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Is Somiibo Legit? Full Review

Author: Adam
Published:October 28, 2021
5 mins 13 secs
Somiibo Review - Is it a Scam?

Somiibo is one of those companies that has a few unusual and typical features for your social media growth. While they claim to be legit and reputable, we think that they are actually the opposite. 

It’s not very often that you find a company in the social media growth industry that can actually help you with what you need. While there are a lot of companies out there that seem to offer a vast array of features, there are very few who can actually help you.

Why? Because making legit features that aren’t going to get you in trouble with the social media network for using them is actually really hard.

This is why there are many different types of features out there that are low quality, which is sold for next to nothing – but they’re not going to do you any favors on your social profiles.

I’m Adam. I have spent a lot of time in this industry, long enough to know that there are all kinds of different companies that you need to look out for, and while some of them are actually going to be able to help you, most of them aren’t.

So, how on earth do you avoid the ones that just want to take advantage of you so that you can find one that you can use for a long time for your social network growth? You read reviews like the one below.

Let’s review Somiibo and decide if we like them enough to recommend them to you or not.

Somiibo Review

Somiibo logo

Somiibo is one of those companies that’s pretty ambiguous when it comes to talking about what they offer. We’re not sure if they are a social media growth company, or something else, because they seem to be all over the place. One thing’s for sure that they’re a risk.

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What is Somiibo?

Somiibo Dashboard

Somiibo says that they’re your premium social media automation platform. They say that through their automation software, you can get free, organic likes followers on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

They say that it is super easy to get started with them, and they say that within just a few minutes, you can get started with your social media automation activity so that you can ‘take advantage’ of how simple their growth tool is.

We wonder why it’s so simple – because it’s a bot, and it’s probably going to get your account suspended or banned. Obviously, this isn’t something that you want for your reputation, so you need to tread carefully with companies like this.

What Are Somiibo’s Features?

Somiibo says that they can help you with your Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud automation, and they can also help you with YouLikeHits automation.

They say that they also offer their clients a proxy browser, a proxy scraper, and traffic automation, as well as a free proxy list, an article spinner, a plagiarism checker, a grammar checker, a domain authority, and a page authority.

Again, this means that they are all over the place when it comes to their features, and we’re not sure that they even know what they are. What we do know is that they are trying to do a lot at once, and while you might think that this is convenient, it’s going to get pretty confusing.

What’s more, the more features that they offer, the more they are spread out, which might end up reducing the quality of each feature. You don’t really want this if you want to keep your social profiles looking really good.

What is Somiibo’s Pricing?

Somiibo Pricing

Somiibo appears to have three different price points, and one of them is free, which we’re guessing makes up for the fact that they don’t have a free trial. This offers two limited modules at once, as well as a time limit of just three hours of usage.

Their first paid package is going to cost you $14.95, and this is going to give you unlimited modules, as well as being able to manage 30 accounts at the same time. Their premium package is going to cost you $149.95 and comes with everything in their basic package, along with an ad-free experience.

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How Did Somiibo Do in Tests?

Just like with every other company that we review on here, we made sure to put Somiibo to the test so that we could determine if they were following through on their promises.

Honestly, we were disappointed with the results. They were slow to get started for us, and when they did, it was obvious that the engagement was low quality. This is because it didn’t really interact with our content, and most of it dropped off again after just a few days.

This means that it has a low retention rate, which isn’t going to do you any favors if you’re hoping to keep your authentic community around.

What About Their Team?

One of the best ways to tell if a company is above board or not is to see what information they have about their team on their website. We noticed that Somiibo is more than happy to talk about the features that they offer, but when it comes to their team, there is very little, if any, information.

This means that they are cagey about who’s behind the features, and you shouldn’t trust a company that can’t share basic information like this. 

Review Conclusion

So, what do we think about Somiibo at the end of the day for all of your social media growth needs? We think that they are a scam and that you shouldn’t trust them.

There is no way that all of the features they are offering are high quality or worth your time, which means that you need to find another company that is much more committed to following through on its promises. We think that they use a bot and that they’re going to get your profiles in trouble with the respective social media companies.

This simply isn’t worth your time, which is why we suggest you look elsewhere for help with your social networks.