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SocialMeep Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
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SocialMeep Review - Is It Legit or a Scam?

There is an excessive number of Instagram growth and engagement services nowadays. Honestly, the vast majority of them are risky or at very least ineffective.

When attempting to pick one of these kinds of companies, avoid using “eeny, meeny miny moe” tactics. You are likely to get involved with one that is insanely expensive for the junk services you get.

That said, how, on the premise of quality, does SocialMeep fare? This company professes to be “the best Instagram growth service/tool,” yet is there anything to support this fact?

We have broken it down so you can get an informed and good look at this service. By reading the rest of the review, you could save yourself a lot of problems. So, there is that.

Meanwhile, you should probably consider looking at other popular, mainstream Instagram growth companies and their benefits before you invest your money in these services.

What is SocialMeep?

SocialMeep logo

As we already referenced, SocialMeep is an Instagram growth company/tool/service, and a pretty new one at that. The website professes to use AI-centric automation to obtain genuine Instagram followers for you. Purportedly, no botting technology is associated with this system.

We are suspicious by nature from experience with such companies and claims in the past, so we have our doubts, and so should you.

If you knew how many similar IG growth companies lie about their use of bots, you probably would not believe it. There are also a number of these companies that lie about NOT using bots as well if you can imagine that! We will address that in a while.

But let us return to the review of SocialMeep.

At first sight, this tool amazed me, but not in a good way. They blatantly replicated the whole Hypeauditor website, which has a reputation of being a legitimate growth system.

SocialMeep just changed up the logo and text a little, but that is all they did. This is NOT a positive sign. If anything, it raised some red flags.

The site looks outstanding, which can result in grabbing the attention of the inexperienced Instagram marketer or influencer. We believe that is who they are targeting. However, any experienced Instagrammer who knows about Hypeauditor, will steer clear of SocialMeep. Just saying.

So, they are definitely copycatting, which is ironic since they used a cat logo to replace the Hypeauditor logo on their website. Besides the plagiarism issue, can SocialMeep be of any value to your Instagram?

We will address that topic next.

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Does SocialMeep Help You – If So, How?

SocialMeep Features

It may be better to ask, “Can SocialMeep help you at all?”

We are not convinced they can.

It is confusing whether and how this growth tool functions. The site itself is a mess, and the clickable links they have used do not direct you to anything. If you try seeking out more information about SocialMeep’s service on the website, you will not find anything. All you will find is what they have provided on the homepage and that is it.

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Their sign-up form does function, which implies that you can enroll for an account. You can create your account via email, and they do not ask for your Instagram password, which is acceptable. When you are in, you must connect your Instagram profile to the system.

Where do you go from there? This is a legit question.

Yes, you can use a portion of the service’s features to enhance your account, but then there is this:

The features we are going to explain are coming from rumors taken from reading some fake reviews about SocialMeep since there are no real ones to be found online. We cannot say if the features are functional at all, so when you read the following, please keep that in mind and take it for what it is, rumor.


SocialMeep allows you to find your target audience by changing the settings. The two primary settings include hashtags and comparable Instagram accounts. In the spirit of transparency, you will be obtaining your target followers based on those similar accounts.

Likewise, you get to pick the quantity of followers you want by using filters such as location, gender, number of likes, and age.  

So far, it seems good, right? But does it work?

We cannot be sure since in light of the fact that there are not a single client review/testimonial to be found. If this feature of SocialMeep works, you can potentially narrow your niche audience well.

Automated Engagement

Do you recall us telling you about SocialMeep’s claims that they do not use bots?

Here is some more irony for you because they offer something actually called an “Instagram bot” on the site. When you see it, you will obviously think that they use bots, but allegedly, they do not.

When you click on the option to go to the “Preview Growth” page, it looks like a free demo of the system, but it is so confusing, who knows if it is a working feature?

Currently, it is uncertain exactly what SocialMeep does. We could not find any clarification of their engagement, but there are terms such as “micro interactions” used to depict what they do.

We do not even know what that means. We are as baffled as you at this point.

Because the term “bot” is used on their website, we see no need to ask if they use them. Instagram does not permit bots, or any form of botting technology on their platform. They actually have algorithms that detect that kind of activity, so it is highly likely you will get banned from Instagram if it detects it on your profile. That is not good.

This is the primary reason that so many bot-using services flat out lie about using bots. They claim to be “bot-less.” You see, they have to trick you into believing they are legitimate, aboveboard and are using organic growth techniques. Is this what SocialMeep is doing? Perhaps yes, or perhaps no. We would not advise that you try it.

Live Growth Monitor

SocialMeep Services

The “live growth monitor” feature that claims to allow you to track your performance/progress may or may not work. You would think that it would show interactions that this app performed and include your new follower count.

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SocialMeep Pricing

So, how much does SocialMeep charge for this questionable service?

They offer two monthly subscriptions, which are the Basic and Pro options. They cost $49 and $99 per month. You can find these packages on the website’s “Pricing” page, which does work, by the way.

Is SocialMeep Worth a Try?

The chances that SocialMeep is genuine are quite thin. However, if you are one to play the odds when they are against you, feel free to try it. Suppose you decide to go ahead and risk it.

What can you expect?

The Pros

SocialMeep does have a trial version, so you can give it a try free of charge. You simply join and connect it to your Instagram profile. As we said before, this system does not require your Instagram password, so it would be unlikely that your profile would get compromised.

Their website, while an obvious copy, does have the https secure and SSL certified components. So, using this tool is not likely to be risky to your financial or personal data.

The Cons

We will rehash the fact that SocialMeep took Hypeauditor’s site and made some modifications to it.  

Oddly, they kept a large portion of the original site data. For instance, they left the photograph and used the CEO of Hypeauditor’s name on the site!

We are sure if that is even legal! Is it?

Whether you can move beyond this issue or not, it is not unclear how SocialMeep can help you or if the features even work as they claim. After all, they claim they will grow your IG profile, but how are they doing it? We think we are missing a few puzzle pieces since the website does not give clear information about the actions it performs to help you obtain IG growth.

Is it worth the cost? By this we mean the actual monthly fees as well as the risk it poses to your IG account. We are going to have to say it is not worth it.

Plus, you cannot be sure of what you will be getting for your hard-earned money. Maybe nothing? We cannot be positive about that, but nothing is how it looks to us.

Since there are numerous other Instagram growth options from which to choose, you find one for at the same cost, so why would you take chances with SocialMeep?

Review Conclusion

The last negative thought on this is the absence of client reviews or testimonials. There is not a hint of them anyplace on the web. The business’s site has several phony reviews, but please do not get us started on that. All this said, no reviews or testimonials is a sign that their users are not satisfied.

Would it be advisable for you to try SocialMeep out? We would firmly not recommend it.

From what we have learned through research, we can only presume that this company is not to be trusted. We found no way to prove their claims as true and they just appear to be copycats who are seeking out inexperienced, unsuspecting Instagrammer newbies who do not know any better, yet.