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Robolike Review: Is it Worth Using?

Author: Adam
Published:July 2, 2021
6 mins 16 secs
Robolike Review: Is it Worth Using?

Instagram bots help bring engagement by applying automation techniques and complicated algorithms.

This’s why more and more people are using them regularly.

But there’s a vast difference in using any bot you find on the internet and using a safe bot that provides value.

Today, we’ll discuss a bot: Robolike.

In this article, you’ll learn all about Robolike and understand whether you should invest in it.

Let’s get started…

What is Robolike?


Robolike is an Instagram bot that likes posts of your target audience on your behalf.

How does it work?

Robolike works

Robolike works on automation. It targets the posts of accounts based on the hashtags specified by you.

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How to get started?

Getting started with Robolike is simple. First, you need to sign up by visiting their official website.

Thereafter, you can connect your Instagram account and submit the hashtags.

Robolike then processes the data and immediately starts liking posts.

Remember, sometimes during the sign-up process you may face an issue where you’ll see a message “Login Failed”.

If you see this, then follow instructions displayed in a pop up available on the same page.

Key Features

Now, let’s discuss the features that Robolike offers to its customers.

Hashtag Targeting

Hashtags are everywhere on social media, including Instagram.

People use them to categorise the content they post. This’s the reason hashtags are a great way to find your target audience.

For instance, you’re a vector designer.

Now, when you post a vector illustration on your feed and use the hashtag #Vectordesign, you’re telling Instagram that your post falls under the category of vector designing.

Hence, when someone will search for vectors, Instagram will display your result.

Similarly, you can find people who use hashtags based in your niche and the content you post.

With Robolikes targeting feature, you can specify as many hashtags you want, and it’ll search for people who are using those hashtags and like their posts. This’ll notify them and urge them to check out your profile.

But what if you want to target only a handful of accounts or accounts that follow your competitors?

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You can’t do this with Robolike because it randomly targets profiles based on the hashtags you specify.


Everyone wants engagement on their content. If you put in hard work to create the high-quality content, it’s natural you would want to bag as many likes as possible.

Also, likes are an indicator of the quality of the content and attract more likes.

This’s where reciprocity comes in.

It’s when you engage with other users’ content, and they return the favour by engaging with your content.

Basically, a win-win situation where each party gets the engagement they want.

The only problem is: Liking every post you come across is a tedious task. After all, you’ll be tired at one point. Robolike makes this simple for you with its auto-liking feature which delivers between 80 and 90 likes per hour. You can even adjust the number of likes per hour.

This might sound great but in reality, it’s horrible because when you like 80 posts in an hour you’re raising red flags with Instagram which will earn you at the very least a block.

Content filters

While you’ve no control over what accounts Robolike targets, you’ve the ability to filter posts, you don’t want Robolike to engage.

This’s an immense feature because relevancy is crucial to any Instagram growth strategy.

By liking posts that appeal to your target audience, you become credible and attract the right profiles to follow you.


Robolike believes in transparency and wants you to completely trust its services. This’s why it displays the images of the latest posts it likes. Most people invest money in bots and expect them to do their job without fail. But sometimes things don’t go the way they’re supposed to, and they end up in a pitfall. Hence, it’s necessary to track the actions to ensure you’re on the right path.

What if even after adding the content filters, Robolike likes the posts irrelevant to your niche or inappropriate content?

You might end up with Instagram circling you or lose your loyal followers.

Robolike ensures this doesn’t happen to you by informing about every action it performs through its dashboard.

Bulk account manager

Individuals managing multiple accounts are common these days.

Robolike understands this and hence presents you the opportunity to register multiple accounts with its service.

This’s great if you want your business account and personal account to grow simultaneously.

The only problem is there are no plans for bulk accounts listed on their website.

You’ll have to email them with a request to add your multiple accounts and wait for their reply.

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Is it worth using?

Now, let’s break down the most critical question: Is it worth using?

The answer is no because despite offering many useful features, Robolike isn’t legit and poses a threat to your account.

No real customer reviews

When you’re confused about investing in an online service or product, what is the first thing you do?

You check out the reviews. If they are positive and people are happy with the service or product, you know it’s worth investing in.

But what if there are no reviews at all?

Would you still invest in such a service?

Obviously not, because customer reviews are crucial to learn about the authenticity of the service.

This’s exactly where Robolike stands. It has only a few customer reviews on Trustpilot that too are rated 2 stars.

This’s a significant issue because Robolike claims to have helped hundreds of thousands of users.

If it has, then why aren’t there any reviews on its website?

Clearly, Robolike is lying and marketing the numbers to attract customers.

Lack of 24/7 support

Robolike Pricing

Robolike costs $7.77 per month and offers a 3-day free trial, 70-90 likes per hour, hashtag picking and run time setting. This’s a great price to pay for the features Robolike provides, but there’s no 24/7 customer support.

Now, this’s a bummer because customer support is the backbone of any service and if they are charging people, then they have got to provide customers an excellent support team.

Imagine if Robolike stops working or behaves maliciously you would be stuck with a contact form waiting for their reply.

Gets your account banned/blocked

When you invest in a bot to bring engagement to your profile, you risk yourself getting blocked or banned by Instagram.

This’s because Instagram clearly prohibits the use of automation and continuously tracks bots on the platform.

Are you willing to risk your credibility and account for a bot that brings little to no growth?

Fraudulent service

Robolike is a fraud service because it doesn’t really work. Its website is active and displays all the critical information you need to know to get started. You can even sign up. After that, everything crumbles because the software doesn’t start.

Robolike stopped working when Instagram cracked it down because of the aggressive automation techniques it used to bring engagement to certain accounts.


There you go. This’s all you need to know about Robolike.

Although it offers many prominent features and is inexpensive, Robolike misleads people by marketing false information.

It also gets accounts blocked/banned by Instagram. Hence, steer clear of it.