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How to Get Your Snap Score Up Fast

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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How to Get Your Snap Score Up Fast

People love Snapchat because it offers a plethora of features to make instant messaging exciting.

You have hundreds of filters at your fingertips which you can use to create amazing snaps and exchange them with your friends.

You can also play augmented reality games and post stories on the platform.

But apart from the significant features, there are some minor details that make Snapchat one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world.

For instance, when you exchange snaps with your friends, you can maintain a streak, which is the number of consecutive days you have exchanged snaps.

But the icing on the cake is the Snap Score.

People want to boost their Snap scores and put efforts toward it.

But what is the secret formula to increase the Snap Score?

Well, this is precisely what we’ll discuss today.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the Snap Score and how you can increase it quickly. 

Let’s get started…

How Does Your Snap Score Go Up?


The first thing you need to know is there is no secret formula to increase the snap score. Well, this sucks, but the good news is you can perform some in-app actions to boost the Snap Score.

The second thing you need to know is the answer to the question: 

What is the Snap Score?

The Snapchat Score is the combined number of snaps that you have sent and received since joining Snapchat. You can see your Snap Score by clicking on your Bitmoji.

Now, let’s discuss all the in-app actions you need to execute to increase your Snap Score.

Sending Snaps

Sending snaps helps you get points from Snapchat, which gets added to your Snap Score.

This means the more snaps you send, the more points you get from Snapchat and hence increment your score.

But there are few things that you need to take care of.

The first thing is understanding, what is a Snap on Snapchat?

Well, most people believe that any text message you send to a friend counts as a snap. But this isn’t true. 

This is because when you send plain text messages, share stories or send photos from your camera roll, Snapchat doesn’t consider them as snaps.

So, what makes up a snap?

Well, anything you capture using the Snapchat camera is a Snap.

You can even use filters, stickers, text, or Bitmoji to create a custom Snap. 

The second thing is the uniqueness of a snap.

You can’t share a snap with 20 people and expect to receive 20 points. 

This is because Snapchat wants you to create more snaps.

Hence, if you want 20 points, you need to share 20 unique snaps with your friends.

Bottomline: Send many unique snaps.

Opening Snaps


Snap score is directly proportional to the number of snaps you receive from your contacts. This means you need to receive as many snaps as you can to boost your Snap Score.

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Say, you have 7 unopened snaps from your friends. When you open those snaps, you’ll receive 7 points.

Hence, ask your contacts to send more snaps. This will not only increase their Snap score, but also help you boost yours.

Posting Stories

Posting a story on Snapchat increments your Snap Score by a point.

This is the simplest action you can perform. You just need to select stories while sending snaps to your friends.

Now, you need to know that if you delete your story after a few hours or no-one sees it, you’ll still receive a point from Snapchat.

Hence, share more stories on Snapchat.

Snapchat Streaks

What is a Snapchat Streak?

The Streak is a number that appears next to the name of your contact. This number is the number of consecutive days for which you have exchanged snaps with your friend.

Maintaining streaks with friends also helps boost the Snap Score by getting you a bonus from Snapchat.

What Does Not Increase Snapchat Score

Now, let’s discuss what in-app actions don’t increase the Snapchat Score. 

Why is this crucial?

This is crucial to know to avoid wasting time on actions that won’t help you. 

The first action is: Sending and receiving direct messages.

The only way you can increase your Snap Score is by exchanging unique snaps.

This doesn’t include sending and receiving direct messages because direct messages or plain texts, stickers, Bitmoji doesn’t count as snaps.

The second action is adding friends to Snapchat.

Well, many users believe when you add friends on Snapchat, the Snap score gets incremented. But this is incorrect because Snapchat won’t reward you with points for adding friends.

What Are the Benefits of Increasing Snap Score?


Why are people crazy about increasing the Snap Score?

Well, there are some benefits for your efforts to boost the score.

Immense Satisfaction

Let’s admit the fact we want to become the best at everything we do.

Say you are a footballer, then you want to become the best in the game. This applies to all spheres, including Snapchat.

