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6 Instagram Hacks You Need to Know

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
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6 Instagram Hacks You Need to Know

Whether you’re an amateur or a veteran, Instagram is the place to be for bringing in brand awareness and building an active community around your niche.

You might have had some success so far or none at all – either way, you’ll need to get your strategy up to scratch so you can conquer the world of Instagram and get your page moving.

You’ll be surprised at how simple some of these hacks are – you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself!

Let’s take a look at six awesome Instagram hacks to transform your page.

Bonus Hack: Stellation Media

Stellation Media Review - Is it a Scam?

Pics and content can take a while to gain popularity sometimes. This means that getting a small amount of automatic assistance can’t hurt in your quest for Instagram fame.

Using the service Stellation Media will boost the popularity of your latest posts, and hopefully get them seen by more people. The more popular a post is, the more likely it is that Instagram will keep it at the top of your follower’s feeds. Soon enough people who aren’t following will start to take notice and want to check out the rest of your content.

While you want to automate engagement like this, you also want it to be genuine so that when you’re Instagram famous, you know your following is authentic. That’s why it’s a good idea, to begin with, organic automated growth to set your page up for success.

1: Spaces and Lines in your Caption or Bio


Instagram used to allow you to break up the content in your caption.

However, they soon put a stop to this, making for some grammatically awkward captions and posts. You needn’t worry, though, because there is a sneaky way of getting around this.

While you can’t break up paragraphs anymore with space, you can use characters to make bodies of words appear separate.

  1. First, you’ve got to open your notes on your phone and make a draft of the caption you want to use.
  2. When you want to include a space in your draft, hit the ‘return’ button.
  3. Then, copy and paste what we have typed in between the following brackets: (                                ).
  4. If you want this line longer or shorter, you can copy and it more times and delete appropriately.

2: Connect Instagram to Your Pinterest


Who says that you need to keep your social media platforms separate?

Certainly not the owners of Instagram and Pinterest, who have made it so that you can pin your Instagram posts to your Pinterest boards. This is an excellent way for more people to see your Instagram posts – it’ll drive the traffic you get on Pinterest to your Instagram account, too.

Heck, you might even get more followers on your Instagram because of this simple trick.

Let’s go through the steps to pinning your Instagram post onto your Pinterest board:

  1. Go to your Instagram app and find the post you want to share
  2. Tap the menu button that will be located in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select the ‘share’ tab and click on the ‘copy link’ button
  4. Once you’ve done this, go to your Pinterest app on your phone and find you profile page
  5. Tap the plus sign to add a pin
  6. Select the option that says ‘pin a copied link.’
  7. Pinterest should automatically copy and the image you’ve linked from Instagram. If it doesn’t do this, you can copy and your image automatically.
  8. Once you’ve done this, you can pick the right image to go with the pin
  9. Then it’s recommended that you edit your pin caption to include optimized keywords for Pinterest
  10. If possible, you should then add a location – this gives people a better chance of finding you
  11. Choose which board you want your Instagram post to go on – you could even begin a new one just for Instagram reposts
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Tip: if you don’t want to start a new board just for your Instagram posts, try pinning the post onto the board it relates to the most. This will increase your chances of attracting traffic.

3: E-commerce Instagram Sales


One of the worst things about Instagram is that you only get to share one URL and it has to be in your bio. However, there is a way to get around this.

There’s a company called that allows you to add clickable links to any of your Instagram posts.

You can make the most of these links and have your followers be directed to your website. The best thing about this is that you can link to multiple pages and sites without having to constantly be changing the link in your bio. is pretty cheap too, starting at only $16 a month.

We think it’s worth it.

4: Create a Custom Location


It’s no secret that if you want to be successful on Instagram, you’ve got to be proactive with your location tags. A brand that doesn’t use location tags to its advantage isn’t making the most of being seen on Instagram.

However, because Instagram likes to make things difficult, this feature has also become harder to use.

You don’t have to worry though, because we’ve found a way to make this aspect of Instagramming a lot easier than you might think.

