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Is UseViral Legit? A Full Review

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
5 mins
UseViral Review – Is it a Scam?

UseViral Is a company that claims to be able to help you with all of your social media growth needs online. Let’s discuss this a bit more in-depth below.

The thing about your social media growth online is that if you are trying to do it all manually, you will get to a point where it is too difficult to juggle. While at the beginning of the social media revolution, you might have been OK, the problem now is that there is just so much competition out there it is difficult to fit it all into one day.

This is why so many people who have brands online reach out to companies in the social media growth industry who can help them bridge the gap between their content and their target audience. However, it’s not sunshine and rainbows all the time.

I’m Adam. I have been working in this industry for a while now, long enough to know that there are a lot of legit companies out there that can be helpful to work with, but there are also those that are just a scam.

While you might think you know how to recognize a scam at this point, there are plenty still out there that are really good at hiding in plain sight. If you want to figure out how to decide if a company is legit or not, read the review below.

Let’s check out UseViral and decide if we think you should use them for your social media growth or not.

UseViral Review

UseViral logo

UseViral is a company that claims to be able to do it all. They say that they can help you not only with your main social media networks out there but with smaller ones as well, including Pinterest and Twitch.

Let’s see whether we think they are legit or not.

UseViral for TikTok

UseViral TikTok Followers Pricing

UseViral can help you with your TikTok views, likes, and followers. They have divided each of these features into a different category So that you can decide exactly how you want to grow your account. 250 views, for example, is going to set you back just $1.

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They promise that these are active and high-quality views, and they also promise that they can be delivered to your account within just one to two days.

UseViral for YouTube

UseViral YouTube

UseViral can help you with your YouTube views, subscribers, shares, and likes. They say that their process is as easy as you choose which features you want on your YouTube channel, and they can get them delivered to you within a really good timeframe.

5000 of their YouTube views is going to set you back just $37, and with this comes high quality and active guarantee, as well as around the clock customer support.

UseViral for Pinterest

UseViral Pinterest

UseViral can help you with your Pinterest followers, and they say that once you have selected the right package for your needs, they will begin the order and delivery process. 1000 Pinterest followers are going to cost you $49.00, and with this comes a really quick delivery time of just a couple of days, as well as 24/7 customer support.

Like all of their other engagement features, they promise that these are high quality and active so that they will actually interact with your Pinterest boards.

UseViral for LinkedIn

UseViral Linkedin Connections

UseViral can help their clients with their LinkedIn connections as well as their LinkedIn company page followers. This is an excellent way to quickly get some help with your LinkedIn growth if you are a little bit behind your competition, and you want to stand out from the crowd.

500 brand new LinkedIn connections are going to cost you $25, and we love that they provide constant customer support for this engagement as well.

No matter how many LinkedIn connections you purchase, they promise a really quick turn around time of just a couple of days.

UseViral for SoundCloud

UseViral Soundcloud

If you need a company to help you with your SoundCloud engagement, then look no further than UseViral. 2500 SoundCloud plays are going cost you just $6, and they will be delivered to you within just 48 hours.

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How Did UseViral Do in Tests?

To make sure that we covered everything about this social media growth company, we decided to put them to the test. We did this by ordering some engagement for our YouTube channel to see if they were going to be able to follow through on their promises.

We’re really pleased to say that they did. Not only was the engagement high quality and active, but it hung around and helped us get a lot more organic interactions from our target audience.

We think that it is safe to say at this point that we’re really happy with the results we got from UseViral.

What About Their Team?

One of the best ways to tell whether a company is legit or not is to see how much information they are willing to give away on their website about their team. Companies that want to build up good relationships with their clients will always make sure to include a little bit about the people behind their features.

We are pleased to say that UseViral is more than willing to share whatever information their clients need and has a website where you can find information about who is running the show.

Final Thoughts

So, what do we ultimately think about UseViral, and what they can do for your social media growth? We think that they’re completely legit, and they’re one of the best social media growth companies in the industry.

Not only do they follow through on the promises that they make on their website, but they make sure to build long-lasting relationships with each one of their clients so that you can have an enjoyable experience growing your social networks with them from beginning to end.

If you are looking for a safe, effective, competent company to help you with your social network growth, we highly recommend checking out UseViral. We don’t think that it is possible to regret it.