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TokUpgrade Review – Is it legit?

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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TokUpgrade Review – Is it legit?

In 2019 a new social media platform started making waves, with videos being uploaded to Facebook and Instagram which all originated from the platform TikTok. In terms of social media, TikTok is new to the scene but that hasn’t stopped it from taking hold in the Gen Z market.

It now has a bigger user base than twitter and is expected to keep on growing well into 2020.

If you are looking to expand your brand and want to immerse yourself in TikTok but aren’t sure where to start, TokUpgrade can help. Let’s review them.

What Is TokUpgrade?

TokUpgrade Desktop

Tokupgrade is growth service who’s speciality is providing their customers with exponential TikTok growth. TikTok, like Instagram and twitter are able to detect when users purchase likes or followers and react to this by deleting them.

Tokupgrade can save you all the hassle of this by getting you real, organic growth from genuine TikTok users who will want to see and interact with your content.

How Does Tokupgrade Work?

TokUpgrade Work

If you have ever used an Instagram growth service, Tokupgrade provides the same principle. The strategy is based on organic growth, you decide on what target market or audience you are wanting to attract and Tokupgrade then interacts with your selected demographic.

TikTok is all about interaction, so Tokupgrade interacts on your behalf by following a predetermined user group and liking their posts. The more users that you like and interact with, the more users will like and interact with your content.

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This is the organic growth strategy and it core value is that people like validation and will return the validation. You could of course interact with other users yourself, but the time it would take to search out a particular demographic and consistently interact with them would be better spent on other ventures.

Selecting Your Target Audience

Tokupgrade Pricing

This is the corner stone to Tokupgrade, you need to know who you are target market are and what kind of content they are expecting to see. If you are unsure about this, it is worth re-evaluating who you are gearing your feed towards.

When you start using Tokupgrade, you will need to let your dedicated account manager know who your target market are, and your strategy for growth will be built off the back of it.

The more accurate you can get, such as age ranges, gender, locations, interests the more growth you will see as you will be appealing to the right market.


Its natural to be concerned about your account security, especially when you are letting a third party automate actions on your behalf, but Tokupgrade are professionals and have taken this consideration into account.

All of your data is encrypted, and they don’t sell or pass any of your data onto third parties.

Their security also extends into how they operate on TikTok, because they are a growth service that prides themselves on getting you real TikTok followers; and not a service that provides followers, your account will not be flagged for suspicious activity, so you can sleep at night knowing your feed is in safe hands.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to TikTok growth services, Tokupgrade are the professionals you need. They have intricate working knowledge of the platform and will help you maximise your growth with limited effort on your part.

All you need is good working knowledge of the target market that you are seeking to attract and Tokupgrade will do the rest.

You could spend your time following and liking other accounts in an attempt to grow your feed yourself, or you could let the professionals handle it whilst you focus on other areas, such as making great content.