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How To Quit Amazon

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:March 14, 2022
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Individuals may decide to leave Amazon at some point and often think about quitting Amazon. While it may seem straightforward to back out, quitting Amazon could be more complicated than expected. 

When it comes to quitting Amazon, there are two alternatives available. One of the best ways is to quit via the Amazon A to Z app. Another alternative will be to inform Amazon of your wish to quit via written notification. The former is best if you prefer taking the informal route, while the latter is more appropriate and formal.

Thankfully, you can learn how to quit Amazon in the most straightforward way without incurring any legal challenges.

Quitting Amazon with the A-to-Z App

One of the most straightforward tools you could use when quitting Amazon is the A-to-Z app. This unique app helps you to organize and handle work activities without stress. For example, you could use it to manage and keep tabs on your schedule.

This A-to-Z app enables you to resign from Amazon, among other functionalities. Here are the simple steps involved in initiating and executing the process of quitting Amazon:

  • First, you need to have the Amazon A to Z app on your smartphone or computer in addition to an internet connection. Then, log into your office account through the app. Also, ensure that your details are correct to avoid errors.
  • You should be directed to the home page upon successful login. Navigate to the page’s bottom, and you’ll spot a highlighted indication that says, “thinking of leaving Amazon?” To initiate your resignation process, proceed by clicking on “Learn more.”
  • The site redirects you to a page with a form for you to fill out. Ensure that you follow any given instructions as you carefully fill out this form. Once successfully filled and submitted, you’ve then completed the online procedure for resigning from Amazon.

With this application, you can leave your job in the friendliest manner possible, so your resume isn’t negatively affected. You also don’t want to ruin your chances of being rehired should you decide to return.

The ideal resignation method of quitting Amazon is through the company’s HR officer. This brings us to the next alternative. With the HR officer, you’ll get some paperwork and be free to leave.

How to Quit Amazon through Human Resource (HR) Department

Quitting Amazon via the company’s Human Resource Unit comes with certain essential benefits. Firstly, it helps you avoid legal consequences from a wrong resignation process. Secondly, you retain your professional life’s integrity even after moving from the job. 

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So far as legality is concerned, this is the safest way of quitting Amazon. Follow these simple steps below if you’re unsure how to quit Amazon through the HR medium.

Notify the Management

First, you’d need to provide your local company’s HR management with a written notification. This notification is an official document termed the “notice period.” It’s simply the period between your official concluding days and the exact day the stipulated contract ends.

You may communicate this information via an email, documented letter, or via the company’s official website. However, you should never pass this information verbally to the management.

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Such a vital notification should contain certain specific information. The essential details your letter needs to have include:

  • The date of submission. Ensure that you submit the letter on the exact date stated in it. It’s not ideal to submit it before or after the stated date.
  • Your letter should be directed to the Human Resource office or your local manager.
  • State the purpose of your letter, which in this case is quitting Amazon. Kindly give details on the reason for your decision to resign.
  • Briefly provide any necessary information regarding your last days in the company.
  • Very important, include words of gratitude and appreciation towards the company in general. 
  • Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the quitting process, do well to ask. 
  • Lastly, include your signature and full name.

Important Things to Remember When Quitting Amazon

It’s vital that you tender your resignation early. The management or HR department should receive it before your intended resignation date. 

Also, the notification period required varies depending on your duration in the company. For example, on average, Amazon requires a week’s notification. However, other companies may require a notification period of about a month or two.

If you’re unsure about your specific case, you could mention it in your notification letter. You could as well request assistance with clearing official duties up. Another factor influencing the length of time is your previous employment history.

It’s critical to end things on a good note before leaving the company. A good recommendation to your next employer could go a long way in facilitating your following application process. 

Voluntary resignation from the company could make you eligible for some extra advantages. However, these benefits are more easily accessible if you leave the company on good terms. One of the advantages is that it increases your chances of being rehired by the company in the future.

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I’ll also advise that you think carefully and consider if the reasons you’re leaving your job is worth it. Of course, leaving your current position for a better-paying offer can be a great idea. Still, be careful so you don’t embark on a journey that could eventually cause you to regret your decisions. 

What Happens When You Quit Amazon without Prior Notice?

Quitting without prior notice is considered illegal and unprofessional. The situation could get very sour if you left any official responsibility unattended. Worst case scenario, the company could decide to sue you on different accounts.

Aside from the legal consequences involved, you could kiss any chances of rehiring goodbye. Abandoning your job will negatively impact the management and create social tension. It’s easier to search for a new job than deal with the pressure and possible hostility.

Another challenge would be securing a reasonable employment opportunity moving forward. Some companies demand details such as employment history and a recommendation letter from your previous employer. No productive company wants to hire an employee with an unstable and unreliable employment history.

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If you were sacked from your job, rehire opportunities will depend on a few factors. The primary determinant of your re-employment chances is the severity of the offense committed. 

Even in minor offense cases, you’ll need to stay off the job for a specified duration before you can reapply. The period demanded varies with the company in question. In Amazon, it could take between 100 days to a year before you’re reconsidered for an employment application.

Your re-employment chances are slim if you get fired. You’re automatically termed ineligible for reapplication in more severe sexual assault or harassment cases.

All that said, there are unique and sensitive cases where employees quit without notice for justified reasons. For example, this involves instances where the employee falls ill and is hospitalized. Another reason is if an employee gets involved in an accident and cannot continue working.

In both instances, continuing with your job isn’t an option as you’re either temporarily or permanently handicapped. If you’re quitting Amazon for sensitive reasons like those, you could be entitled to unemployment or disability benefits.


What bridges the gap between the point of deciding to resign and how to quit Amazon is a matter of knowledge. Knowing and following the right steps will help make quitting Amazon and transiting into your next job a smooth ride.

Also, ensure that you’re well prepared and equipped for your new job, in case you’ve got one. You’ll need all the necessary information and resources available to give you a good start.