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Is Path Social Legit? Read The Full Review.

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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Path Social Review: Scam or Legit?

Path Social Review

Instagram growth was a farfetched reality for people hesitating to put the time and efforts.

But with the rise of online growth services, this reality is available to almost anyone trying to grow on Instagram.

The marketplace is full of hundreds of thousands of services that use automated techniques and complex algorithms to bring engagement.

Today, we’ll discuss one such tool/service: Path Social.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about Path Social and find out whether to invest in it.

Let’s get started…

What is Path Social?

Path Social

Path Social is a social media growth tool which mainly works for Instagram. It claims to grow your presence organically and deliver value to your profile.

How Does Path Social Work?

Path Social Work

Honestly, they don’t tell you about the techniques they use to grow your Instagram organically.

If you visit their official website, then you’ll be surprised to find no “features” section or page.

This’s shady on their part because alternative services pour restless efforts to highlight their features.

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Key Features

Path Social Features

Now, let’s discuss all the key features Path Social offers to its customers.

Now, Path Social doesn’t market features on its website, but customers have mentioned the features on various review sites.

Audience Targeting

Path Social Followers

Targeting the right audience is one of the most critical part of any growth strategy.

In fact, it’s the first step you need to execute. Billions of users are on Instagram. Each user has a unique taste of content which makes targeting more important than ever.

Say you’re a digital marketing agency.

Your target audience is newbie businesses and online store owners.

But if you won’t post content targeting these people, then you would waste your time and money.

This’s because someone who’s not interested in your area of work would never engage with your content.

Also, by targeting your audience you can make sure that you’re building a relevant customer base.

Path Social offers several features like hashtags, locations, age, and gender filters to help you narrow down your audience.

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This must sound great, but it’s not because even if you set these filters, Path Social thoroughly ignores them.


Path Social followers

You need to interact if you need interaction. Makes sense?

People want as many people to interact with their content.

Hence, they’re always willing to engage and expect engagement in return.

But engaging with random accounts won’t do you any good because you need your fans to support your content consistently.

How Path Social interacts with accounts is a mystery because there’s not much on the internet on it.

Basic growth services use features like auto-likes, follow/unfollow, auto-comments, and story-views to execute interactions.

Let’s say Path Social uses all/some of these features. But it does so in a way that shows it’s a bot. This means Path Social interacts with bot accounts, which is a bummer because it can raise red flags with Instagram.


Path Social Pricing

Well, that was all about the features Path Social offers.

Now, let’s discuss the plans it offers.

There are two plans listed on their website:

Instagram Core

This’s like a starter plan for low-power users and costs $49 per month. If you choose the “Instagram Core” plan, you’ll get features like:

  • Fast Organic Follower Growth
  • Follower growth within 2 days
  • Expertly Trained Growth Team
  • Los Angeles Team & Support
  • High-Quality, Organic Followers
  • Hands off for you

Instagram Elite

The elite plan costs $69 per month and offers perks like:

  • 5x faster organic growth
  • Follower growth within 2 days
  • Los Angeles Team and Support
  • Expertly Trained Growth Team
  • High quality, organic followers
  • Hands off for you

What exactly the phrase “Hands off for you” means is tough to decode. If it means they are taking over the growth of your Instagram, it would be foolish to display because that’s not really a feature to market.

Also, the only difference between the “Core” and “Elite” plans is the inclusion of “5x faster growth” in the latter.

Again, Path Social markets “Los Angeles Team and Support” which is suspicious because alternative growth services don’t base their customer support around a particular place and offer 24/7 support.

Is Path Social Legit?

Whether Path Social is worth your time depends on the question: Is it legit?

The Truth: Path Social is a scam. It loots its customers with fake Instagram marketing claims and promises. Let’s discuss.

It’s a Bot

The first thing you need to avoid while investing in a growth service is the possibility that it’s a bot. Path Social markets itself as a social media agency, but it’s not the truth. It performs like a bot and engages with fake accounts on your behalf. This’s a bummer because Instagram hates bots.

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The Terms of Services of Instagram clearly state that it has a zero-tolerance policy for accounts that use bots to grow engagement. In fact, your account could get action blocked or banned.

Also, bot accounts never engage with your content. They just sit on your followers’ list, providing no value. Path Social also brings fake followers.

Now, fake followers are a “Big-No” if you’re serious about increasing your growth.

They not only spam your real followers and misuse your information, but also degrade your credibility by spamming your content.

Unfortunately, Path Social fails to keep its promises of “Organic growth”. The only growth you’ll get with them is “Fake”.

Trail and Refund Scam

Path Social offers two rewards to its new customers:

  • A trail of 7 days when you register on their website.
  • A refund policy which promises to refund your money completely if the service fails to grow your Instagram in those 7 days.

Who doesn’t love trails and refunds?

After all, these rewards make a strong case for the service and build trust among new customers.

This’s where Path Social scams you. Let me explain.

Although there’s a trail period but it’s not free, which means you’ll have to make the payment right away.

Say you register with them and pay the sum for the plan you choose. Naturally, you would expect the service to work within 2 days and if it doesn’t, you can ask for the refund. But it’s not the case.

Path Social cleverly stops your service. If you complain after 2 days they tell you to wait for a few more days and just like this stretch the chase well over the 7-days period.

This means even if you ask for the refund, they tell you the timeline of the “Refund-Policy” has already expired.

Quite a play, right?


Another one of Path Socials method to loot money from customers is: Unresponsive customer team.

Say, after 2 days you realise Path Social is a scam and immediately contact the customer team to cancel your subscription.

This won’t do you any good because people who did this never really got any response.

Once you pay the money, Path Social acts as if they don’t know you.

Review Conclusion

There you have it. All you need to know about Path Social. The service is a scam that markets fake numbers to lure innocent customers. “Organic growth” is a lie, and the primary purpose of Path Social is looting money. Hence, avoid it at any cost.