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3 TikTok Hacks to Attract More Followers

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
3 mins 50 secs

TikTok is one of the fastest growing video creation platforms in the world that offers a perfect stage to content creators for marketing their talents. It’s easy to use and if things go well, you can become an influencer on TikTok.

Today, we’ll discuss 3 hacks that’ll help you attract more TikTok followers and hence drive your growth.

Let’s get stated….

Post consistently


I couldn’t stress enough on this point because it literally is the deciding factor whether you’ll be successful on TikTok. Why does this matter?

You might be the best content creator in the world, but if you don’t post consistently, people won’t follow you or even consider watching your videos. Just like other social platforms, your content is your bread and butter on TikTok.

Take a moment and think. Why people follow TikTok users when they can easily scroll through the videos following no one?

This happens because they like the content posted by a user and would love to see more of it. Suppose you gained some followers recently.

What do you think will happen when you’ll stop providing them regular content? They’ll unfollow you. This’ll hamper your reputation and might imply to other people you’re not worth following.

But when you post consistently, you provide value to your followers. This encourages them to engage with your videos and see you as a reliable source of regular content.

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But creating unique content every day is a tough task. This’s where you can use a content calendar to organise and schedule your videos ahead of time.

Hence, post consistently to keep up with the momentum. Pro-tp: Post at least 2 video per day.

Post during optimal hours

What do optimal hours mean? It’s the time when your target audience is most active on the platform. When do you stay online on TikTok? Do you think when you post your followers are online?

This’s important because millions of people post content every day. And your videos comprise a tiny portion of them, which means if your audience doesn’t watch them when you post your videos will be lost among millions.

One simple way to deal with this problem is to post when your audiences are online.

How to know your optimal hours?

Tiktok Post

There’re many ways you can find your peak hours. Let’s discuss them.


Here you can post at different times of the day and see when you get the most views and engagement.

Competitor analysis

TikTok marketing

Browse through the profiles your competitors to find when they post. As you share the same niche, their audience is also your audience.

Use TikTok analysis

This’s the easiest way to figure out the time when your audience is most active on TikTok. If you don’t have a Pro account, you must upgrade to get access to TikTok Analytics .

Analytics will show you all the followers’ data and provide you with various useful insights about your profile and content. If you’re serious about your TikTok growth pro account is worth the money.

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Bottom-line: Post during optimal hours

Use trending styles and tags

TikTok Hashtags

TikTok is all about the trend. It takes no time for videos to get viral on the platform and if you want your videos to be a part of the momentum, follow the trends.

You don’t have to do the tough task of figuring out unique ways to represent your content because there’re lots of people doing it every day. You just have to follow their steps.

How many times have you come across accounts posting the same type of videos? Why do you think this happens? Once something becomes trendy, it becomes viral, and that’s when millions of people capitalise on it by following it. You can do the same.

But remember, what’s tending today can become normal tomorrow. It could be a sound effect, filter or dialogue. Hence, keep your eyes on unique styles and apply it on your content before others.

Finally, use hashtags in your captions to appear in the results when people search content related to your hashtags. This’ll help you reach more people and appear on the “For You” page.

How can you find these tags?

Simply do a search and TikTok will show all the trending videos along with the hashtags.


By applying these 3 hacks, you can attract more TikTok followers. It’s not rocket science you just need to be consistent, post at the right time and use the right tags to find your audience.