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Does Kicksta Work? Full Review

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
7 mins
Kicksta Review: Is it Worth It?

Kicksta Review

Whether you’re a content creator or a brand trying to increase its growth on Instagram, online growth services are a simple way to do it.

They increase your followers’ list and bring engagement to your profile through their advanced automation techniques and complicated algorithms.

Today, we’ll discuss one such service: Kickstagram aka Kicksta.

In this article, you’ll learn the abc’s of Kicksta and know whether you should invest in it.

Let’s get started.

What is Kicksta?


Kicksta is an online growth service for Instagram. It was originally called Kickstagram, but when Instagram changed its copyright law that no third pay service can use the independent terms “Insta” and “Gram” in their name, they changed it to Kicksta.

How does it work?

Kicksta uses Artificial Intelligence to execute several automation techniques like finding profiles similar to your account, liking them and engaging with them to grow your followers.

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How to get started?

Now, let’s discuss how you can get started with Kicksta.

You need to visit their official website and sign up by entering your email address and setting a password. Then, choose between two plans depending on your budget and requirement.

After you’ve purchased a plan, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account which will take you the Kicksta dashboard.

Remember, it’ll take at least 24 hours to bring your engagement.

Key Features

Kicksta Work

So, what does Kicksta offers to its customers?

Let’s discuss all the features.

Target users

Finding the right accounts to target is the most critical part of Instagram growth.

The right audience can do wonder for your account by consistently engaging with your content and increasing your exposure by sharing their favourite posts.

If you’re a business, targeting the right people can help you build leads and even convert them.

But this’s where most people fail because in the excitement of growing their followers’ base they end up following random accounts and later realise the mistake they have done.

Say you’re a website designer.

Would it make sense if your target profiles interested in literature, pottery, or cars?

Obviously not because these profiles will never look at your posts, let alone engage with them.

This’s where Kicksta helps you with its targeting feature.

After you’ve linked your Instagram account, it’ll ask you to specify some target accounts.

Kicksta will then engage with the followers of those accounts and hence target the relevant audience.

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You can even specify locations and hashtags to narrow your targets.

Gain followers

Fake followers are dangerous for your Instagram account. They never engage with your content and spam your real followers. Let me explain.

Say you’ve 2000 fake followers. Now this might seem to be a high number for your account, but what good are these followers if they won’t interact with your posts?

This will decrease your credibility as a content creator and pose a threat to your real followers because fake followers are mostly spammers who send spam DM’s, comments and requests.

Hence, if you’re serious about growing, stay clear of them.

Kicksta shines in this segment by claiming that it brings only organic followers to your account.

This means your engagement will increase, and you’ll end up with a loyal fan base, eventually.

Liking posts

Like other social media platforms, Instagram accounts thrive on reciprocity.

It’s when you engage with other users’ posts to bring engagement to your posts.

Say you’re liked 30 posts of your target audience. Now, Instagram will send notifications to all of them. Chances are they’ll tap on your profile to see who you are and find you share the same niche. They might scroll through your posts, like them, and even follow you.

Kicksta does exactly this on your behalf. It likes the posts of the followers of the targets accounts you specified to attract them to your account.

Growth Reports

With Kicksta you get growth reports that show you how much you have grown with several engagement insights like, engagement rate, total number of followers increased and which hashtags are performing the best.

These reports help you keep track of your performance and take measured decisions based on the data they offer. For instance, using the hashtags data you can select hashtags similar to the ones that are working.

You can even get advice on what actions you should take to increase your growth.

Is it worth it?

Now, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

The factual truth about Kicksta unfolds when we look carefully at the effectiveness of the features they offer and how their service compares to alternatives in the market.

The Truth is Kicksta isn’t worth it.

Let’s discuss the major problems with Kicksta.

Terrible customer service

Suppose your followers aren’t increasing even after months of investing in Kicksta.

What’s the next thing to do?

Obviously, contact the customer support.

Now, imagine the Custer team ignores all your issues and replies,

“We are working on it” with no solid solutions or reasons to explain the inefficiency of their service.

In such a situation, there’s nothing you can do but wait till you see the results.

This’s exactly what Kicksta does with its customer.

They probably have an automated emailing service that sends generic replies like “You’ll soon notice the results” every time you contact them.

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You can contact them through a live chat that takes forever to answer and replies generic answers like chatbots. There’s a contact form listed on their website which is a bummer because what if you require immediate help but all you can do is fill a form and wait till they reply.

This’s an immense problem because Kicksta has a habit of creating problems which we’ll discuss next.

Little growth

Unfortunately, Kicksta doesn’t stick to its promises.

After you’ve used their targeting services for a while, you’ll notice only a little growth in your followers’ count.

People have complained even after using Kicksta continuously for over a month only a few people followed them which were mostly bots.

Buggy service

Kicksta has a buggy dashboard and targeting tool, at least this’s what people wrote in their reviews.

This’s a bummer because most of your work depends on targeting.

Even after specifying the target accounts, Kicksta continues to show the message “Collecting data”.

It’s natural that growth services take time to process the data, but Kicksta set a new bar where people saw it took over three weeks to collect data on the specified accounts.

The dashboard displays inaccurate information.

The “follower count” growth report shows way more increase in followers than the actual increase.

For instance, if your list grew from 100 to 120, it’ll show you added 100 more followers. This’s a massive set off because growth reports are one of the most useful features of Kicksta.

Crazy expensive

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta is crazy expensive for a growth service. They have two plans: Standard and Premium.

The standard plan costs $49 per month and offers basic features like moderate growth, video onboarding and only 10 targets which are way expensive than similar growth tools offering better features.

The Premium plan costs $99 per month and offers advanced targeting, blacklist, live chat support, 40 targets, and VIP email support.

This means with the standard plan you won’t get the VIP treatment.

Now, the deal is alternative tools are not only cheap but offer better features like

Human customer support and easy refund policy than Kicksta.

So, are you willing to spend the big bucks for a service that has a terrible customer team and provides little to no value?

No refund policy

You just have to take the risk with Kicksta. They don’t have a refund policy, which means you’ll have to spend the bucks and try their service as there’s no free trial. If you’re happy, you won’t be able to ask for a refund.

Review Conclusion

This’s all about Kicksta and its features.

It’s a classic Instagram growth service with basic features that are buggy and display false information to the user.

Kicksta is also super expensive compared to its alternatives and offers no refund policies or free trials.

Bottom-line: It’s not worth it.