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Instaheap Review: The Truth Exposed

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
6 mins 8 secs
The Truth About Instaheap: Is it Legit?

Becoming famous on Instagram requires lots of hard work and patience.

You need to work tirelessly to create world-class content, identify the right audience, and engage with them. This becomes a tough ask when you have to do it consistently.

To solve such problems, there are Instagram bots that engage on your behalf and bring back engagement.

One such bot is Instaheap, and we’ll discuss all about it.

Although it’s not accepting clients any more still, there’s no harm knowing why Instaheap failed so that next time you are in the market searching for a service you know what to expect. Also, in case Instaheap rises from its grave, you should know to stay clear of it.

Let’s get started…

What is Instaheap?

Instaheap used to be an Instagram bot that got banned when Instagram took serious steps to stop bots from hampering the platform.

But when we look around, there are still tons of bots available on the internet. They are functioning well, even with the latest algorithm changes on Instagram.

That Instaheap which stopped working in 2018 tells that it had no potential and wasn’t powerful enough to work as a bot.

How does Instaheap work?

Instaheap work

Let’s now discuss how Instaheap worked.

It was an Instagram bot, so it performed activities like liking content and following other people on your behalf.

Basically, it used the evergreen method of reciprocity.

You might have noticed that sometimes you get random likes from accounts you don’t know. What is the next thing you do or most people do? You click on their profile to check out who they are and end up reading their bio and scrolling through their posts. If you like their content or if they’re relevant to what you post, you end up liking their posts or even following them.

Now, imagine yourself doing the first step by liking and following accounts to invite other people to check out your profile.

This technique of reciprocity always works and attracts huge engagement.

Instaheap did just that for accounts, except got them banned.

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Key Features

Now, let’s discuss what made people choose Instaheap in the first place?

Machine Learning automation

Instaheap Features

On their website, which is not active anymore, Instaheap claimed to use a machine learning approach to provide their services.

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence that studies computer algorithms to improve the user experience.

Let’s not get into the jargons, but in simple words, Instaheap claimed to use machine learning to understand how Instagram worked.

By doing so, it would carefully use automation techniques to like and follow relevant accounts that would engage back.

Exciting, right?

I mean if you can understand how Instagram performs then you can easily fool its algorithm and increase your growth like crazy. But that was not the case. Instaheap failed terribly and got banned.

Tageting filters

Instaheap made a huge buzz around its targeting filters.

What were these filters?

Instaheap asked its customers to specify their niches by entering hashtags.

It would then use those filters to target the relevant audience.

The approach was absolutely on point because engaging with random accounts does no good for your profile.

Suppose you’re a digital marketer who posts regular content on the “Latest Google SEO updates and tricks”.

Would it make sense that you engage with accounts that post content about “Climate change”?

Obviously not because this would degrade your followers’ circle and people might take you as someone who engages randomly.

Also, those climate change profiles would never interact with your content.

Again, Instaheap marketed the right feature but never really used the filters provided by its customers to interact with the relevant audience.

Reasons for not using it?

Now, you know what Instaheap offered to its customers. Let’s break down why Instaheap was a failure.

Terrible customer support

Customer support is Uber important with growth services and bots. You can’t expect everything to work smoothly every time you use a bot. This is where customer support teams extend their help to solve the problems you face with their services.

Instaheap was a liar in this segment. It claimed to respond to its customers with 24 hours of asking for help.

But it never really replied.

Based on multiple reviews on the internet I learned that whenever people complained about a problem Instaheap completely ignored them even after trying multiple times.

No cancelation option

You might have seen tiny insects trapped in the spider’s web trying their best to get out, only to realise there is no way. This is exactly what Instaheap did to its customers. It was the web that trapped tons of customers. Let me explain.

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Whenever you purchase an online service or bot automation, you’ve the option to cancel the subscription anytime you wish by either emailing the service provider or doing it yourself.

Although Instaheap promised its customers that they could cancel their subscriptions with an email but it never really kept the promise.

Not just a few, but all of its customers faced the issue where they emailed Instaheap, but it never replied or canceled their subscriptions.

People had to go through their banks to close the recurring payments.

Looted Money

The previous point forms the foundation of this point.

Instaheap looted money from its customers by not cancelling their subscriptions.

Imagine losing your hard-earned money to a bot that never replies or delivers the results as promised.

Stopped working

Had it worked then all these accusations could have been ignored to some extent but not completely. But the thing with Instaheap was that it stopped working after a few days of purchasing it.

This is where things got really frustrating because Instaheap didn’t reply to complaints. So, if customers had to reach out to someone because the service they purchased stopped working after a few days, they would have to wait for the reply which was never coming.

Instaheap offered a 3-day trial period in which it worked perfectly. This means it could only work for 3 days.

Blocked accounts

During the time Instaheap worked, it got the accounts of its customers blocked by Instagram. Why did this happen?

Because Instaheap never really understood how Instagram monitors accounts that use automation bots to grow engagement.

It used aggressive automation techniques and liked content and followed tons of fake accounts at once. This raised flag with Instagram and got the accounts blocked.

People have even said that their accounts got blocked for over a month because of Instaheap.

Banned accounts

Instagram strictly prohibits the use of bots in its Terms of Service.

But still online services end up finding loopholes in Instagram’s algorithm to continue working.

To address this problem, Instagram keeps a close eye on suspicious user behaviour and bans accounts if found guilty.

This was a common occurring with the customers of Instaheap.

That it used aggressive automation resulted in banning of accounts of its customers.

Review Conclusion

Now you know all about Instaheap, and the reasons it got banned. There are many services that market fake claims to trap customers and loot their money. Instaheap was a rubbish Instagram bot that failed miserably.

As a customer, be aware of such services by conducting thorough research before investing in an online service.