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MySocialFollowing Review: Can It Really Grow Your Instagram?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
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MySocialFollowing Review: Can It Really Grow Your Instagram?

Do Instagram growth tools or services actually work?

The simplest answer is yes, but then again, there is more to it the simple answer.

One big deal is that these growth services come with a lot of risks to your IG account.  Most of these sorts of companies that provide these services are scammy spammers. Besides, Instagram is not on board with this kind of engagement because it is against their terms of service.

A better way to go is to find some well-known, reliable and trustworthy IG service providers and stay with them.

That said, how does MySocialFollowing compare among similar services? It has been around for a long time, thought that does not mean that it is safe or guaranteed to be effective.  

If you want the details about MySocialFollowing, keep reading this review.

Let’s go!

What is MySocialFollowing?


MySocialFollowing is considered a social media growth service that claims it will assist you in growing your Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram profiles.

But, can they?

It is not so easy for us to answer this, so keep reading for more.

Honestly, we will be zeroing in specifically on the Instagram features they provide. We are thinking that is why you started reading this review and would like to know more about that.

First of all, you are given the opportunity to buy Instagram followers, comments, auto-likes, and views from them. Not only that, but they offer combo packages that incorporate bundled services like views, comments, and likes in your desired quantities.

Now, is it safe to buy engagement like it in bundled packages?

It really is not safe.

Firstly, it is totally against Instagram’s Terms of Service. The Instagram platform wants its users to build and grow their profiles organically, so they do not approve of those who buy engagement.

IG’s algorithm is constantly evolving and improving to catch more of these people buying engagement. What happens when they catch you? If this kind of activity is detected on your account, they are likely to suspend your account, or worse, ban your account completely.

Secondly, MySocialFollowing’s services do not deliver real followers or engagement. That means they are delivering fake followers through the use of bots. Botting technology is the easiest for Instagram to detect, so this is a big problem. This social media platform has no qualms about banning you for using bots.

While this service seems to have some high-quality performance, it is not without its issues. It would not be prudent to think for a second that implementing this kind of activity will not get you in trouble.

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How Does MySocialFollowing Work?

MySocialFollowing Work

What we do like about MySocialFollowing is its easy-to-navigate website and the service’s interface. Everything is about it makes it easy to figure out and find your ideal desired services.

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Here is how MySocialFollowing works:

  • Go to their homepage and then click on your desired social media platform where you need help.
  • Choose the service or services from the drop-down menu.
  • Pick the valuing bundle that suits you and go to checkout.
  • Input your Instagram username and email address.
  • Pay with your credit card or debit cards, or your PayPal account.
  • Finally, wait as your chosen engagement or followers are delivered.

Your completed deliver time relies on the size of your chosen services or bundled package.

MySocialFollowing Features

MySocialFollowing Features

Now we will take a look at the features of this growth service as we also provide a brief synopsis of services for other social media venues.  

Instagram Followers

You probably already realize that using this service means buying followers from them. They offer five different packages, though two appear not be available right now. However, currently, you can buy 250, 500, or 1,000 followers, respectively. These orders are supposed to be delivered within 12, 24, and 48 hours, respectively.

According to MySocialFollowing’s website, you are getting genuine engagement from real people. This service claims that your followers will be with you for life, or they will refill some of them if you lose any.

Is that really what they do?

We are not convinced. We have read reports from clients who received a mix of various quality followers. A lot of them dropped off within a few days. Then, when they contacted customer support, they did not get a refill and were given rude remarks.

Not all followers you buy from MySocialFollowing are fake, but at least a portion of them are.

Instagram Likes and Auto-Likes

What is the distinction among likes and auto-likes?

Likes are bought for use per post and may be spread across your posts if you so choose.

Auto-likes are automatically delivered in a specific quantity and are used for future uploads. For example, if you buy 5,000 likes for five post, one thousand likes will generate on your next five videos or images you post.

You should know that Instagram’s algorithm is programmed to detect this activity. It can detect large amounts of likes generating in a short time and they may suspend your account.

You must avoid raising this kind of suspicion on your account by ensuring that likes are sent out randomly over a day or so. Be aware that even though this method seems to still be working, it is still risky for your account.

Instagram Comments

Buying comments is a tricky business since they usually come out looking unnatural, irrelevant, and/or spammy. We cannot be positive about the quality of the comments delivered by MySocialFollowing. They could be fine, but they could also be spammy.

If you plan to try out this service, we advise that you start off with a very small package instead of going all in.

Instagram Views

This company also allows you to buy video views. The smallest of their views packages consists of 1,000 views and that biggest is 50,000 views. They claim to deliver these views within a few hours, but that depends on the quantity that you choose. Again, this activity is not advisable.

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Combo Packages

MySocialFollowing also allows you to buy combo packages for other social media besides Instagram such as YouTube and TikTok. These combo packages include a mix of services between the social media sites for engagement. As for Instagram, they deliver views, comments, and likes. You get to choose the number for each type of engagement.

MySocialFollowing’s Pricing

The pricing on this service is low. For instance, you can buy 500 likes for the low cost of $9.00. You might be surprised to know that this is a lot cheaper than what other similar companies are charging for the same thing.

While the prices, which are visible on the website, seem really good, their prices should make you feel apprehensive about the quality of engagement you are getting for that price. When you are seeking value, both quality and price should be considered. Too cheap, is a red flag. The truth is that their engagement is only partially real, therefore not all good quality.

Is Legit?

MySocialFollowing has all the earmarks of being an authentic and legit service provider. Their SiteJabber ratings and reviews are mostly positive. However, the few negative reviews were enough to scare us away from this company.

One reviewer explained that they requested a refund. What did they say happened next? This company told him they would suspend his IG account. That is what happened. That is big red flag as far as we are concerned.

Another reviewer made a complaint about losing a majority of their followers just a few days after their purchase. The response this person got from this company was rude, plus they did nothing to remedy this issue for them.

While it is difficult to be sure how credible all the reviews are, they are still worth reading and considering before buying engagement from this company or any similar company. It just is not wise.

MySocialFollowing has no ratings or reviews on Trustpilot, a trusted resource for people who want to find ways to outsource their engagement. Yes. It is a big deal.

Is MySocialFollowing Safe?

We cannot tell you that we believe this service is 100 percent safe, though it does seem like it might be okay to try. Their site is safe, and they offer secure payment methods.  

It is imperative that you know about the risks involved from using MySocialFollowing. The fact that this kind of activity in a blatant violation of Instagram’s policies should be enough to cause you to pause before spending your hard-earned money. That factor alone could cause your account to get banned from the IG platform.

Pros & Cons


      Review Conclusion

      Is MySocialFollowing a feasible option for your Instagram growth?

      We simply cannot honestly say ‘yes’ to that question. As previously mentioned, the website and service offerings themselves are pretty legit. But this business model is working against the policies of Instagram, which creates risk.

      We recommend seeking Instagram growth and engagement from other reliable and trustworthy sources because they are out there.

      The best practice is to engage with organic growth, which is provided by these other services. This way, you can avoid fake Instagram followers and bots.