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Instato Review – Is it a Scam? (2022)

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
3 mins 42 secs
Instato Review - Is it a Scam? (2021)

2021 UPDATE: It seems Instato is no longer working. Please avoid this service.

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Here is my review of Instato.

Why Consider Instato?

For a long time, I used Instagress and considered it the definitive Instagram automation tool. When Instagress shut down, I had to find the next best option.

After several months of using various tools, I landed on Instato, an Instagram bot that allows you automate your actions in order to get real Instagram followers.

What is Instato?


Instato is one of the bots that automate different Instagram tasks such as liking, following, commenting, unfollowing, posting and more. Using these tasks, you get to grow your Instagram network by acquiring followers.

The bot allows you to quickly come up with a schedule for adding posts, monitoring hashtags as well as locations. The bot even enables you to respond to comments from other users easily and effortlessly. You can check out this screenshot showing the different kinds of tasks you can handle using this bot.

Everything is automated; all you need to do is to come up with the right settings that you need to make your network robust.

How Instato Works

Instato Works

You first have to log in to get access to your dashboard. The dashboard allows you to change the settings regarding your accounts. The good thing is you don’t need different accounts to manage multiple Instagram accounts. You can manage all your accounts from the same dashboard.

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After you sign up and access the dashboard, you need to define the hashtags and locations. You can also define the people to follow. You do this for all the accounts that you want to grow.

So, how does this work? After defining the hashtags, people to follow and the locations, the bot automates the process of liking, following and reposting the content. You don’t have to do anything after deciding on the settings because the bot performs everything else.

After setting up the bot, you start receiving 100 percent real followers as well as likes. You get a wider platform to deliver your content.

If you are still not comfortable with the description, you can take some time and test the bot before you buy it.

Best Features


Test Drive Before You Use

One of the best things about this tool is that you won’t lose your money. After you signup, you can choose to use the bot for a free trial period to evaluate it’s efficiency. This means you don’t have to lose money in the process. If you like the results, you can pay for a package; if you don’t, you can use another bot.

Manage ALL Your Accounts From a Single Dashboard

Every internet marketer knows the convenience that comes with managing multiple accounts from a single dashboard. It is all about switching between accounts and choosing the one that you need to manage. After you set up an account, you switch to the next account and start managing it.

You end up saving time and making everything easy for you. It allows you to commit just a few minutes of your day for each task and allocate the rest of the day for other chores.

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A Multitude of Choices

Instato Pricing

You can choose from the different plans to suit your needs. It also depends on your budget. You can choose a free trial or one of the 3 paid plans to get started.

Automation at Your Fingertips

Using Instato, you can easily automate your posts. Once the posts are added to an account, you automate the liking, comments and other activities based on keywords, locations, and hashtags.

You can automate following and unfollowing of other users. If you have users you need to communicate with, you can automate direct messages. You also get to schedule the posts so that you don’t do anything manually. If a post is delivering the best reactions from users, you can automate reposts.


You can access the dashboard from multiple platforms. You can set up your account on your smartphone or tablet, whether Android or IOS, as well as your PC. This means you can monitor your performance and tweak the bot while on the go.

Review Conclusion

Just like any other Instagram bot, you need to know what you want to get the best out of it. Understand your target market and come up with the right strategy to grow your following.