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STIM Social Review: Is It Worth It?

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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STIM Social Review: Is It Worth It?

Instagram bots are your superpower to grow your engagement from zero to crazy high. Bots make it easy for you to focus on the content while they take care of the tough part.

This’s the reason you’ll find the market flooded with bots. But it’s crucial to understand that not all bots are healthy for your account. Sometimes bots end up banning profiles.

Today, we’ll discuss one such bot: Stim Social.

In this review article, you’ll learn about these Instagram bot services and know whether to invest in them.

What is STIM Social?

STIM Social Logo

Stim social is a bot that helps you grow your Instagram and TikTok profiles.

It offers a plethora of features that work on automation to find and engage with the relevant audience on your behalf.

How Does Stim Social Work?

STIM Social Work

Stim Social works on automation.

Depending on the feature you use it performs automated activities to engage with your target audience with the goal of growing your profile.

There’s a trail period to help you realise the effectiveness of the features and decide about investing in the bot.

How To Get Started?

The first step to get started with Stim Social is to sign up with them using your email and password. Thereafter, it’ll ask you to give your phone number and connect your Instagram account.

In the next step you’ll set up the filters and specify your target audience by specifying target accounts, hashtags, locations and more.

Now you’re good to go.

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Key Features?

Now, let’s discuss the key features that Stim social offers to its customers.

Finds Your Target Audience

Target Audience

Growing on Instagram can be tough if you haven’t already found your target audience.

This’s where most users fail because when it comes to expanding their network on Instagram, they think that the only thing to focus on is to create good content and people will follow.

But this’s a huge mistake because people have billions of options available to them even from your niche.

So, why would people will follow you and not the accounts with more authority?

You can do this by targeting the right audience and building a loyal fan base.

But it’s a tough task because finding the right audience demands patience and regular research.

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This’s where Stim social makes your job easy. With its targeting filters, you can target the right audience for your content.

You can specify popular accounts in your niche, competitors’ accounts, trending hashtags and even location of your target audience.

Stim Social process all the data to target the audience that matches with the filters.


The “likes game” never ends on Instagram. It’s a psychological technique to attract attention of people. When you like posts of others’ it shows that you like their content and would love to see more. By doing this, you’re garbing their attention and urging them to check out your profile.

Hence, the more you like, the more people check your account. Stim social knows this and instills the auto-like feature in its service to help you engage with your target audience and even followers.

After you’ve set your filters and submitted the specifics of your target audience, Stim Social starts liking their posts.

There are two types of auto-like iterations:

  • Growth likes: If you choose this option Stim social will only like the posts of people who don’t follow you.
  • Engagement likes: In this case, Stim social only likes the content of your followers.


Instagram stories are a quick way of posting and consuming content. That stories expire after a few seconds make it easier for people to skim through hundreds of them in no time. Stories also come with many wonderful stickers to help engage with your fans.

There’s no like button you can press to appreciate the posted stories, but the engagement of a story is based on the number of views it has.

You can view others’ stories to attract them to your profile. Stim Social helps you do this with their story-view feature.


Following target accounts is another simple way of attracting people to follow back. Every time you follow someone, Instagram sends them a notification showing your profile. Now, it’s natural for people you follow to at least check out your profile. If they like your posts and find value in your content, they might follow you back.

This’s an evergreen reciprocity technique to increase followers.

Stim Social helps you follow other accounts with its auto-follow feature.

Based on the filters you provide, it follows accounts of your relevant audience to attract them to your account.

Clean Feed

Clean feed is a rare feature you’ll find in bots. By using it, you can mute all your new followers. Now, what exactly is the use of this feature is a massive question.

Measuring Growth

Measuring Growth

Measuring performance is a critical aspect of any growth strategy.

It keeps you on track with the numbers you’re adding and gives you an idea whether your actions are yielding results.

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Stim social does a great job in this segment by providing you several insights of the followers you make, growth percentage and more.

Is it Worth It?

We discussed all the key features of Stim Social. Now, let’s move on to the most asked question: Is it worth it?

Most people get driven by the list of features that a service offers and based on that end up investing.

But in actuality the number of features don’t matter, rather their effectiveness is where the real value is.

Unfortunately, Stim Social fails terribly in fulfilling the promises it makes.

Valueless Customer Team

Customer support is one of the defining characteristics of a service. While using the service, if you get stuck with an issue, you can contact the customer team for help. This’s where Stim social fails.

First, it offers you limited options to contact the back-team.

You’ll have to mail them and wait for their reply.

This’s an issue because the support team of Stim Social is mostly unresponsive and even if you get a reply, they’ll give you only generic solutions without carefully understanding your problems.

Terrible Performance


Stim social is a deal breaker because it lies about its performance.

Remember, we discussed that there’s a free trial with the service?

Well, this is the only period in which Stim social works to its full potential after that users have complained that the bot simply refused to work.

Also, when it worked, it performed aggressive automated actions that raised red flags with Instagram.

There’s a hidden fact about Stim social: You can’t use your Instagram when the bot is active. If you do so, Instagram will catch your account and ban it.

Unreliable Promises

It’s always better to stay clear of shady services that make fake promises on their websites. Stim social is one such service because your numbers won’t grow by using their bot.

Several users noticed little to no growth in their followers counts even after using the bot for over 30 days.

And a few customers who received the engagement complained that most of the followers were fake or bot accounts.

This is a bummer because even if you don’t get your engagement as promised, you won’t be able to find a solution right away given the unresponsive customer team.

Review Conclusion

There you have it. This is all about Stim social and its features. While the idea is great but the service markets false information and doesn’t stick to its promises. The effectiveness of the features it offers lacks value, and customers have poor experiences with Stim Social. Hence, avoid investing in it and look for alternative services.