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Jarvee Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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Complete Truth About Jarvee: Is It Worth Your Time?

Whether you’re a content creator or social media marker trying to grow your Instagram presence, using a growth service can definitely help you.

Online services work on complicated algorithms and use automation techniques to perform activities on your behalf.

They not only makes your work easy, but skyrocket your engagement.

Today, we’ll discuss one such service/bot: Jarvee.

In this article you’ll learn all about it and find out whether it is worth your time.

Let’s get stared…

What is Jarvee?


Jarvee is a bot that uses automation to grow social media profiles.

It likes posts of other accounts, follows & unfollows them and manages platform activities on your behalf.

How does Jarvee work?

Jarvee works on several automation techniques to interact with the relevant audience and helps you attract meaningful engagement through its features.

You have the option to auto-like posts, follow accounts, use hashtag targeting to find your audience and even schedule posts in advance.

All these features combine to make a solid engagement plan to grow your presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr but mainly Instagram.

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How to get started?

So, how do you get started with Jarvee? Let’s discuss.

First thing to remember is that Jarvee is a software which you’ve to download from their official website through a direct link or Google Drive.

The second thing is Jarvee is a Windows-based software, which means it doesn’t work on macOS and Linux operating systems. But there’s a way to run the program on your Mac. You’ll have to run it on a virtual machine or Windows VPS server which enables dual mode.

The last thing is, you can’t use the program with your browser or phone. Jarvee works only when you open the program every time you need it to perform automation.

Key Features


Now, let’s discuss the key features that Jarvee offers to its customers.

Auto-follow and unfollow

Jarvee nails the “following game” with its automation. Followers are critical for the growth of your Instagram presence. The more followers you have, the more engagement you receive, and hence the more you get discovered.

Jarvee helps you by following accounts that are most relevant to your niche and tries to maintain a good follower-following ratio.

If someone follows you, Jarvee analyses whether the account is interested in your content and the value it’ll provide to your profile.

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Based on the analysation it follows the account.

And if you’ve accounts that don’t engage with your content, Jarvee also unfollows them to make sure you’ve a loyal fan base.

Scheduling posts

Scheduling is one of the most crucial part of every Instagram growth strategy.

By scheduling posts ahead of time, you save loads of time which you can invest in creating high-quality content.

Also, it helps you avoid last-minute hassels.

Jarvee helps you schedule your photos, videos, and stories and ensures it posts them when your audience is most active on the platform.

Deleting posts

Every content you post on Instagram will not perform successfully or meet your exceptions.

What happens when you don’t get as many likes and comments as you wanted on your post? Overtime these posts pile up in your profile and degrade the overall value of your content.

This is where Jarvee comes in. It finds out your worst performing posts and deletes them to make sure your profile has only high-quality content. With this feature, you can ensure that every time a potential follower visits your profile, that person will see your top-performing posts.

Blocking content

This feature works in two ways:

  • Jarvee blocks people from following you who don’t meet the criteria set by you. This means you’ll only get followers who you know would add value to your growth.
  • You can specify keywords you think are degrading your content appeal and Jarvee will delete them for you.

Hashtag Researching

Hashtag Search

If you want to grow your Instagram, then you’ve got to use hashtags in your strategy. Hashtags help in categorizing content and make sure your posts reach to the relevant audience.

Say you’ve included “#Logo” in your recent post. So, when someone will search for the keyword “logo”, Instagram will show your post in the results section.

The only problem is, finding revenant hashtags is one hell of a task.

Jarvee makes this easy for you by suggesting you the best hashtags people are using. This’s great because you don’t have to spend any time into researching.


When you’re building growth on Instagram, it’s crucial to take care of your followers.

This helps in making them feel valued and eventually covert them into loyal supporters.

Jarvee offers a rare feature with which you can set auto-replies and welcome messages for your new followers. Next time someone follows you, you’ll welcome them with a thoughtfully crafted message.


Likes are the fundamental aspect of engagement and liking posts is the most common activity people perform on Instagram.

Usually people while scrolling down the feed randomly like certain posts that grab their attention.

Now, imagine someone likes your post. Naturally, you would check out their profile. This’s how Jarvee brings you engagement. It auto-likes high-quality content on your behalf with the goal of bringing back engagement to your profile.

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Is it worth your time?


Now, let’s address the most important question: Is it worth your time?

Most people would think “Why not?”

The truth: Jarvee isn’t with your time. Let’s discuss.

Crazy expensive

Jarvee Pricing

Despite offering prominent features, Jarvee is super expensive compared to its alternatives.

It has three packages:

  • The “Starter Package” costs $29.95 per month and offers all the features discussed above. You can use it on 10 Instagram accounts.
  • There’s a “Regular Package” that costs $49.95 per month and offers the same features with a limit of 30 accounts.
  • Finally, the “Professional Package” costs $69.95 per month, again covers the same features but with an upgraded limit of 70 accounts.

The thing to notice here is you get the same features in each of these packages. The only upgrade is in the number of accounts they provide. This’s a bummer when you want to use Jarvee for a single account. And even the Starter package is way expensive than the premium packages of some services.

Lack of auto-comments

Since you’re investing crazy money on Jarvee, it’s only natural to expect an auto-comment feature included in the package.

Comments are massive engagement magnets that can boost your growth tenfold.

But Jarvee doesn’t have this feature.

This’s a problem worth considering because there are several alternatives that charge less and still offer an auto-commenting feature.

Limited compatibility

Again, money is the problem because despite charging a premium, Jarvee isn’t compatible with macOS or Linux.

You would have to exercise a lengthy process to use it on these operating systems.

What if your primary workstation is a Mac?

Would you change your device just to use Jarvee?

Obviously, not because that would be foolish given Jarvee lacks several features while charging a premium.

Also, Jarvee is supposed to save your time, not waste it by indulging you in a process.

Complicated dashboard

Jarvee isn’t for you if you aren’t a tech-savvy.

This’s because the dashboard that Jarvee offers is utterly complicated to use for an average person, especially for beginners.

There are tons of controls to figure out and settings to understand that you would be confused. In fact, people say the Jarvee is the most complicated service in the market.

Poor customer support

Customer Support

Now that you know Jarvee isn’t bigger friendly, it’s crucial that customer support they provide is easy to access and solves issues faced by customers. This isn’t the case with Jarvee. They don’t offer a Live chat feature and the only way to contact them is through email, which is slow and unresponsive.


This’s all you need to know about Jarvee and its features. The service offers several magnificent features but still works like a bot which means you’ll always be at the risk of getting banned by Instagram.

Jarvee is unreasonably expensive, complicated, limited in compatibility and offers poor customer support.

Hence, stay clear of it.