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An Unobvious Niche: How To Make Money On Baby Product Reviews

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:March 14, 2023
4 mins 5 secs

Parents constantly worry about their children. No wonder they read many reviews to buy the best products for their cuties.

It means each review influences the choice of a parent who decides to either purchase products on the chosen site or prefer another brand.

How can you make money on baby product reviews? Our tips might be helpful.

#1. Find A Web Platform Of An Influencer

Many bloggers pay others for the promotion of their channels. For example, a reputable European formula shop needs informative articles with facts about the high quality of organic baby foods.

You can contact it and write about its products and services. Your tasks may include the following requirements:

  • researching 
  • product testing
  • interviewing of the target audience
  • writing comments for a feedback page

Blog articles can be subjective and objective. Subjective reviews deal with your viewpoint regarding some baby food, and objective writing involves more assignments.

As a rule, you will have to read scientific articles about the product or interview customers to learn their opinions and reflect them in your reviews.

Consequently, an influencer will be your employer. Your task will be to fulfill his requirements and get your money per each review or a monthly salary.

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#2. Attract More Readers To Your Webpage By Using Affiliate Things

 Except for scrolling on Facebook and wasting your time, you can earn by writing articles about baby food and using affiliate links to attract more readers to your page. Due to that, you will hit two goals. 

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First, the affiliate company will pay you for advertising their services or products.

Some baby food companies give discounts, gifts, and other rewards for good-quality reviews.

Second, you will get subscribers and regular readers by posting good stories about things that interest inexperienced parents. 

Besides, parents adore scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, so your posts can easily win their attention. 

#3. Become A Legal Review Writer

If you don’t want to have time-to-time earnings, it is better to consider a regular job as a freelance writer.

Your responsibility will be to write reviews about the goods of one company or several companies.

For example, it can be baby formula or healthy snacks for toddlers. You can taste and research them to learn more about their ingredients and safety. 

Your employer will be a mediator who gets orders and distributes them among freelance writers.

The mediator will pay you a salary regularly on the agreed days.  

#4. Make Short And Long Video Reviews

Many social media users hate reading long stories and reviews. You should record video reviews to attract more subscribers to your Facebook or Instagram page.

TikTok, Amazon, Facebook, and vlogs use videos to demonstrate something or describe things.

You can combine videos and text descriptions of the product to meet the requirements of followers with different preferences.

For example, OrganicsBest is a reputable online store that posts articles and reviews about baby foods and adds video reviews to almost every article.

Due to that, their customers get complete information about the product. So, the store has more chances to sell baby formula. 

#5. Work As An Affiliate Partner

What is affiliate marketing? It is one of the most effective tools of Internet marketing, which helps business partners promote goods and services of each other. How does it work?

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Imagine there are partners “A” and “B.” Partner “A” implements a web link to the partner’s “B” website on his web page.

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Afterward, his visitors can click it, and the hyperlink will lead them to the partner’s “B” page. This step, eventually, will help the “hyperlinked” partner sell his goods or services.

Web specialists control the process and reward the partner who posted a link on his site in the following ways:

  • pay for the attracted traffic
  • reward for every new subscriber on the “B” partners web page
  • pay percent for each sold product or service
  • reward for every new customer

Such a partnership is effective only if a writer creates high-quality texts. What does that mean?

First, your review must be catchy for the target reader. 

Second, it must be well-researched and contain exciting facts.

Third, 100% subjective reviews usually fail. It is better to read reviews of others and parallel them with your opinion. 

Finally, the review topic should somehow echo the interest of the affiliate company.

For instance, a parent reads an article about a healthy lifestyle and finds a link to organic baby food.

After clicking it, the system redirects the parent to let her read the content and buy the product or subscribe to newsletters.

Consequently, the owner of the healthy lifestyle article will get money for the redirected traffic and a new client.

If you are an expert in baby products and want to share your knowledge, you can do that for a lucrative reward. Just select the best method and earn by writing baby product reviews.