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Top 13 Reasons To Have Team Building Activities

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:September 28, 2022
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Some offices may find it wasteful to devote a whole day or two to team building activities, but this shouldn’t be the case. There are many benefits to having team building activities for your team—including improving your event planning skills or maybe even taking a trip to an event space Singapore.

Here, we show you the top reasons why you should have team building activities, so that you know that it truly is not wasted time! 

What Is A Team Building Activity?

Generally, team building activities strengthen and establish bonds between team members. By doing this, the group will work more efficiently and as peacefully as possible. 

2 What is Team Bldg

When someone holds team building activities, the main goal is to motivate team members to work together through their strengths and weaknesses. Because of its nature, these are used mostly by offices around the globe. 

Examples of team building activities include a treasure hunt, a pass-the-message game, an egg drop challenge, or even a round of charades. These can be as formal or informal as possible, though they are often held with a facilitator. 

Why You Should Have Team Building Activities

Reason #1: Improves Internal Communication 

Through games that encourage collaboration and speaking up, team building activities can improve the internal communication practices of departments. 

As much as possible, you will want to start off the team building activity with groupings by the office team—since these are the people that will work most closely with each other. 

Reason #2: Builds Rapport Across Teams 

Other than improving internal office communication, team building activities can also build rapport across office departments (Tomasi et. al., 2022). 

It is important to acquaint office mates with one another, especially across departments. Thus, have activities where groups are randomized and everyone is expected to introduce themselves. (Getting to know you activities are also effective team building strategies!) 

3 Confidence

Reason #3: Boosts Individual Confidence 

If you want to get your officemates out of their shells, team building activities are a sure-fire way to go. When they are thrust into situations where they may have to share their insights, or in situations where they have to take the lead—they will definitely have a confidence boost. This is later supported by a study done in Cornell University back in 2020. 

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You can do this by randomizing group leader options or by simply choosing games where each member gets to shine—maybe through a skit or a sports fest! 

Reason #4: Encourages Creativity 

Most team building activities also inspire creativity—may it be in the realm of visual arts, performance arts, or public speaking. Because people are outside of their normal routines, their minds are challenged to approach problems in a different way. 

What you may think of as a “childish” activity—blindfolded drawing, for example—is actually still quite useful in office team building activities. Be open to creative approaches too. 

Reason #5: You’ll Find Leaders In No Time 

The beauty of randomized groups in a day with various office team building activities is that certain members of your team will definitely shine.

May it be a new leader or an immensely cooperative team player, you will find special officemates in no time. 

This is important especially when the office is looking for new team leaders. You will see how each person acts and responds to changes during an office team building activity. 

4 Healthy Competition 1

Reason #6: Brings Out Healthy Competition 

Other than team cooperation, team building activities also encourage a healthy dose of competition in your office. According to the Harvard business review, competition can breed creativity and excitement for team leaders. 

With these factors come new ideas and openness to new experiences. 

Reason #7: Boosts Team Performance 

Since bonds are being created internally and externally, team building activities generally help a team perform tasks more effectively. These activities encourage harmonious collaboration, bringing to light all the positives and negatives of the team. 

Once these are front and center, they are addressed; making your team more sure of their moves in the future. 

Reason #8: Creates A Fun Environment 

There’s no denying that team building activities aren’t all serious endeavors for your office. For most, this means a day at the office full of fun and relaxation. While everyone takes their job seriously, it’s always important to find a balance in the office. 

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Team building activities provide a day full of fun learning for your team—so it’s a win-win for business and personal affairs. 

5 Company Morale 2

Reason #9: Improves Company Morale 

When people come together not only as co-workers but as individuals, they are more inclined to be there for each other (Interact Software, 2018).

Given this, there will be a comeuppance of company morale. Your people will develop their personal relationships with each other, and can potentially put more thought and care into the work they produce because of this. 

Reason #10: Something To Keep Everyone Excited 

As mentioned above, team building activities can often take up an entire office day. This day of activities and learning is a good disruption to day-to-day office work. It is also a good way to keep people looking forward to a special day! 

Reason #11: Something To Keep Everyone Passionate 

Routines are healthy, but they can also lead to boredom. Team building activities, while often fun, are not always games.

6 Special Office Memories

This can be an avenue for people to voice out their concerns with the company, what can be improved, and how to keep the fire inside them burning. 

Reason #12: Improves Event Planning Skills 

For big companies especially, team building activities can be a lot of work. If you are looking to learn a skill or two in event planning—volunteer in organizing your office team building day! 

It will push you to find the right event space at the right time. Do you want to hold it in an event space singapore? There are many great venue booking platforms for this. 

Reason #13: Makes Special Memories For The Company 

At the end of the day, team building activities create unforgettable memories for your office. May it be a funny round of pass-the-message or a heart-warming open forum for teams—team building activities will definitely give you an entirely new perspective on your work. 

Blocking a day or two for team building activities is definitely worth it. It has these 13 reasons and more proving why it has many advantages to your company and its individuals. It’s great seeing how small activities can create a ripple effect towards building a better and brighter future for your company.