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Sogro Review: Is It a Scam?

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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Sogro Review: Is It a Scam?

Online market is flooded with growth services that claim to grow engagement of your social media profiles.

To be honest, it’s only natural that these services have gained popularity because social media growth isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Consistency is the key to growth, and this’s where most people fail. Online growth services have made this simple for people who stay busy with their work but want to grow an audience on social media.

Sogro is one such service. Today, we’ll discuss all about it.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about Sogro and by the time you’ve completed this post you’ll have an idea whether to invest in it.

Let’s get started…

What is Sogro?


Sogro is an online growth tool for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

It works as a bot and uses automation to find and engage with your target audience on your behalf.

In 2019, Sogro got a hit by Instagram because of its aggressive activities and doesn’t work anymore. But you’ll still find its website working perfectly where you can purchase their listed plans. So, it’s shady on their part.

How Does Sogro Work?

On the website you’ll find a series of steps which they take to describe the functionality of their service.

  • First you need to register with Sogro, then they’ll ask you to define your target audience. They will then develop a custom target market for you. Sogro also claims that users they connect with will not only engage with your content but also follow you back.
  • Sogro doesn’t post content on your behalf. So, you need to stick to your usual routine of posting to the platform.
  • In this step, Sogro interacts with your target audience by liking, following and unfollowing posts with the goal of getting new followers. Sogro promises that this saves loads of time, and you don’t have to spend your bucks on advertisements.
  • Now, you’ll start receiving 100% real followers and likes for your accounts instantaneously.

This’s how Sogro works, or at least used to work.

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How to Get Started?

Getting started with Sogro is simple. You need to visit their official website and click on “Start my free trial”. Now, select the plans depending on your requirements.

Then choose the payment method and provide your email address and credit card information.

Finally, click on “Subscribe” to get going.

This’ll start your ten-day free trial charging no money.

Key Features

Now, let’s discuss the key features that Sogro offers to its customers.

Audience Targeting

Instagram hosts over a billion users on the platform. This means you need to specify and target the right audience to make the most of your efforts. But this isn’t a simple job because people are super selective of the content they want to consume.

You might have noticed that even though there are several accounts that post content from the same niche, people are attracted to only a few of them.

This happens because these accounts target a specific audience based on the content they create.

Suppose you’re a graphic designer who posts “How to make Logo Videos” then you must target the audience who might be interested in logo tutorials.

Sogro helps you find your target audience thanks to hashtags and competitors’ followers.

You simplify define the hashtags that your target audience is using and provide a list of your competitor accounts. Sogro uses these filters to target the relevant audience.

Automatic Engagement

After finding the relevant audience, the next step is to engage with them. Reciprocity is a successful technique used by billions to attract engagement to their profiles. It simply means: You engage with my content, and I’ll return the favour.

Sogro with its automation techniques engages with your target audience by liking their posts and following them. You also have the option to auto-unfollow accounts that don’t follow back after days of following them.

Sogro also claims that all the automation it uses are carefully executed to avoid red flags with Instagram.

Customer Support

Customer support is something you can’t count out when dealing with online services. Sogro takes care of this by providing you two options to contact them in case you face issues:

  • Contact form
  • Live chat

Is it a Scam?

Every time I come across an online growth service as Sogro, I spend a good amount of time in measuring the effectiveness of the features it offers.

A company may market tons of features to lure customers, but the real value of the service depends on the question: How effective are the features?

Unfortunately, Sogro is a scam that isn’t worth your attention.

It isn’t Safe

The payments gateways listed on their website aren’t safe.

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This means when you provide your card details and other sensitive information, you’re putting yourself at the risk of getting hacked.

Terrible Customer Support

As we discussed above, Sogro offers two options to get in contact with them. But both these options are complete rubbish. The live chat box doesn’t operate 24/7 and gives you generic answers. This means if you’re facing an issue that requires immediate attention, then you would be stuck with the contact form.

There’s more bad news. Even if you fill the contact form Sogro takes an awful amount of time to reply which again doesn’t solve your immediate problem.

Buggy Service

sogro pricing

This conclusion is based on several customer reviews from Trustpilot who claim that Sogro wasn’t able to access their account even after purchasing the service.

This is a bummer because Sogro charges a premium for its plans.

People have also experienced that Sogro performed excellently during the free trial period of 10 days, but failed to respond after the trial ended.

This shows that the company is marketing fake promises to grab the attention of potential customers.

Unreliable Features

Sogro offers some of the most basic features for an Instagram growth service. But not all of them work as they claim on their website. “100% real followers” is merely a phrase used for marketing because the followers you get after using Sogro are fake and completely unrelated to your niche.

Also, on their website you’ll come across a feature that allows you to unsubscribe from the plans you purchase. But this isn’t true because people who tried to unsubscribe said the feature didn’t work, and they were charged every month even when Sogro failed to perform.

Imagine, losing your money to a service that fails to work and the only thing you can do is raise compliant to a terrible customer team.

Your Account Could Get Banned

Sogro may call itself a social media growth service, but in actuality, it’s a bot that uses automation. This’s the reason it has stopped working after Instagram attacked bots in 2019.

Even if it functions again, you must stay clear of it because Instagram hates bots. So, you could get action backed or banned.

Are you willing to risk your account for a bot?

Review Conclusion

There you have it. This is all about Sogro and its functioning. The service is a bot that fails to stick to its promises and delivers fake engagement. You can’t even unsubscribe and are stuck with terrible customer support. Bottom-line: Avoid Sogro and look for alternatives in the market.