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7 Ways Great UX Design Can Help Your Business

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:December 29, 2022
7 mins 15 secs

Every business owner seeks to improve their business and boost revenue. However, they often try to achieve this by expanding their customers’ products and services.

Sadly, they neglect the most crucial aspect of these products— the user experience. 

Designing the best user experience for your product or service requires a lot of work. While some companies try to do the bare minimum, others don’t recognize the need. 

The effect of neglecting the UX design of a product is striking. About 35% of businesses lose sales due to bad UX. Companies that improve their product design experience a significant increase in their sales. 

This article will explain user experience design, how to build a strong UX team, and how UX helps businesses thrive and grow. 

What Is UX design?

UX design defines a user’s overall product or service experience. User experience focuses on digital products, though it includes a few non-digital aspects. 

Imagine visiting a website that takes so long to answer back. That’s an example of bad UX. A great UX provides your website visitors with easy navigation and convenience while on your site.

Plus, your UX has a significant impact on the credibility and reputation of your business. Nearly 46% of customers will share a bad user experience with their friends. Also, 48% of users believe a bad design suggests a company is a scam. 

How Does Your Ux Team Structure Impact Your Ux Design?

The UX team structure of your company is crucial to product design. Building a product that will meet the users’ needs and still provide revenue for the business owner is tasking. 

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Hence, to ensure an excellent UX design, you need to build a team of design experts with great work ethics. If you’re still building a team or plan to improve your team, here’s a guide to creating an excellent UX team structure

Let’s see some facets that impact your team. 

1. Productivity 

The structure your team adopts affects your team’s productivity. When you use the wrong system, your designers will be less productive. 

Building your team structure without paying attention to productivity will result in an inefficient team.

2. Innovation 

Setting up a team structure that doesn’t allow the designers to get out of the box and form new ideas will limit the team. 

For an innovative team, your designers need flexibility with few restrictions. The straightforward strategy is to encourage new inventions and outside the box creations. 

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3. Organization 

The primary reason for maintaining a UX team structure is organization. Your designers need to uphold order in their work environment. This will ensure structure and control.

Appointing team leaders and handing specific tasks to designers makes building the perfect product less challenging.

7 Ways Great UX Design Helps Businesses

Great UX design has continually helped businesses grow. Here are seven ways excellent UX design will boost your business:

1.) Increased Revenue 

When you deliver a product with excellent user experience design, you will notice an increase in your company’s revenue.

Every $1 invested into UX design generates a whooping $100 in revenue. You get a 9,900% ROI from investing in good UX design. 

Roughly 70% of smartphone users in the United States buy at least 1 product every month, making smartphones the primary online shopping method. With excellent UX design, more users will view your products and become customers. 

40% of users will exit a webpage if it takes over 3 seconds to load. When your site is much more responsive and mobile-friendly, you stand a better chance of increasing your revenue.

2.) Client Acquisition And Retention 

In improving your client acquisition and retention, UX design is king. Client acquisition sometimes stems from a good ad campaign or offering better value than your competition. 

When a client or customer visits your website and experiences smooth navigation, you stand a better chance to convert them. 

UX design influences client retention more than other factors. Customers will stick to your product or service when the UX is sufficient. 

Practically 90% of website visitors will only return to a website with a good user experience, and 50% will avoid a mobile-friendly website, even if they love the product. 

3.) Increased User Interaction 

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User interaction is another key metric that helps us understand the strength of a business. A business is considered reliable when a user sticks with a company or product for long periods. 

Consistent user interaction starts with an engaging user experience design. Users value simplicity as it lessens users’ struggle while on your website or application.

With excellent UX design, you will increase the time visitors spend on your website. 

Also, user interaction and long dwell times mean that steady visitors are interested in your product and will eventually convert. 

4.) Strong Competitive Edge 

An excellent UX design earns you a competitive edge over products or services in your niche. Typically, your edge over the competition is your UX design when you provide a competitive product.

Users will use products or services that provide a better user experience that they are more comfortable with. If your competition invests solidly in UX design, aim to invest more. 

With good UX, you will create a fast, responsive, and user-friendly website or app for your product. Nothing stands in the way of better UX than a better UX.

5.) Increased Brand Loyalty 

Brand loyalty refers to how deeply users connect with your product or service. Simply put, it’s how much of a fan your client or customer is of your brand.

Moving your online customers to a point where they are loyal to your brand is tricky. Sometimes it takes years to achieve this. 

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Also, retaining these clients is more challenging. 

Regardless of the effort you put in to make your customers loyal to your brand, you need to pay attention to your product features. 

UX plays a critical role and that presents many benefits. You get to connect with customers that provide you with a high LTV (LifeTime Value) and still represent your product positively to peers, family, and friends. 

A good user experience improves brand loyalty. We know UX design is not just about the experience on the website or product interface but also about the surface areas.

Your customer service, social media engagement, and delivery times are part of the user experience. If these other external UX factors are on track, you will build solid brand loyalty for your business.

6.) Increased SEO And Visibility 

SEO optimization is critical for your business. Google is the primary source of all daily online searches prompting the need for companies to optimize their business for SEO. Great UX also needs comprehensive SEO analysis. 

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Understanding how customers reach your business’s industry leaders online is essential. With vast SEO knowledge, you will improve your search appearance and increase your reach. 

However, visibility isn’t only bound to optimizing your website for Google and other search engines; it includes social media. Your product or service’s visibility on social media also affects your business’s growth. 

As you connect with more people, you boost your conversion rate. Great UX on your website and social media pages will drive customers toward your product and services. 

7.) Reduced Costs 

Designing a product with a poor working design system will result in several mistakes. To rebuild and correct these mistakes is expensive for your business. 

If you create your product without any UX design expertise, we advise you to hire an expert team. While it will be expensive, you’ll get better results from the product. 

FAQ’s On How Great UX Improves Businesses

1.) How Much Does An Average Ux Project Cost?

The cost of a UX design project varies from project to project. Hence, there isn’t a benchmark for every designer. 

However, the price of a complete setup differs from a revamp. Another factor is the deadline for delivery. 

2.) What Influence Does The Client Have On The Project?

The client shares oversight with the design team. Before they kick off the project design, the client explains their business goals and shares crucial data the UX team will need to deliver. 

Through the setup process, the client works with the UX team making the project collaborative.

Customers Love Companies With Great UX

Innovative companies understand that customers prefer to stick with brands with simple layouts. 

To get the best out of UX design, you need to build a well-structured and efficient team or hire an agency to work on the project. The benefits are endless, from customer loyalty to constant revenue generation. 

Great user experience design improves the output of a product, especially digital products. Your business will grow with time and consistent use of a great UX design system.