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NinjaGram Review: Is it Legit?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
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Review of NinjaGram: Is it legit?

Engagement is Uber important to build presence on Instagram. The more engagement you’ll receive, the more you’ll grow.

So, how do you attract engagement?

There are several methods using which you can attract engagement to your profile. You can start with posting high-quality content, creating fan-based posts and engaging with other accounts.

But theses are easier said than done.

You’ll have to work tirelessly to produce consistent content and engage regularly. To simply this problem, people use Instagram growth services that deliver engagement for money.

There are also subscription-based services that commit to provide you regular engagement. Then there are bots that use automation. Today, we’ll discuss one such Instagram bot: NinjaGram.

In this article, you’ll learn why you should avoid using NinjaGram. Let’s get started…

What is Ninjagram?


NinjaGram is an Instagram bot that offers many automation features like auto-likes, comments, follows, etc to help you grow engagement on your profile.

How to Use It?

To get started with NinjaGram you’ll have to visit their official website and purchase one of their three plans or licences. Once you’ve done this, they’ll ask you to provide your email address to which they’ll send the software link and the activation key.

In case you don’t receive an email, check your spam folder. Now, you can download the application and use the key to activate your purchased licence.

What’s next?

After you’ve installed the software, it’ll ask you to login to your Instagram account. Then you can freely explore the settings section and use the program to your liking.

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Main Features

NinjaGram Features

Now that you know how to get started with NinjaGram, let’s discuss the key features that come with it.

Automated Likes

Likes play a crucial role in building and attracting engagement to your profile. The more likes your content has, the more people it’ll attract to check your profile.

Also, when you engage with other accounts by liking their posts, they appreciate it and return the favour by engaging with your posts.

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NinjaGram makes this process easy with its auto-like feature. You can use it to automatically like hundreds of posts based on specific hashtags on your brand, niche or content.

Automated Comments

Instagram Comments

If you’re serious about attracting engagement and growing your Instagram profile, you need to comment a lot. When you comment on posts of other profiles, they receive notifications showing you commented on their content.

It urges them to check out your profile, and they might even comment on your posts. This’s a win-win situation where you can attract massive engagement.

With NinjaGram’s auto-comment feature, you can set a sample comment to be delivered automatically on targeted posts.

Location Targeting

Whether you’re a brand that focuses on local customers or want to target an audience from a specific location, this feature is for you.

Location targeting helps you use all the automation features that NinjaGram offers on people who have tagged the location you have set on NinjaGram.

For instance, if you’ve set “California” on NinjaGram, the program will auto-like comment and follow people who have used or tagged “California” in their posts.


NinjaGram provides the auto-unfollow feature which you can use to automatically unfollow accounts that don’t engage with you or haven’t followed you back.

This’s a great way to eliminate profiles that just sit on your following list without providing value to your content.

Monitor Performance


With NinjaGram, you can measure your growth on Instagram. There’s a tab that lets you track your engagement. But it’s not accurate and confusing.


Blacklists help you create lists of accounts that you don’t want to engage with. NinjaGram is an automation service, so naturally it doesn’t differentiate between accounts while engaging with them.

But with blacklists, you can easily avoid interactions with selective accounts on Instagram.

Reasons Not to Use It

Let’s turn our attention to the most critical question: Is NinjaGram worth it?

The answer: No


NinjaGram offers lots of helpful features, but it’s not worth investing in.

Let’s discuss all the reasons to avoid NinjaGram.

Downloadable Application

NinjaGram isn’t a web-based application rather it’s a third-party software that you’ve to download from the internet. This’s an enormous risk for your device because internet software programs bring viruses and malware with them.

Also, NinjaGram doesn’t have a mobile application like its alternatives, so you’re stuck with your computer.

Not User-Friendly

When investing in growth services, we expect the service to be friendly to use. This’s crucial because cluttered interfaces create confusion and are difficult to operate.

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Imagine spending your hard-earned money on a software that you can’t use to its full potential. NinjaGram offers terrible usability to its customers.

Blocks Your Account

Growing engagement is critical, but not if it involves the risk of getting your account blocked. Suppose you work tirelessly to create world-class content for your followers and do all you can to grow your profile, but it gets blocked.

In such a case, you risk loosing your credibility as a trusted source of content. If your account gets blocked frequently, people might start unfollowing you.

Unfortunately, NinjaGram does exactly this.

By performing thousands of automation activities for your profile, NinjaGram blocks accounts frequently.

Your Account Could Get Banned


Instagram hates bots that apply automation to grow engagement. It’s against their Terms Of Service, and they continuously conduct searches to filter out accounts involved in unfair activities.

No matter how safe NinjaGram claims to be, it’s a bot and hence a risk for your account. Now, the question is: Are you willing to risk everything for a bot?

Limited Licence

With NinjaGram, you need to purchase licences to use their service. This’s where most people fall into the trap because the licence NinjaGram offers is limited to one device. This means if you want to use NinjaGram on multiple computer devices, you’ll have to purchase multiple licences.

There are many growth services on the market that offer easy integration across all your devices and the ability to use one licence or package on multiple devices.

But with NinjaGram, you’re stuck with only one device.

Not Safe to Use

NinjaGram isn’t safe to use.

You might have experienced that sometimes when you try to access a website you get redirected to a different one full of advertisements and sometimes viruses.

NinjaGram is prone to such redirects putting your data at risk. Also, you’ll have to provide your Instagram password to NinjaGram, which is a bit concerning given alternative growth services only need your username.

Few Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help to measure the worth of a product/ service. Good reviews suggest that you should totally go for a service while poor experiences result in negative reviews.

This is where NinjaGram fails because they don’t really have many reviews. Again, this’s concerning given you’re paying a premium amount for their services.

Review Conclusion

There you have it. This’s all you need to know about NinjaGram. Apart from the fact that it offers many helpful features, you need to understand that it’s a bot that’ll put your credibility and account at the risk. Hence, avoid investing in NinjaGram.