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InstaBoostGram Review: The Complete Truth.

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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Complete Truth About InstaBoostGram: Is It Worth It?

If you want to grow on Instagram, you need more people to interact with your content and engage with your account constantly.

But this’s easier said than done because grinding regularly to create the best content and engaging with followers is a tough task that few accomplish.

This is where Instagram growth services make your life easier by doing the that tough task on your behalf.

Today we’re going to discuss one such service: InstaBoostGram.

In this article you’ll learn all about InstaBoostGram, and by the time you’ve completed reading the article you’ll know whether to invest it.

Let’s get stared…

What is InstaBoostGram?

InstaBoostGram is an online growth service that sells engagement for various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok.

It offers several packages under each platform across several price points.

InstaBoostGram claims all their followers are authentic and real accounts that add value to your content.

How does it work?

InstaBoostGram work

InstaBoostGram works on the principle of “pay and get”.

They have a wide range of packages that offer different numbers of followers, likes, views, subscribers, etc at different price points.

So, depending on your budget and requirements, you would have to purchase a package and InstaBoostGram will deliver you the engagement.

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Key features

Now, let’s discuss all the key features that InstaBoostGram offers to its customers.

Instagram Followers

Your Instagram growth depends on the engagement you receive from your followers.

This means the more engagement you receive, the more exposure you get, which eventually leads to your growth.

The entire foundation of this process stands on the number of followers you have because more followers equal more engagement and vice versa.

The only problem is attracting people to follow you is one hell of a task.

You need to create and curate content people love and contact, pamper them by engaging with their posts to attract engagement for your profile. And you need to do it constantly every day. This’s where most people lose hope of increasing their followers’ list because the idea of it is itself tiring.

This’s where InstaBoostGram comes into play. With its followers’ packages for Instagram, you can purchase up to 25,000 followers at once.

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Instagram Likes & auto-likes

InstaBoostGram buy-instagram-followers-instant

It takes only a double tap to like a post on Instagram. But likes hold immense importance when it comes to growth. They’re a simple way of engaging with other users’ content and tell them you like their posts.

People form an opinion about your content based on the number of likes it has. The more likes your post has, the more are your chances of attracting a new audience to like it.

Likes also speak volumes about the quality of a content and help people decide whether you’re worthy of a follow.

In a nutshell: You need more likes on your posts to grow on Instagram.

Again, this boils down to creating high-quality content which requires research, content strategies and engaging with others.

InstaBoostGram solves this problem for you with its likes packages.

They also offer auto-likes packages. If you’re confused between likes and auto-likes, then let me explain.

When you purchase a Likes plan, you get all the likes delivered at once on a specific post or number of posts.

In case of auto-likes your purchased likes are delivered over a period on every new content you post until all the likes are delivered.

You can even purchase likes from a specific gender.

You can visit their website to find the best package for you.

Instagram views

As likes are to image posts, views are to video posts. This means if you are someone who posts video content through IGTV, Reels and Video-Stories, then your Instagram growth definitely depends on the numbers of views you get.

The equation is simple: More views equal more engagement and followers.

InstaBoostGram has several views packages for Instagram and delivers them instantly.

Other engagements

Apart from Instagram engagement, InstaBoostGram also offers engagement for YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok.

Under the YouTube section you can purchase views, ads views, likes, subscribers, comments, and shares.

For TikTok, you have packages on followers, likes, views and shares.

Finally, you’ve followers and plays for Spotify.

Hence, InstaBoostGram has a diverse engagement service to help you grow on other platforms.

Is it worth it?

InstaBoostGram pricing

Now that we’ve discussed the key features, let’s address the question: Is InstaBoostGram worth it?

Fake followers

Now followers are crucial, but they should be authentic, not fake. This’s because fake followers harm your profile and credibility. To list them:

  • Fake followers never engage with your content which means they just sit on your account providing no value.
  • They are usually spammers that misuse your platform information and spam your real followers.
  • Fake followers are bot accounts that put you at the risk of getting banned.

Why are we talking about this?

Because InstaBoostGram delivers fake followers to its customers.

This conclusion is based on many reviews of their customers.

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Loss in engagement

Now, another point that supports the above conclusion is the fact that as soon as you receive your engagement Instagram removes them from your account with no warning.

What could be the reason for this?

Now InstaBoostGram would never do this to its customers unless it wants people to stop purchasing.

This’s done by Instagram because they deliver bot accounts and fake followers, which are clearly against the Terms of Service of Instagram.

Your account could get banned

Getting banned is a constant threat you would have to live under if you use InstaBoostGram because of the bot accounts they deliver.

Instagram’s algorithms detect fake engagement and filter out bots used by profiles to grow engagement.

If found, Instagram has complete authority to either shadow block or ban you permanently.

Hence, by using InstaBoostGram you’re putting your profile at risk of getting banned.

No free trial

Free Trial

Free trials are one of the best ways to examine a service before committing to it.

Also, if you’re confused about investing in an online tool and need that last push, then free trials definitely come handy. But InstaBoostGram offers no such feature to you, which means you would have to spend your bucks to try it.

This is a bummer because alternative tools not only offer better features but also provide you with the option of a free trial.

Terrible customer support

What’s the most obvious thing to do when you face problems with a service you’ve purchased?

Of course, contact the customer support. But this doesn’t end there because the quality of the support is the real deal. If you contact the team, and they do not know on how to help you or don’t even respond at all, then you’re stuck.

This’s what InstaBoostGram does to its customers.

They publicly acknowledge that you’ll lose engagement immediately after receiving and hence promise to refill whenever necessary.

But these are just mere words because according to reviews, people who tried to get a refill failed because InstaBoostGram’s support team never really understood the issue and replied with generic answers.

Poor reviews

Poor reviews

Positive reviews are Uber important to learn about the quality of a service or product you wish to purchase.

This’s where InstaBoostGram fails miserably because it has poor reviews from several of its customers who cite their poor experiences with the company on trusted sites like Trustpilot.

Review Conclusion

There you have it. This’s all about InstaBoostGram and the features it offers. While InstaBoostGram does a superb job by delivering the engagement in time, it fails in keeping its promise of proving authentic followers. There’s no free trial and the customer support is terrible with the poor reviews.