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10 Organizational Tools To Streamline Your Business Processes

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:March 11, 2023
7 mins 9 secs

Choosing the right business process management tool for your business is highly important, especially in today’s fast pace market.

Organizations are continuously looking for the right tools to use to increase their operational efficiency and use the right technology tools.

Business process management tools are used for helping organizations automate repetitive tasks and optimize business processes.

These tools are highly important because they reduce costs, help you make better decisions and improve the overall efficiency of your business. 

Let’s not wait any further because in this article, we will learn more about the tools you can use to streamline your business processes. 

10 Business Tools For Streamlining Your Business Process

1.) Smallpdf 

Templates are an excellent solution for streamlining your business process.

image 3

They let you explore hundreds of free and professional templates you can use for getting things done much faster.

There are plenty of different types of templates you can choose from the form templates library instead of having to create them from scratch. 

Some of the most popular templates you can use are: 

  • Invoice templates: Accounts receivable, auto repair receipt, basic bill invoice. 
  • Contracts & Agreements: Apartment lease agreement, affidavit, apartment rental, blank lease and more. 
  • Business templates: Bank reference letter, board member resignation letter, business plan, and more. 

It’s quite difficult to create a template from scratch, so it’s always an excellent idea to go with templates.

Templates are a professional form of documents you can use for your business and help you in saving time and money.

There are plenty of free templates you can use from Smallpdf and even if some are paid, they are worth it. 

2.) Camuda

image 4

Camunda was founded 15 years ago with the purpose to help businesses automate their business solutions and quickly scale their needs.

It allows business users to collaborate with developers to automate the process using BPMN-powered flowcharts that are highly competitive in today’s online world. 

Several businesses use this technology for automating and designing the business process in evolving their business operations.

Nevertheless, Camuda has some of the best developer communities for helping your business in designing and automating business processes.

Its communities have more than 100,000 developers, all of which are highly experienced and ready to help you. 

Overall, Camuda is the best option to go with if you own a small business and offers two pricing plans. You can start using the tool for free, but have to contact them directly if you choose to with their paid business plan

3.) Slack 

If you work remotely or at a business that values teamwork, you’ve most likely used Slack.

image 5

Slack is excellent for professional business communication among team members. 

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Communication is an essential part of a business plan and is what helps enhance your team’s performance. 

Slack is offered as a free option and gives you a limited amount of retainable messages when you use the free plan, meaning that once you exceed 10,000 messages with someone, older messages get deleted.

The paid plan grants you a discount when you pay annually. In this case, you’ll be billed at $7.25 if you pay annually and $8.75 monthly. 

The business plan will bill you $12.50 per month.  Overall, with the paid plans, you get many advanced features and unlimited messages. 

4.) Filestage 

Filestage is an online proofing software and is considered to be a powerful BPM tool for streamlining your business process.

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Filestage offers a centralized platform and allows users to share their files with team members and allow real-time discussion feedback, approving the digital assets in a few minutes. 

The tool uses numerous automation features that reduce time consumption and improve collaboration among team members. When you streamline the business process, it’ll help increase the quality of your content. 

Therefore, if you are concerned about producing digital assets, this is the right tool for you. 

The most basic plan starts at 19 Euros per seat per month, but if you want to subscribe to their best plan, you’ll need to contact the sales team directly to get more information about the monthly price. 

5.) BonitaSoft 

BonitaSoft is an open-source software used for managing your business processes.

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It provides all of the essential components you need for collaborating and delivering automation projects and applications quickly. 

Large corporations like Vodafone, Cisco and others can use this technology for designing and automating the business process to improve digital transformation. 

If you want to use BonitaSoft, you need to have quite some experience with JavaScript, BPMN, and Java. 

BonitaSoft is an all-rounder, so you can use it both for small and large businesses. 

Bonitasoft has two pricing plans, but if you want to learn more about them, you have to contact them directly on their website

6.) Deputy 

image 8

Deputy is an awesome staff management software that is used for managing your team. It takes care of all the time schedules, employee scheduling and task delegations required.

Managers will find it challenging to take care of all the staff management tasks, so delegating their work to the software is an excellent idea. 

Therefore, this is the entire reason why you need a business tool like Deputy. Deputy allows you to create schedules and notifications that are sent to employees, automate timesheets and monitor all attendances and time schedules. 

Pricing plans with Deputy start at $4.90 per month with a free trial. However, it also offers you alternatives to choose from whether you need it only for time scheduling, time attendance, or whichever other purpose.

The premium plan is the one that includes them all and has a much lower annual price compared to all of the rest. 

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7.) Asana 

If you care about structuring your teamwork, Asana is the right choice for you.

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Moreover, Asana has a customizable list that allows you to stay up to date with all your tasks and easily prioritize all deadlines for each project.

Task management is relatively simple when all team members are on the same page and aren’t individually briefed. 

Smaller teams can use Asana for free, but if you run a larger business, you might need to subscribe to a paid plan that offers more. 

Asana’s paid plan costs up to $13.49 per user per month and offers 50% off for non-profit organizations. 

8.) KissFlow 

KissFlow is a BPM tool that provides you with all the necessary tools for managing business processes and eliminating manual tasks.

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Popular companies like Pepsi, Uber, and other worldwide companies use KissFlow to improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. 

KissFlow is a cloud-based software that includes document, project, and task management.

It effectively integrates with Gmail and calendar. Key features include: 

  • A customizable dashboard 
  • Form management 
  • Is SaaS and cloud-based software 
  • Includes a business rules engine 

KissFlow is the best option when you own either a small or large business. Pricing plans start at $15 per user per month, but if you choose to subscribe to the Enterprise plan, you’ll need to request a quote

9.) Bizagi 

Bizagi supports companies that focus on transforming their online business.

image 11

Bizagi is excellent at automating and optimizing business processes for reducing time consumption and saving money. 

The software allows you to optimize your workflow diagrams, the Studio program allows users to automate and design business processes without having to know too much about coding. 

If you want to learn more about pricing plans, it’s best to contact them directly on their website for more details. 

10.) Appian 

image 12

Appian was founded more than two decades ago and is a popular choice amongst many organizations.

It’s a trusted BPM tool and provides you with a complete set of features. Appian is mostly used by organizations for automating daily routines, integrating them with other enterprise tools and creating customizable workflows. 

Key features of Appian include: 

  • Chatbots 
  • AI assistant 
  • Mobile app development 
  • Workflow management 
  • Third-party integrators 
  • Drag-and-drop interface 

If you own a small business, Appian might not be a great option, but it’s excellent if you run a medium or large enterprise.

To find out more about pricing plans, contact them on their site and request an offer

What Is The Right Choice For You? 

Whichever BPM tool you choose to go with, it’ll all depend on what your business requirements are.

You need to initially identify what size your business is and how it relates to your business processes and everything else. 

Finally, it all comes down to you and what you need the software for. After you clarify this part, everything becomes easy.