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Important Things To Know About Thailand’s Gold Industry

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:March 12, 2024
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 Thailand is famous for its huge gold availability. The previous name of Thailand was Siam, which in Sanskrit means gold. Thai gold is unique and attracts buyers from all parts of the globe, and this is due to its appearance and karats. However, there are essential things to know about Thailand gold; let’s learn about them.

1. Karat And Appearance 

Thai gold jewelry has a purity of 96,5% gold, or 23 karat gold. Bronze and silver alloys make up the final 3.5 percent. The higher the karat a gold object has, the softer it is, so a lower karat is recommended for rings and thin jewelry.

Some Thailand gold stores offer 22, 20, or 18 karat jewelry. Lower karat objects have become a little more popular in Thailand these days. 

2. Weight

 Thai gold weighs 15,244 grams per baht before being worked up. To be referred to as one baht gold, the weight after the work must be equal to or greater than 15,16 grams. Typically, one baht of Thailand gold is equal to 15,2 grams.

3. Where To Buy Gold

You may buy Thai gold jewelry, coins, and gold bars online or in person, and they have high investment potential. Most gold shops in Thailand are found in Bangkok, most notably in the Chinatown neighborhood. Chinatown’s Yaowarat Road, beside the river Chao Phraya, is recognized for its fine gold stores.

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How To Determine Thai Gold

 Thai gold jewelry is priced in baht.15.16 grams of gold weigh 1 baht. Thai gold is often 23 karats in purity, which is extremely pure and quite yellow. Let’s move on to the M clasp, which is another clue that a piece of jewelry is made of Thai gold. 

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The M Clasp

Ancient Thai gold jewelry frequently features an M clasp or a N-clasp, a particular type of gold clasp. While the N clasp is for bracelets, the M clasp is for necklaces.

They were given such names because they resemble the letters M and N. They are constructed using the same 23-karat gold as Thai jewelry, and the tint is the same. 

Type Of Gold In Thailand 

Gold has consistently been a symbol of worth and riches throughout history. The metal’s rising scarcity and natural beauty only heighten its status.

Different compositions, hues, and purities of gold are available. Before investing in such a pricey item, learning about the many types of gold and its various forms is a good idea.

1. Gold Bars

Gold bars are among the most popular forms of actual gold that people purchase. They are traded in 24-carat gold, the purest kind. Due to their brick-like shape, gold bars are convenient to store.

These physical bars, often referred to as gold bullions, are made by both public and commercial organizations. You can purchase them in a range of standard weights beginning at one gram. 

2. Yellow Gold

Gold’s natural color is yellow, but you can alloy it with other metals to make the yellow more intense. The most popular metals employed for this purpose are copper, zinc, and silver, which give the already-present gold color a richer tone. 

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3. Gold Coins

Government organizations mint gold coins. Each coin contains a specific weight (0.18-0.8g), purity level, and distinctive design that sets them apart from other coins. They are stamped with designs representing various countries and have legal tender status in their country of origin.

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Because you can purchase them at a reasonable price while still having the same amount of actual gold content in each piece, gold coins are popular investments. 

4. Rose Gold

Since ancient times, rose gold has been a form of alloy used to create jewelry. It has a vibrant pink color and is constructed of copper and pure gold. Due to its scarcity and deeper color, it is more costly than yellow gold; however, compared to other varieties, it has low resistance levels. 

5. White Gold

White gold is produced by alloying either nickel or palladium. The end product is a silvery-white metal that needs to be re-coated after a while because it gradually loses its original hue. 


Thailand is known for high gold production. You’ll get different types of Thai gold in the market, and it’s preferred by many due to its superior quality. Therefore, shop from renowned dealers and choose the best gold for your needs.