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The Best Social Envy Alternatives in 2022

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
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The Best Social Envy Alternatives in 2021

BIG UPDATE: March 1st 2018
Both Relaxed Social & Social Envy appear to have closed their doors to new clients and have shut down. The rumour is that Instagram forced them to close due to a breach of terms of service.

Don’t be too upset though, there’s always a replacement to take their place.

Social Envy Alternatives

Here is our list of the best alternatives to replace these popular services.

Original Article

Automated scheduling has made somewhat of a name for itself in the world of the internet and Instagram, as we weigh up the convenience of automatic activity against insincere followers and likes.

There’s an awesome service available when it comes to third-party companies and Instagram, and it’s redefining what it means to automate your profile.

Social Envy is an organic growth service aimed at gaining you followers organically. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

Social Envy

Social Envy logo

Social Envy is an organic Instagram growth service. This means that all the activity it performs on your page, on your behalf, is done in a natural, gradual way.

They accomplish this by employing real people to complete this engagement, as opposed to automating it through Instagram bots.

They boast having excellent customer service and communication with the customer, so you’re able to get constant updates on your page and how they’re working with it.

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It’s a safer alternative to using an Instagram bot because the interaction with potential followers is real, and done by real people.

Because they employ humans to do what a bot would typically do, they also manage to stay well within the restrictive terms and conditions that Instagram imposes on any third-party activity. Using an organic growth service like Social Envy is a great way to get around these limitations while still making the most of real growth that you can pay for.

Using real algorithms and data based exclusively on your target audience and niche, they focus on followers that are going to be interested in your page from the get-go, making it highly likely that they will follow you – and continue to.

Let’s take a look at Social Envy’s main features.

Main Features

  • When You First Start: in the beginning when you sign up, you are assigned a case manager who takes on the role of managing your page for you. You work with them and them alone.
  • Targeting: as mentioned above, Social Envy uses algorithms to target your specific niche and audience, engaging only with users who are going to be interested in your page.
  • Weekly Report: when using Social Envy, you are given the option of seeing a weekly progress report on their activity on your page, showing you where your followers are coming from.

Additional Features

  • Usernames: as a bonus, Social Envy can take usernames that you provide them with – i.e. your competition and target their audiences, making it more likely that they’ll also follow you.
  • Locations: you can also provide Social Envy with specific geographic locations to target, like an entire city, state or even a country.
  • Gender Targeting: you can get as specific as you like with your audience targeting by breaking it down into gender.
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Here are some frequently asked questions about Social Envy:



Social Envy has a variety of options when it comes to their packages and pricing. They offer a Freedom, Standard, Executive and Premium option – all at different price points.

While the Freedom service is the most expensive at $33 a week, you can cancel at any time, so there’s no commitment. The Executive is the cheapest at $20 a week. However, you have to commit to using it for ten weeks.

Personally, I would suggest getting The Executive package – as growth services take a few months to snowball & get big results anyway.

Here are the price packages that Social Envy offers:

Social Envy Pricing


Social Envy is an excellent Instagress alternative to Instagram bots as a third-party source because it is safer and more ethical.

However, you pay for this kind of security, and it does turn out to be more expensive than most bots out there, such as Follow Adder, so you have to decide whether it’s worth investing the money.

This organic growth service is great for boosting your Instagram page while keeping within Instagram’s guidelines.