People want to beat their friends by crushing their snap score and put in a lot of effort doing so. 

At the end, when you have a massive score, all the efforts pay off and give you immense satisfaction.

You get the point.

Snapchat Trophies

Well, apart from getting immense satisfaction for the efforts you put in, Snapchat also rewards you. Snapchat has 7 unique trophies for different snap scores.

You can add these trophies to your collection as you grow your Snap Score. 

Here is a distribution of the Trophies against their Snap Score.

  • 10 — baby emoji
  • 100 — star emoji
  • 1000 — sparkles emoji
  • 10,000 — circled star emoji
  • 50,000 — explosion emoji
  • 100,000 — rocket emoji
  • 500,000 — ghost emoji

Future Rewards

Snapchat always surprises users with its new features and rewards.

Hence, there is a possibility Snapchat might introduce exciting rewards for loyal users with a massive Snap Score.

This could mean you can launch merch with your username on it or get access to limited filters.

The possibilities are endless.

How to See Send & Received Snap’s Number?

The Snap Score is the combined number of the snaps you have sent and received since joining Snapchat.

How can you see the number of snaps you have sent and the numbers you have received?

Snapchat allows you to access this data through your snap score.

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To see distribution, you need to click on your Bitmoji on Snapchat to open your profile. Here, you will find the snap score.

By clicking on the snap score, Snapchat will display the distribution of the snaps you have sent and received.

How to Increase Snap Score Fast


Now, let’s discuss the question of the article: How to increase Snap Score quickly?

Well, there are a few things you need to do consistently to achieve a massive Snapchat Score.

Send Snaps, Lots of Them

Wake up, send a snap!

Going to bed?, send a snap!

Listening to your favourite track, send a snap!

The best way to grow the Snapchat score is by sending snaps.

You need to remember that only unique snaps reward you with points. 

Hence, by sending as many unique snaps as possible, you can get many points.

These points get added to your current score and hence increase it.

Avoid Sending Text Messages

Another simple trick you can apply to send more snaps is avoiding sending text messages.

Text messages don’t count as snaps, and hence don’t get your rewards from Snapchat. But there is one thing you can do to turn the table.

Say you receive text messages from your friends. Now, you can consider this as an opportunity to reply to them with snaps.

Hence, whenever someone sends you a text message, try to reply with a snap.

This little trick will increase your snap score by many folds.

Have More Friends


Well, if sending snaps increases the snap score, and you exchange snaps with your friends. Then, having more friends on Snapchat means you have more opportunities to send snaps.

But you must remember, sending the same snap to many people won’t give you that many points. You need to send unique snaps to get the points.

But having more friends opens the door of opportunities to send more snaps.

For instance, in your contacts, you’ll have a few people with whom you can comfortably share many snaps.

Hence, add friends and send unique snaps consistently.

Post Stories

By posting stories on your profile, you can get points from Snapchat and hence increase your score quickly.

The best thing about posting stories is you don’t have to execute any extra steps. All you need to do is select the story option while sending snaps.

Hence, put more stories on your profile.

Beam Me Up, Bunny!

There you have it. Now, you know all about the Snapchat score and how you can increase it quickly. 

You need to perform some in-app actions to grow the snap score. But the most critical thing is maintaining consistency.

Hence, by consistently exchanging snaps and posting stories, you can achieve a massive Snap score.

Snapchat Score Increase FAQ

Why Is My Friend’s Snapchat Score Going up So Fast?

This Is happening because your friend is constantly sending and receiving snaps. 

He’s also posting many stories and maintaining a streak with others. You can boost your snap score by executing these actions consistently.

What Is Considered an Average Snap Score?

A score of 40,000 for every 1000 friends is the average Snap score.
This is a score that isn’t simple to achieve. You need to send and receive a combined of 40,000 snaps to get this score.

What Is Considered a High Snap Score?

There is no limit to the Snap Score you can achieve. But if you generalise a score as a high score, then a score of 1 million is an excellent starting point.