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5 SaaS Growth Strategies You Should Try In 2023 And Beyond 

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:February 15, 2023
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What sets a SaaS (Software as a Service) company stand out? Its services or the marketing?  

While the nature of service is essential, marketing is what helps SaaS companies reach the right prospects.

More importantly, it’s the most ever-growing and dynamic industry. So SaaS companies need to constantly come up with new strategies or revamp the existing ones in a way that aids them to reach more potential customers. 

If you already have SaaS growth strategies in place, great. However, it’s always the right time to look at those and change them or build better ones.

This article looks at five such SaaS growth strategies you can consider. Let’s get to it right away. 

1.) Revamp Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

When you have a small business, it’s only apparent you want your existing customers to visit your site more often.

For this to happen, you’ll have to revamp your current ecommerce marketing strategies in a way that generates more traffic to your online store and convert potential leads to customers. 

A few ways to upscale your ecommerce marketing strategies are: 

  • Take help of user-generated content for marketing 
  • Leverage influencer-marketing 
  • Go Local 
  • Improve your email campaigns 
  • Be original in creating content
  • Use social media and paid advertising 
  • Focus on building SEO-friendly content 
  • Retarget audience 

Keep a tab on the campaigns, look at how they perform, and make necessary changes as and when required.

Use SaaS tools for ecommerce to ensure your customers have quality purchasing experiences from your store.

After all, your ecommerce store isn’t just a website visitors visit but rather a store that effectively caters to its customers. 

2.) Build A Social Media SaaS Strategy 

If you want your business to go far, make it reach far. 

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Using social media to market your product isn’t new. However, sharing social media posts regularly won’t bring you the desired results. You need to approach social media from a bigger perspective. 

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Through social media channels, you can not only interact with your customers and deal with their feedback but also engage with them, increase the visibility of your product and know your customer’s behavior and preferences.

While including SaaS in your social media marketing, consider the following: 

  • Focus on building communities surrounding your products/services 
  • Use different social media channels 
  • Approach influencers of your niche
  • Experiment with all content types 
  • Explain features of your product through use cases  

While there are many ways to ensure your business succeeds in the digital segment, social media is by far the easiest way.

Doing the activities mentioned above will impact your brand’s growth and should be an essential marketing strategy for SaaS growth. 

3.) Use Automation Tools 

Automation helps not only reduce errors but also synchronize team efforts. 

Many companies use automation tools to reduce human errors, have seamless workflows, and scale teams faster.

However, when all the processes independently run smoothly and are automated, your team’s efforts are also automatically synchronized. 

For instance, use social media automation or a social media management tool in social media marketing.

Such tools help you schedule posts for all your social media accounts and give you more control over your content.

Moreover, it reduces the time consumed in posting content across different channels.

HubSpot is one of the most prominent marketing tools. It helps post content on social media channels and data analytics.

With a tool like this, you can monitor the performance of the posts and see what’s working and what’s not.

Moreover, it helps you engage with your customers and build real connections. 

Know the loopholes in your existing strategy and go for a tool that fixes those loopholes. 

4.) Use AI To Dive Into Market Analytics 

Data drive informed business decisions. 

Creativity and content play a significant role in marketing your SaaS solution.

However, analytics play an equal, if not more important, role in driving business decisions.

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Data gives you insights and answers to what your customers expect from your product which directly impacts your marketing growth. 

Data analytics for SaaS growth marketing includes data visualization, data synchronization, management, and data analysis to get insights.

Through data analytics tools, you find hidden issues and opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked.

This data offers transparency, which eventually helps you know your customers better.  

Knowing your SaaS product, business goals, team size, etc., is essential to choose the suitable data analytics model.

If you’re a growing business, a simple analytics tool that gathers data and generates reports to get valuable insights will suffice. . 

5.) Always Be Open To Experimentation 

Social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing help businesses reach a wider audience.

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However, do not limit your approaches to these. Along with these approaches, consider building a multichannel marketing strategy and experimenting with other marketing tactics. 

You can experiment in the following ways: 

  • Explore all content types 
  • Use different social media channels 
  • Get tools to analyze market analytics 
  • Combine several existing strategies 

Event marketing and podcasting are also great ways to market your product and increase brand awareness.

Influencer marketing is another cost-effective marketing strategy for your SaaS, as more potential customers will then know about your product.

Ensure you don’t stick to a strategy for so long that your customers outgrow it. Keeping it dynamic and experimentative is key. 

Ideate, analyse and experiment.  

Build Your Own Successful SaaS Growth Strategy For 2023

A SaaS business strategy that stands the test of time and withstands the ebbs of flows of the business world is the right one. 

While the article talks about five SaaS growth strategies, it’s up to you to determine which would benefit your business.

Once you have a plan, decide whether to invest in a SaaS tool for a specific business department or a generic tool that helps enhance all business departments. 

Consider your business and budget requirements when devising a SaaS growth strategy, and the chances of it not working automatically get slim. 

Good luck.