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Instoo Review: Automatic Growth or Safety Hazard?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
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Instoo Review: Automatic Growth or Safety Hazard?

“Cutting Edge” and “Supercharged Growth” are some of the words Instoo uses to describe themselves and their product. If taken for granted, such descriptions should point to an ultra-quality software that grows your Instagram quickly and efficiently. Is that really the case? Read on to find out.

If it is relevant, you’ll find it on social media. Everyone has a profile on at least one social media nowadays; some of us don’t read the papers, some of us don’t watch the news, but in 2021 we all scroll our social media homepages and post content on our favorite social media platforms. 

But there is a downside to this. Social media is oversaturated with content creators which has led to new faces having it exponentially more difficult to find and grow their audiences. You can create a profile in mere seconds, but getting a decent number of followers will take ages. 

If you don’t get some help, that is.

Over the Internet you can find services that claim to have the ability to grow you on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter… Name the social media and you’ll have a service that supposedly helps you expand your presence on it.

Are they all effective? Far from it.

The trend has been hijacked by teams and companies whose only goal is to scam content creators in need. Whether by providing false service or not providing any service at all, a big number of them preys upon uninformed social media users.

The million dollar question of this review, though: is Instoo one of those scammers or a real thing? Is it an automatic growth software that can help, or a safety hazard that will harm?

What is Instoo?

Instoo Automation Tools

Instoo is a type of “Instagram automation”“. To be precise, a piece of software that commits to do those actions that you would otherwise have to do yourself, such as liking, commenting, sending messages, following/unfollowing, etc.

In theory, by doing all those things that you do, just on a massive scale, you would multiply your engagement rate and get more than several times your usual growth in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

Yes, Instoo is a bot. A bot with a… peculiar domain, as its services grow Instagram, TikTok and… Tinder? Anyway.

They’ve certainly done their homework when it comes to presentation and storybuilding. For example, their pitch for Instagram says that their service successfully goes past Instagram’s safety radars.

As another example, their TikTok services are supposedly “unblockable”. As for Tinder, they apparently save you time by landing you a match without you having to invest your time.

Instoo radiates confidence. They claim their services are covered 24/7 by “live chat support systems”. They offer “lifetime money-back guarantees”. And their automation is “realistic”.

It immediately raises a question: why would they go that far to convince you that their service is real, safe, and supportive? Isn’t automated growth a mouth-watering offer on itself?

The reason behind their need to assure you in the efficiency of their service lies in the nature of their software. Let’s go back a bit to the “automation software” part. 

Instoo is a bot. And bots have an abysmally low reputation among content creators and content consumers alike.

Relying on Bots: Good or Bad?

What’s the deal with bots? What can go bad if you automate e.g. Instagram chores? What’s the difference in me clicking a button or a bot doing the very same thing? What could ever go wrong?

This review would be dishonest if it said that bots can’t help you grow. I myself have witnessed growth from bots. En-masse following can get more than a couple of followers back, even though they probably wouldn’t be of the same quality as organically-sourced users engaging on your content themselves.

It is quick and it has a guaranteed result. Sending template messages on an enormous scale also yields results, just as the Instoo site says. Their service goes a few steps forward, and employs decoy tactics like spyntax, slower algorithm engagement speeds, and filters that should skip risk-sensitive actions.

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There’s only one small detail that spoils the fun. Bots are illegal.

If you employ bots, be sure that your profile will be tracked down, flagged, and eventually removed from respective social platforms. Having bots instead of people defeats the purpose of social media and virtually every social media platform has effective measures to counter the activities of automation software.

What’s the use of growth that comes from bots if you will end up removed from the platform altogether?

And even if you don’t get outright removed, your “real” following will naturally dissipate over time as spam tactics employed by bots sure do their best to alienate all those who have come to your content looking for real brand and authentic engagement.

Be honest, how do you feel when a spam message reaches your inbox? Is your reflex reaction to be overjoyed and check the source? Of course not. I personally would probably ignore the message and block the user. What would be yours?

With an Instagram growth service, you strive to build your reputation, not to ruin it. If you plan to actually use the profile you grow, you better get a service that improves your standing, not something that represents a ticking time bomb.

Because bots are exactly that. It’s the equivalent to a nuclear bomb that leaks radiation that slowly kills your following and has a great chance to explode any minute.

Sadly, this renders all the eventual positive services that Instoo provides effectively non-existent. Their efforts to “beautify” their nature and tactics that serve to distract the attention away from their bot-ish nature do little to change the fact that using their service is dangerous. 

Is this the fatal blow to Instoo as a service? Perhaps, but just in case, let’s cover the features of their software. This review should give them a fighting chance.

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Instoo Features

Instoo Automation

Chrome Extension

It should be noted that Instoo software comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension. Ostensibly, this is to provide better access to the software itself and make their service more ubiquitous. 

However, this represents a security issue.

