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Snapchat Locked? See Why & How To Unlock It.

Author: Adam
Published:December 4, 2021
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Snapchat Locked? See Why & how To Unlock It.

Snapchat is one of the best messaging platforms in the world.

It has revolutionised the way people connect to each other through the concept of snaps.

The Snapchat application offers a plethora of features to make messaging fun.

You can choose from hundreds of filters and customise your snaps with text variations, stickers, GIFs, Bitmoji and more.

Snapchat also allows you to play augmented reality games.

All these features have resulted in over 530 million active users worldwide for Snapchat.

And it continues to grow by introducing new features.

But this doesn’t mean Snapchat is flawless. This is because every platform with millions of users has its fair share of issues.

One of the major issues faced by Snapchat users is getting their account locked. 

In simple words, when they log into their account, they encounter a message: “Oh no! Your account has been temporarily locked.

For details on why this might have happened, visit”

So, why does this happen?

Well, to understand this, you need to read this article.

Today, we’ll discuss the reasons Snapchat locks accounts and some fixes to unlock if locked.

Let’s get started…

What Causes a Snapchat Account to Be Locked?


Now, let’s go through all the reasons your Snapchat account gets locked. 

Why is it critical to know this?

Think about it. If you don’t know the problem, how can you find the solution?

You can go on applying many fixes but end up nowhere. You may even complicate the chances of finding an effective solution.

Well, this is precisely what happens with Snapchat.

You need to know what caused the account lock, else your account might get locked permanently.

Would you like that?

Of course not.

Hence, before applying any fix, you need to find the issue. 

So, what are common reasons that cause this issue?

There are many reasons this can happen.

Using Third-Party Apps & Plugins

Snapchat wants its users to use the In-platform resources to create and share snaps to connect with their friends.

The matter gets complicated when you use third-party services that Snapchat doesn’t approve of.

For instance, if you are using an application like Snap Crack or Casper or Phantom to enhance some features on the Snapchat application, then you are raising red flags.

Therefore, it’s critical to understand the Terms of Service before using the application. But people never do that.

Who would read the boring paragraphs and pointers when you can just click on “I Accept” and get started quickly?

Well, reading Terms of Service is crucial before using any application, including Snapchat.

This is because if they find you using unauthorised third-party services to manipulate the snap score or tweak features, they will lock your account.

And if you continue to do it, they might even ban your account permanently from the platform.

You may even see the message, “We are sorry, we were unable to process your request.”, If you try to use automation or unauthorised services.

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Spam, Unsolicited Messages & Other Abuse


Every platform wants to create a safe environment for its users, and Snapchat is no different.

They have instituted certain guidelines that allow them to create and maintain a comfortable space for every user.

This means there are rules you need to follow, else you can run into trouble.

For instance, if you use your account to blackmail other users or abuse them and the platform features or share restricted content, you’ll raise red flags with Snapchat.

They don’t entertain such actions and lock users who abuse the application or use it to spam others.

Hence, you need to understand the Terms of Service and abide by the community guidelines to avoid getting locked.

Suspicious Activity

Like Instagram, Facebook, and other social media giants, Snapchat hates automation. What does this mean?

This means they discourage users from using third-party automation bots to drive growth on the platform.

Automation helps you add thousands of people quickly and exchange snaps with them and hence grow your circle.

But Snapchat wants you to use organic techniques to promote gradual growth. Therefore, they hate automation.

When you add many people in a short period or exchange mass snaps rapidly, they suspect you of executing bot actions.

Hence, to keep their platform clean, they lock your account.

Bottom-line: Never use automation bots to drive growth.

Login from An Unknown Device or Location

You might have noticed when you install an application from the App Store or Play Store, it asks for the permission to access your location.

Why is this crucial?

Applications do this to protect your accounts from getting hacked.

Say you lose your credentials to someone, and they use it to log into your Snapchat account from a different location.

In such a case, Snapchat will inform you of the recent activity and flag the account. Hence, you must verify your email with Snapchat to stay updated.

Another reason this can happen is Snapchat is facing internal issues.

But you needn’t worry because contacting the support will resolve the issue.