Let’s take a look at how to achieve this:

  1. Open up your Facebook app
  2. Under the ‘what’s on your mind’ button, you’ll see a button that says ‘check-in.’ Click on this
  3. You need to make sure that your location is turned on for your Facebook app. You can find this under settings and location settings.
  4. In the ‘where are you’ box, choose your desired location
  5. Create your new location by tapping on the ‘add’ button
  6. Combine the most relevant category to your location, depending on your brand
  7. Choose your city, the address and zip code, then click on the ‘create’ button

Once you’ve done all these steps, you will be redirected to a page where you can create a post based on the new location you’ve made.

You’ve got to post at least once with this new location for it to be connected and shared on Instagram.

Once you’ve made your post on Facebook, you’ll want to go over to Instagram and make sure that you can find your custom location. Bear in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for your custom location to appear.

You can check this, however, by opening up your Instagram app on your phone and making a new post.

On your new post click the ‘add location’ button.

If the custom location you just made doesn’t come up as a suggestion, it’s probably because it’s brand new and you haven’t used it before, or you could be too far away from the location itself.

5: Instagram Bio Hack


Centering your bio is the new thing to do to amp up your profile and join the popular kids on Instagram. You might have already seen this on other people’s bios and wondered how they did it. If you have, it’s time you learned how to do it.

Let’s check out how to do this:

  1. The first thing you need to do to make your Instagram bio centered is to copy this space that we’ve included in between these arrows << >>. Make sure not to include the arrows themselves in your copy and .
  2. Next, head over to your Instagram page, preferably on your desktop. You can do this on your mobile, but it’s a lot easier to get done if you’re doing it on your laptop or computer. Click on the ‘edit your profile’ button.
  3. Find the ‘bio’ section of your text and insert the space you copied before each line of text. If you preview this and your text isn’t perfectly centered, you can adjust the number of spaces you have before each line accordingly, so it is in the middle.
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Note: you’ve got to be pretty strategic with this hack.

Remember that you’re only allowed 160 characters in your bio on Instagram. This means that if you’ve got more to say that you don’t think is going to work with the spacing; then you’ll have to stick to a regular bio. It’s also worth noting that centered bios don’t tend to work on the desktop version of Instagram.

However, if you like the look of the centered bio and think you can fit the spaces in with the characters you want, go for it.

You can also use line breaks to break up your bio a bit and have separate sentences appear on different lines. All you have to do is press the ‘return’ button every time you would like a line break when writing your bio.

This is best done on the desktop version of your Instagram – in fact; you can’t add line breaks on your smartphone, so you’ll have to wait until you’re at your laptop or computer.

6: Embed your Instagram Posts to your Website


This hack is similar to the Pinterest one where you connect your Instagram to your Pinterest boards.

If you run a blog that supports your brand, you can embed you scheduled Instagram posts with your blog posts to make sure that your community on both platforms see everything you put out there.

This means that anybody who is visiting your blog can click on the link that you’ve embedded and it will take them to your Instagram page so they can check out what you’ve got over there. It’s also a great way to keep your Instagram posts around for longer and have them seen by people further down the track, long after you originally posted them.

Let’s take a look at how to embed your posts on WordPress:

  1. Open up your Instagram page on your desktop and find the post you want to embed.
  2. In the bottom right-hand corner, you will see an ellipsis sign that’s a menu. Click on this and press ‘embed.’
  3. You can also choose whether you want to embed the caption as well. This is done by clicking on the ‘include caption’ button. Once you’ve done this, select ‘copy embed code.’
  4. Head on over to your WordPress installation once you’ve done this. Go to create a new blog post and click on the ‘text’ option in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. the embed code where the HTML code would normally go.

If you use Squarespace, let’s take a look at how to embed your codes over there:

  1. Simply follow the first three steps laid out above
  2. Open Squarespace, then press the ‘insert point’ button and select the option that says ‘embed.’
  3. your embed code here and then click on the ‘save’ option

There’s a high chance you didn’t know most of these Instagram hacks. While they’re simple, they’re extremely effective. All it takes sometimes is changing your bio to look a little different from everyone else’s.

The key to winning the Instagram game is to stand out from the crowd – and if you can effectively hack Instagram, you will have that boost! Remember to consistently schedule and have fun playing around with all your new posts.

Before you know it, you’ll be an Instagram hack expert.