Chrome extensions are notorious for requesting access to various aspects of your device. What’s potentially dangerous is having a Chrome extension opening a backdoor in your system which various malware can use as an entry point.

On top of relying on bot services, Instoo relies on Chrome extension format that is prone to security red alarms. If you wish to be absolutely safe when it comes to your sensitive information, it might be advisable to skip Instoo altogether, I’m sorry to say. 

Auto Follows/Unfollows, Likes, Comments, DMs…

The “advanced” automation services actually make for the basic abilities of an average bot that anyone can find on the Wide Web. It has the classic auto- features that do the usual social media things so you don’t have to.

Automatically liking, following, and sending messages is effective, to an extent, at growing your presence, if we disregard the sudden drop in quality of your following and the safety hazards that I’ve mentioned before.

Instoo’s site, however, has somewhere among its offers “an algorithm that slows down automation engagement to simulate organic growth patterns”. This effectively negates the main advantage that bots have over organic growth: speed and quantity.

I have asked myself: if my bot service is slowed down to the pace of organic growth, why wouldn’t I get a service that relies on organic growth then? It would bring many benefits over bots while doing away with all the safety risks and reputation deficiency.

Organically grown presence by the hands of a dedicated account management team doesn’t harm your reputation and doesn’t go against the social media terms of agreement. 



Social media growth services, in this case Instagram and TikTok (and Tinder, I guess?) that rely on organic, manual growth tend to excel in targeting. By optimizing your content and fixing the weak spots of your social media accounts, your targeting gets an overhaul that brings it to the next level.

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By discriminating against different criteria like gender, age, location, niche, interests, similar profiles, online activity, and mutual followers, account managers have the ability to form crystal clear pictures of what your ideal target audience should be.

Instoo bot has none of that. It has hashtags and account names as the only options. This emphasizes that specific targeting isn’t really what bot tactics rely on: the more, the better is the parole of Instoo, and, while effective at first, it can dilute your following and decrease your content’s performance.

Multiple Profiles Simultaneously

Whether you actually need to grow 10 profiles simultaneously isn’t an issue in this review, but perhaps should be. Instead, I’ll focus on the fact that the offer comes with this included.

While the site gives you the option to link up to 9 more accounts (cross-platform, mind you!), it remains silent on the question whether all 10 accounts can be automated simultaneously.

How do various plans work in unison across different platforms? How do “uniquely made” algorithms work across different profiles with the same mechanics and still be “unique”?

Lots of questions and few answers. Suspicious indeed.

Free 14-Day Trial 

Now here’s something positive, finally. These 14 days can be cleverly used to check whether the service actually works, right?

Well, in part.

These several days usually aren’t enough to get your account targeted by the social media security measures. It is likely that you’ll experience some growth in this period, and this is enough to establish trust between you and Instoo.

Perhaps enough to get you to buy a one-year plan?

Imagine signing a contract for a year and paying in advance for something that can get your profile down in a matter of weeks?

These week- or two weeks- long trials represent some of the usual tactics to hook people on and tie them to contracts that are extremely risky. It is on you whether you’ll fall for this or not, but now when you know…

Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

“Aha! You’ve said that we’ll get hooked and pay in advance while Instoo offers a lifetime money-back guarantee! You’re wrong and they’re actually good!”

I wish this were true. This would really make me wrong and show the wide audiences that there’s another superb service out there among the professionals and among the top. Sadly, this is not the case.

This is another red alert because no honest company would ever provide you with a lifetime money-back guarantee, especially not one that deals with a hazardous matter such as Instagram bots.

The chances are that you’ll simply pay up front, get scammed, ask for a refund and never get a response. You’ve signed a contract with a bot service, not people. Instoo has no phone number, address, names, anything really.

Which leads me to their customer support.

24/7 “Chat” Customer Support 

247 Chat

Live Chat support 24/7!

Boy do I have tales to tell about chat support. But I really don’t need to. Chat customer support means that you have an automated software to answer you for any issues that may come up with your automated software.

Ouch! This sounds wrong. And it is wrong.

This usually means that there are no people on the other side of the line. The same software that writes your DMs (or is supposed to write them) is the software that is supposed to help you with potential issues.

Classic bot service scam. Did I tell you bots are immoral, unreliable, and dangerous? I probably did, but it can’t be overstated! Beware, beware, beware.

Review Conclusion

Can I grow my followers on Instagram with Instoo? In a way, yes. Does this make Instoo a reliable service? Not in a million years.

What I presumed turned out to be true. This is a classic bot service and, while not explicitly a fake, it does provide something that has more disadvantages than positive aspects in the long run.

Don’t use bots. If you want social media growth, think about employing a dedicated account manager. It won’t be suspiciously and eye-catchingly cheap as Instoo’s packages, but they won’t end up terminating your whole Instagram career.

I hope my review has opened your eyes a bit on the issue, and I wish you speedy, but quality Instagram, TikTok, and, let’s say it, Tinder growth! Good luck!