How to Prevent Snapchat Account Lock


All hail the cliché: “Prevention is better than cure.”

Why bother freaking out when you can prevent the account lock from happening. 

Let’s discuss some things you can take care of, to stay on the safe side.

Verify Your Email Address and Phone Number

The first thing you need to do is verify the information you provide to Snapchat.

They verify your email address and phone number to keep your account safe from getting hacked.

If someone tries to hack your account by logging from a different device or location, Snapchat updates you about this activity.

You can then contact Snapchat to protect your contacts and account.

This also helps if you forget your password. If you have verified your email, Snapchat will send you a mail to reset your password.

Hence, verify your email address and phone number to prevent the account lock.

Uninstall Any Third-Party Apps and Plugins


Well, we have gone through this point.

As you know, Snapchat doesn’t entertain the use of unauthorised third-party applications and plugins on their platform.

Third-party plugins and automation tools are intuitive and offer you a thrilling experience of growing your account.

You can easily add hundreds of contacts and send unique snaps to them in a short period.

Plugins help you tweak or enhance the In-platform features to increase the functionality of the application.

Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t approve of this.

Using such tools is against their Terms of Service, and they can punish you if you break the rules.

Hence, if you are using any third-party applications or plugins, uninstall them immediately.

Abide Snapchat ToS & Community Guidelines

No matter how many times I mention this point, its criticality stays the same.

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You need to abide by the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines instituted by Snapchat.

They have done this to protect users from getting abused and to create a safe space for all the users to share relevant content.

If you fail to do so, they’ll lock your account. And if, even after a warning, you continue to execute the same actions, they’ll ban you from the platform.

Hence, avoid sharing restricted content and abide by the community guidelines.

Keep Your Password Random & Secure

The last thing you can do is set a secure password. This is critical because if you use a password that people can easily predict, you risk your account getting hacked.

Think about people who know you. Well, you needn’t see them in bad light, but while setting your password, think about whether they can predict it.

Even newbie hackers use advanced pieces of software that can crack simple passwords. Hence, use a random password to stay safe.

An excellent practice is to use a combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

How to Unlock Your Locked Snapchat Account


Now, let’s address the question of the article: How to unlock a locked Snapchat account?

Well, the good news is the fix works for all popular operating systems like Android, iOS, and web browsers.

The only thing you need to take care of is making sure what caused the lock.

This is because unless you know the exact reason, you are always at the risk of getting your account permanently locked.

Hence, go through all the reasons we discussed above to find what happened to your account.

So, how can you unlock your locked account?

Well, you can do this by clicking on “Unlock my account” on the “My account is locked” official Snapchat page.

Let’s go through the steps you can follow.

  • The first thing you need to do is go to the “My Account is Locked” page and click on the “Unlock my account” link.
  • Now, log in to your Snapchat account.
  • Finally, search for the “Unlock” button and press on it.

This will unlock your locked account, allowing you to use the application freely.

Now, you can exchange snaps with your friends, play games, and post stories.

What if this doesn’t work?

Well, if this doesn’t unlock your account, the only thing you can do is contact the Snapchat support.

Only they can help you get an update on your account and guide you to unlock it.


There you have it. Now, you know the reasons your Snapchat accounts get locked, and how you can unlock it.

You need to abide by the Terms of Service and community guidelines of the platform, verify your information, uninstall third-party plugins and use a random password to stay on the safe side.

Finally, you can unlock your account by visiting the “My Account is Locked” page.

Snapchat Unlock FAQ

What Happens when Your Account Is Locked?

When your Snapchat account gets locked, you can’t log in to your account. This means you can’t exchange snaps with your friends.

How Long Does a Locked Snapchat Last?

Well, a lock lasts for 24 hours. You can access your account after 24 hours of getting locked. But this might vary.

Can I Unlock a Permanently Locked Snapchat Account?

Unfortunately, you can’t unlock it if your account gets permanently locked. Snapchat can’t help you in any manner.
Hence, it’s better to execute organic actions and stay safe.

How Do I Know Who Signed Into My Snapchat Account?

You can check who signed into your Snapchat account by checking your recent activity on the platform. You can do this by navigating to a small icon that shows the name and number of the user.