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Kyle Richards Net Worth

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Published:July 25, 2023
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You may know Kyle Richards as one of the stars of the hit reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” But did you know that Kyle Richards net worth is estimated to be $100 million?

Kyle Richards has had a successful career both as an actress and a reality TV personality. She has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including “Little House on the Prairie” and “Halloween.”

But it was her role on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” that really put her in the spotlight.

Thanks to her success on the show, as well as her various business ventures, Kyle Richards has amassed an impressive net worth.

In addition to her acting career, she is also a successful entrepreneur, with her own fashion line and several successful real estate investments. If you’re curious about how Kyle Richards built her fortune and what she does with all that money, keep reading to find out.

Early Life And Career

Kyle Richards was born on January 11, 1969, in Hollywood, Los Angeles. She started her career as a child actor, making her debut at the age of 5.

One year later, she landed a recurring role on the classic television series Little House on the Prairie, where she played the character of Alicia Sanderson Edwards. She featured in 19 episodes of the show over the course of seven years.

Richards graduated from Central Union High School in El Centro, California, in 1987. After completing her education, she continued to pursue her acting career.

She appeared in several films and TV shows, including E.R., CSI, and The Simple Life.

Aside from acting, Richards has also ventured into business. She owns a boutique in Beverly Hills called Kyle by Alene Too, which sells clothing, accessories, and jewelry.

She has also authored a book titled “Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real with the Housewife Who Does It All.”

Through her hard work and dedication, Richards has achieved a net worth of $50 million, according to estimates.

Her success in both the entertainment industry and business world has made her a role model for many.

Success On Reality Television

If there’s one thing that Kyle Richards is known for, it’s her success on reality television.

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Let’s take a closer look at how she has made her mark on the small screen.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards is perhaps best known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH). She has been a cast member since the show’s first season in 2010 and has become a fan favorite.

RHOBH has been a huge success for Bravo, and it has helped to make Kyle Richards a household name.

On the show, Kyle has been involved in her fair share of drama. She has had conflicts with other cast members, including Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Hadid, Camille Grammer, and her own sister Kim Richards.

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Despite the drama, Kyle has always remained a fan favorite, thanks to her relatable personality and her ability to stay grounded.

Other Reality Shows

Kyle Richards has also appeared on other reality shows throughout her career. In the late 90s, she appeared on Love Boat: The Next Wave, Chips, and Days of Our Lives. She also had a recurring role on the hit show 7th Heaven.

In 2017, Kyle appeared on The New Celebrity Apprentice, where she competed against other celebrities for a chance to win money for her charity.

She has also made guest appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and RHONY, where she has interacted with other reality stars such as Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, Adrienne Maloof, and Carlton Gebbia.

Overall, Kyle Richards’ success on reality television has helped her to build a net worth of $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Her relatable personality and ability to stay grounded have made her a fan favorite, and her appearances on RHOBH and other reality shows have helped to cement her status as a reality television star.

Real Estate Ventures

You have probably heard that Kyle Richards is worth a whopping $100 million. A significant portion of her wealth comes from her real estate ventures.

Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, is a luxury real estate broker and founder/CEO of The Agency, a real estate brokerage firm in California. The Agency has sold properties worth billions of dollars, and Mauricio is a well-known figure in the real estate industry.

One of Kyle and Mauricio’s most significant real estate ventures was their Bel-Air Mansion. The couple purchased the 10,600-square-foot property in 2017 for $8.25 million and spent millions more on renovations.

The home boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a movie theater, and a gym. The couple put the property up for sale for $18.9 million in 2020, but it remains on the market.

Mauricio’s real estate expertise was also evident in the reality show “Buying Beverly Hills,” where he helped clients find their dream homes in the luxurious Beverly Hills area.

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The show was a hit and showcased Mauricio’s knowledge of the real estate market.

Kyle has also invested in property herself. She owns a stunning home in Encino, California, which she purchased for $8.25 million in 2017.

The property spans over 10,600 square feet and boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a stunning outdoor area with a pool and a tennis court.

In summary, Kyle Richards and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, have made a significant portion of their wealth through their real estate ventures.

Their expertise in the luxury real estate market has helped them acquire and sell properties worth millions of dollars.

Kyle Richards Net Worth And Salary

If you’re curious about Kyle Richards’ net worth, you’re not alone. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kyle Richards has a net worth of $100 million.

This impressive net worth is largely due to her successful career as a television personality and businesswoman.

As one of the original cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle has been a fixture on the show since it premiered in 2010.

Her salary for the show is reported to be $270,000 per season, making her one of the highest-paid cast members in the franchise.

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In addition to her reality TV career, Kyle has also been successful in business. She and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, own The Agency, a luxury real estate brokerage firm.

The Agency has offices in Los Angeles, New York, and other cities around the world, and has been responsible for some of the most high-profile real estate deals in recent years.

Kyle’s net worth has also been boosted by her divorce settlement with her first husband, Guraish Aldjufrie. The divorce was finalized in 1992, and Kyle received a significant settlement that helped set her on the path to financial success.

Overall, Kyle Richards’ net worth is an impressive $100 million, thanks to her successful career in television and business.

Other Ventures And Projects

Fashion And Clothing Line

As a fashion enthusiast, Kyle Richards launched her own clothing line, Kyle x Shahida, in 2018. The line features a mix of bohemian and chic styles, with a focus on comfortable loungewear.

The brand has gained popularity among celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Nicky Hilton.

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Acting Career

Kyle Richards began her acting career as a child actress in the 1970s. She starred in several TV shows and films, including “The Watcher in the Woods” and “Halloween.”

She continued to act throughout her adulthood, with appearances in “ER” and “Down to Earth.”


In 2011, Kyle Richards released her memoir, “Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real with the Housewife Who Does It All.”

The book chronicles her experiences growing up in Encino, California, and her journey to becoming a successful businesswoman and reality TV star. The memoir was well-received and became a New York Times bestseller.

Overall, Kyle Richards has established herself as a successful entrepreneur and entertainer. Her ventures in fashion, acting, and writing have contributed to her impressive net worth.

Personal Life

You might be interested to know a little bit about Kyle Richards’ personal life. She has been married twice, and her current husband is Mauricio Umansky, a successful real estate executive. Together, they have three daughters: Alexia, Sophia, and Portia.

Kyle’s first marriage was to Guraish Aldjufrie, with whom she had her daughter Farrah. Kyle and Guraish divorced in 1992, but they remain on good terms.

In fact, Guraish is still a part of Kyle’s life, as he is the father of her oldest daughter and the ex-husband of Kyle’s sister, Kathy Hilton.

Kyle is known for her love of dogs and has several furry friends. She has even opened her own dog spa, which offers grooming services, daycare, and boarding.

The spa is called “The Pooch Palace,” and it is located in Orange County.

Kyle is also a fan of New York City, and she has been known to visit the city often. In fact, she has even made appearances on the Real Housewives of New York City, including a memorable dinner party with Jill Zarin.

In addition to her reality television career, Kyle has also dabbled in acting. She appeared in the movie “Halloween” in 1978, and she had a recurring role on the television show “Little House on the Prairie” in the early 1980s.

Kyle’s daughter, Bella Hadid, has also made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as a successful model.