic industries field is very diverse.

A handful of companies make up the basic industries sector, from agricultural to mining to cotton-producing companies. Consumable fuel companies also fall into this category. Apart from that, the basic industries field is also made up of chemical companies. These companies all produce raw materials for various major industries, turning them into finished goods for consumers. 

Looking around you, it is not surprising to find many companies in the basic industries field. Today, we’ll dive into some of the companies in the basic industries field

What is the Basic Industries Field?

The first step to determining which are classified as basic industries companies is defining what the basic industries field is? 

The basic industries field is the primary source of raw materials for different industries. This sector’s primary purpose is to source and produce raw materials. Therefore, it is vital for the supply chain. 

The basic industries sector also plays a significant role in the country’s employment sector. It generates millions of jobs every year. Economically, the basic industries field is also essential for a country’s economy because they provide industries with crucial raw materials and boost employment.

What Companies Are in the Basic Industries Field

These companies focus solely on producing raw materials for other industries and companies. Along with supplying raw materials, they also provide a range of services. To give you a better idea, let’s dig deeper into what companies are in the basic industries field:

1. Agricultural Companies

Since food is necessary for our wellbeing, agricultural companies significantly contribute to the basic industries sector.

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Agricultural companies are involved in farming and farming-related commercial activities. Alternatively, they are also involved in sending raw materials to other industries, primarily the manufacturing industries. 

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Examples of Agricultural Companies

Because agricultural companies provide a broad selection of services, they also include several different types of companies. These companies include small family farms, large corporate farms to multinational conglomerates. 

All of which are part of the food production process on a larger scale. Additionally, they also include farm machinery, agritourism, and agrichemical companies. Not to mention companies that are involved in the production of biofuels and animal feeds.

2. Wood Companies 

Wood companies are involved in harvesting tree products and processing them into refined raw materials. These raw materials include veneer, plywood, particleboard, timber, and more. They are often used by companies in the construction and manufacturing industries. In addition, wood companies produce wood chips, sawdust, and shavings, which are by-products of the wood harvesting process.

Examples of Wood Companies

Wood companies include several types of companies involved in cutting trees, transportation, and turning trees into usable products.

They are all classified as woodworking companies to heavy machinery manufacturing companies. Other examples of wood companies include delivery truck companies. They load and unload the wood.

Chemical manufacturing companies also fall under this category. They make chemicals that are used to treat timber for construction companies. Last but not least, some retail companies sell wood products such as timber, lumber, and more.

3. Mining Companies

Mining companies source raw materials such as coal and metals from the ground used by most, if not all, other industries. These companies explore various locations for precious and non-precious metals and minerals. They then create a mining site and prepare the ground for extractions. After that, they extract raw materials and perform other functions such as reclamations. 

Examples of Mining Companies

These companies make up the pre- and post-mining processes. For example, metals and mineral extraction companies. They essentially deal with extracting and supplying precious metals from mining sites. They are further broken down into subcategories such as coal, metal, oil, and gas extraction companies. 

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Other examples include exploration companies that test potential locations for the presence of minerals or metals in the ground. In addition, it includes transportation companies that move the raw materials to process sites.

4. Chemical Companies

Chemical companies produce industrial chemicals from natural resources using a combination of stable compounds. They are in charge of turning these chemicals into gases and chemical solutions.

In addition, chemical companies often have research and development facilities for testing different chemicals. Usually, these facilities are situated away from industrial or mining sites.

Other chemical companies are responsible for making finished products such as fertilizers, pesticides, and commodity chemicals. Therefore, chemical companies are well-positioned to serve a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries.

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Example of Chemical Companies

Chemical companies produce specialized and more expensive chemicals, including some pharmaceutical and smaller manufacturing companies. 

On the other hand, larger companies known as commodity manufacturers tend to produce a large volume of primary and inexpensive chemicals. Plus, chemical logistic companies specializing in transporting chemicals also fall in this category.

5. Consumable Fuel Companies 

Consumable fuel companies produce oil by extracting crude oil from the wells below ground level. They also produce natural gases, a by-product of the crude oil extraction process. These companies use various processes to separate crude oil so they can sell them in other forms.

Example of Consumable Fuel Companies

Examples of consumable fuel companies include gasoline and diesel fuel producing companies. They turn crude oil into lubricants for your car engine and offer oil exploration services. Transportation companies are also examples of consumable companies. They ensure that the semi-finished products are delivered safely. 


The basic industries field has some of the largest and most diverse selection of companies. The types of raw materials the companies produce can range from metals and chemicals to food. 

That said, we hope our article has given you more insight into the basic industries field. It is important to note that the basic industries field comprises companies that operate differently and serve various customers. Therefore, it is worth doing additional research to understand how they each work.