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7 Marketing Strategies To Look Out For In 2023

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:March 21, 2023
7 mins 36 secs

Marketing is more than just promoting your business. Sure, you’re spreading the word about your great business and product, but so is everyone else.

Why would they trust you and not one of your competitors? 

The key to successful brand-building lies in consistency. For this to work, you need a marketing strategy.

This means knowing what to do, when, and how much to spend doing it (to stay within the positive ROI).

A good marketing campaign usually has a domino effect. Your activities generate more traffic, and more traffic increases your rank and trustworthiness, and this eventually translates into higher revenue.

Here are some marketing strategies that are worth implementing in 2023.

1.) Make Content That Answers Questions

The best content addresses the issue that people are generally curious about. Does this mean that it has to be a burning topic? Of course not.

You can always ask an intriguing question and capture one’s imagination. In other words, you can present questions your audience didn’t remember to ask.

Naturally, it’s more effective to address the questions they’re asking. Why? Well, because your keyword becomes easier to integrate, and it’s easier to make leads.

Also, they’re more likely to read if they are genuinely interested in the topic. 

Having people read your content increases their duration of visit, which is a significant ranking factor.

You should do your best to persuade them to read (like giving them an estimated reading time), but you shouldn’t insist on it. A skimmable article is always a positive thing. 

Your content must be consistently decent, not just on your blog. Guest posting can help grow your audience and boost relationships, but it has to be good.

It also increases the chance that your content will be published and sought after. There’s no better way to make people willing to work with you in the future than to do a good job the first time. 

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2.) Invest In Paid Ads

Paid ads are more effective than most traditional forms of advertisement. First of all, they’re better at targeting an audience.

Here, as a client, you get to select the exact demographic to target. Most platforms presenting these options (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) already have all the customer information. In other words, the accuracy of this approach is fascinating. 

Because of this, you can use paid ads to skip market research entirely. Even with your best effort, what are the odds you’ll do a market survey better than Google or Facebook?

In a way, you’re using money to skip a critical stage that would cost you a fortune in work hours. Moreover, the result would never be as impressive.

The reach of sponsored content is second to none. If your industry is competitive, this can be your shortcut to the top.

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Many agencies set aside 10-50% of their annual revenue as a marketing budget. This is probably the best place for you to spend this money.

This approach can also be your foot in the door. Nothing prevents you from building posts with organic reach, too.

This can merely be a tool to grab the attention of your audience the quickest and incentivize them to research the rest.

3.) Specialized SaaS Marketing Agencies

As markets get more segmented, hiring specialists becomes an obvious choice.

For instance, a marketer with experience in real estate or healthcare could drive numbers high in these respective industries.

Examining this impact of specialization on the example of a SaaS marketing agency is perhaps the best choice.

The majority of SaaS products have layers upon layers. For instance, a SaaS tool has many different features, some only available to the most advanced users.

The trick that SaaS marketers have to pull off is to find a way to present the product so that it doesn’t intimidate beginner users.

Second, SaaS products depend on renewed subscriptions. In other fields, marketers have the freedom to oversell the product.

The return process in most fields is quite tedious; the customer may decide not to return it, even if it doesn’t meet the expectations. This is not the case in the SaaS industry.

Canceling is a simple and likely outcome of poorly managed expectations. 

In other words, instead of just fixating on conversion, the main focus of SaaS marketers lies in long-term customer retention. You need all your customers to remain customers for as long as possible.

4.) Task Automation

While marketing is an innately creative job, there are a lot of repetitive tasks that take time and energy.

By automating these tasks, you’ll liberate your staff from the most arduous aspect of marketing and give them a chance to shine. 

There are many marketing automation tools, from platforms that automate lead generations to software specialized for managing sales.

The key is making a framework for your marketing automation instead of trying to copy someone else’s recipe. 

For instance, an outreach specialist can send hundreds of emails daily, while an automated platform can send 25,000 to 100,000 per day.

The discrepancy is incredible, even if you prefer a scenario where a human specialist handles this.

Even if you don’t want to entrust all of this to AI, it’s undeniable that AI-assisted work processes give incredible results.

Most importantly, with more and more companies automating, you risk getting out-competed.

Automation allows you to do more, even with a smaller workforce. This means you can compete with enterprises that hire much larger staff. 

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5.) Use More Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million. It’s so much better to show what your product does than to try to describe it.

No matter how good you are with your words, showcasing your product will make it appear more credible. 

Second, videos are great for a wide variety of platforms and purposes. Instagram stories and YouTube videos are not the same.

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Moreover, just mentioning a video in the subject line of your email can increase the open rate.

The key thing to understand is that a video for social media, a video for email, and a video for YouTube are different.

They have different formats, which makes other titles, lengths, and thumbnails effective.

While sharing the same video on multiple platforms is good, there’s a better way to approach this scenario.

For instance, a YouTube video can be 20 minutes long, but if you decided to upload this long video on Instagram or Facebook, you would probably ruin your chances of engagement.

Lastly, the majority of people watch videos without sound. This is a shame, but it’s the reality of the market.

So, although you want decent audio, you need a video that can work without it.

6.) Focus On The Local SEO

As a local business, you want people to find you easily. About 72% of consumers look for a company online, even if it’s five miles from home.

The time when people knew all local business owners and stores is long gone. Now, even the local economy depends on SEO.

Also, most people check you out online even if they ultimately decide to buy a product in person.

Nothing is surprising about the idea that they’ll check you out while in the competitor’s store.

Imagine a scenario where they see an item they like and take out their phone to check if there’s a cheaper product somewhere. If they find you this way, you’ve gained a customer.

Moreover, the competitiveness in the local industry is considerably lower, which means you can use the location as a part of your long-tail keyword. This will give you a competitive keyword. 

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7.) Grow Your Social Media Accounts

To organically increase your social media reach, you need to learn how to follow current trends.

We’re not just talking about challenges and popular memes but also new formats. Those who started using YouTube shorts and Instagram reels benefitted significantly. 

Hiring a professional social media manager is also a great idea. Your social media profile needs to be as active as possible, and a social media manager can efficiently engage with your audience in real time.

Engaging with your audience in chat and comment sections is integral to your social media presence.

However, sometimes, it can be hard to respond adequately to negative feedback. An outsider (like a social media manager) will be much better at this task.

Sometimes, however, you need a shortcut. For instance, growing your Instagram with a professional growth service might not be the first thing that pops to mind, but it’s undeniably effective.

Don’t let your biases and preconceptions fool you; even some of the platform’s greatest influencers started this way. 

Sound Digital Marketing Strategy Is A Basis Of A Successful Business In 2023

To make the long story short, to make it in the marketing landscape of 2023, you need to make better content and use more formats.

You also need to grow your social media presence and collaborate with specialists. So, make a framework that incorporates all these principles, and you have nothing to worry about.