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SNS Growth Review: Should You Use It?

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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Truth About SNS Growth: Should You Use It?

Instagram growth directly results from engagement you give and receive.

This means the more you engage, the more engagement you receive, and the more you grow.

If you think about it, targeting and engaging with profiles consistently is a tedious job.

But, online growth services that deliver an engagement to your account solve this problem.

Today, we’ll discuss one such service: SNS Growth.

In this article you’ll learn everything about SNS Growth and whether you should invest in it.

Let’s get started…

What is SNS Growth?

SNS Growth

SNS Growth is an online growth service for various social media platforms, including Instagram. It helps you deliver engagement to your profile through various packages for likes, followers, and views.

How does SNS Growth work?

SNS Growth Followers

Unlike typical growth services that use bot automation to engage with targeted accounts, SNS Growth believes in numbers. This means they offer direct engagement for money.

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How to get started?

To get started with SNS Growth you need to visit their official website where under the Instagram section you’ll find several engagement packages on followers, likes and views.

After you’ve made your decision on which packages to purchase and selected them, they’ll ask to submit your Instagram username.

Finally, make the payment and select the type of delivery you want.

There are two types of deliveries available:

  • Instant delivery: It’s when you’ll get all the numbers at a time.
  • Drip-feed delivery: If you select it, SNS Growth will deliver the engagement at different time points over 30 days.

Remember, for using their services you need a public profile.

Key Features

SNS Growth Features

Now, let’s discuss all the key features SNS Growth offers to its customers.


Your Instagram growth depends massively on the number of followers you have.

Let’s be honest and answer a question:

Would you rather follow an account with few 100 followers or an account with 1000s of followers given both publish content in the same niche?

Obviously, the account with 1000s of followers because more followers show that account is famous and posts quality content.

There’s a reason it has 1000s of followers, right?

Suppose you run an online store and use Instagram for marketing your products. In such a case, having more followers means you can generate a huge lead list and even convert them. But gaining that many followers is one hell of a task that requires your undivided attention, consistency and patience. This’s where SNS Growth helps its customers by offering a wide range of followers packages.

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You just need to purchase a plan, and they’ll deliver it to your profile.


Over the recent years Instagram has clarified that video content is as effective as image-based content on its platform.

When IGTV released, people had mixed feelings about its effectiveness but eventually ended up using it to drive regular content.

This story is the same for video stories.
Take Reels as an example to understand how it has grown on people. Hence, if you post consistent video content then views are your bread and butter.
But you can’t just post a video and expect millions of people to watch it because people are selective of the content they want to consume. SNS Growth makes this simple for you with its views packages. You can get as many as 20000 views for $67.17.


Likes are the status symbol of your content. The more likes your content has, the more people you’ll attract. When people come across posts in their home feed many times they look for the number of likes and based on that form an opinion about the quality of the posts.

If more people like a piece of content, then it must be of high quality. Simple, right?

This’s where most content creators and brands fail because bagging hunders of thousands of likes is difficult. Nobody is going to spoon-feed likes to you.

But SNS Growth has got you covered with its likes packages offering from 100 likes to 20000 likes.

Should you use it?

SNS Growth Services

Till now all is good. We discussed all the features SNS Growth offers, but let’s now address the real question: Should you use it?

To be honest, you shouldn’t use it.


This’s what we’ll discuss now.

Fake followers

We discussed the importance of followers in Instagram growth, and how SNS Growth gives you a number. But most of the followers it gives are fake and irrelevant to your niche.

Why is this a problem? Let me explain.

Fake followers are usually bot accounts that never interact with your content.

This means even if you have lots of followers, your posts won’t receive engagement from them.

Also, people have noticed the followers SNS Growth delivers are irrelevant to the content they post.

Suppose you post content on food recipes but SNS growth delivers you followers who engage with content on digital marketing.

Do you think these followers would interact with your posts?

Maybe rarely, because you need people who love food content and recipes to follow you.

This is a bummer because relevancy is the most critical ingredient of Instagram growth.

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Lack of 24/7 customer support

24/7 Customer support is a fundamental feature of all the great growth services available in the market. As customers sometimes when we face issues with a purchased service so we contact the customer support for help. This’s where SNS Growth fails because it doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support to its customers.

Imagine, the service stops working, or you don’t get the delivery as promised and the only thing you can do is email them and wait for a reply.

When you’re spending your hard-earned money on an online service, lack of 24/7 customer support is a massive downgrade.

Terrible post service support

For a moment, let’s forget the fact SNS Growth lacks 24/7 customer support and focus on what it offers: Email support.

Again, this email support they offer is of terrible quality because your mail never really reaches their team.

People who faced issues with SNS Growth said that every time they tried to contact them through email, but they were presented with a message saying

“Inbox Full”. This clearly shows that SNS Growth doesn’t care about its customers.

Lack of concrete reviews

SNS Growth Results

Positive reviews are the building blocks of trust for a service or product.

The more positive reviews a service has, the more are the chances of people choosing them over another service.

Again, SNS Growth fails terribly in this segment because there are no concrete reviews on their website to show the effectiveness of the features they market to the customers.

Immediate decrease in engagement

SNS Growth does an excellent job at delivering the numbers you purchase and on time, but there’s bad news. As soon as you receive followers, likes or views Instagram removes some of them and others unfollow you randomly.

This’s because Instagram detects unusual behaviour and analyses the sudden growth in numbers by bot accounts.

Your accounts could get banned

Now, you know, SNS Growth delivers bots to their customers. This’s an immense problem because Instagram hates bots. Automation bots are against Instagram’s Terms of Service, and it warns accounts to avoid them. This’s means by allowing bots to grow your engagement you’re putting your profile at the risk of getting banned or at least blocked by Instagram.

No cancellation option

Usually, with online growth services, you get the option to cancel your order by contacting the company. But SNS Growth gives you no such liberty. This means you’re stuck with the bots, even if you change your mind.

Review Conclusion

There you have it. This’s all about SNS Growth and the plans it offers. Their idea of delivering engagement is fine, but they lack authenticity and reviews. They also rely on bots and offer terrible customer support. Hence, avoid SNS Growth because there are alternative services that offer way better features.