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How to Get Instagram Famous Overnight

Author: Adam
Published:April 30, 2022
14 mins 21 secs
How to Get Instagram Famous Overnight

Want to get Instagram famous overnight?

Of course everybody wants this, then why shouldn’t you?

The first thing you need to understand is overnight success doesn’t happen unless you know how to manipulate Instagram’s algorithm.

But you can definitely become famous if you follow certain proven methods.

Today, we’ll discuss 9 amazing ways you can apply to become Instagram famous.

Complete your profile

Bio and Pics

It’s obvious that completing your profile takes time and when you want to be instant famous, why waste time on your profile when you can use it to create content?

This’s where most people fail because your profile can make or break your Instagram presence.

Let’s understand this point.

Consider your profile as your resume.

When applying for a job, you’re asked to submit your resume containing all the important information about you.

A complete resume reflects your strengths and strengthens your case in front of the interviewers.

Similarly, a complete Instagram profile provides your information to potential followers and builds trust among them.

Now, there’re are different sections to the profile on Instagram. Let’s discuss how you can fill each one of them to attract followers.


Here, you can use your real name or if you’re a brand use the brand name. While this space depends on what you choose to fill but make sure not to use anything like “rider008” or “333wtf”. Such names show you’re a spam.


Username is the name with which people will call you or refer to on Instagram. Hence, if you want people to associate a particular content or product with you, keep your username as your brand name.

If your desired name isn’t available, then improvise. Take some time to find a unique name that’s simple yet reflects your brand.

I know that’s a lot of work for a username, but believe me, it’s worth it.


If you’re a business with a website, then you don’t want to leave this space empty.

By adding your website link to your Instagram profile, you can direct potential customers to your product pages.

This’s increases your conversion rate and brand exposure.



Your bio tells people all about you and your skills/services. This’s where you summarize who you are, what are your interests, what do you do and what makes you unique in your niche. A strong bio can not only help you attract followers but also generate high-quality leads.

Pro-tip: Sprinkle your target keywords in your bio.

Profile Picture

This’s the most important part of your profile.

Instagram is a highly visual platform and people are going to see your profile picture before clicking on your account.

Hence, a high-resolution photograph can make all the difference in the world.

You can use a brand logo if you’re a business, but if you’re a normal person, it’s good to use a picture clearly showing your face.

That was all about completing your profile. Again, a lot of work, but when you’re building a presence, it’s good to do the work that’ll be rewarding, eventually.

Post only high-quality content

Quality Content

The content you post is your bread and butter on Instagram. It’s what people associate with you and is the sole reason people follow you. Hence, poor quality content isn’t something you want to be associated with.

But what exactly is high-quality content?

There’re two elements that make up high-quality content on Instagram.

Content must be attractive

Would you bother to stop scrolling for a blurry photo?

Obviously not. I mean, who has the time to waste on something that’s not attractive on Instagram. Most people don’t even care to checkout posts, which aren’t pleasing to the eyes. Hence, whenever you post, make sure you’re posting only attractive content.

If you’re posting a photograph, then post only the high-resolution ones.

If you’re posting paintings or drawings or product images, ensure they’re eye-catching on the screen.

Content must provide value

The second element is: Value.

There’re millions of people in your niche posting everyday on Instagram.

Why do you think people are going to like your content? This’s where value comes in.

The more value you provide, the more people you’ll attract.

What exactly is value?

A content is valuable when it educates, entertains, and connects with the people. Hence, craft each one of your posts with in-depth research and care to provide value to your audience.

How to do this?

A good practice is to mix different content.

For instance, don’t just post text content or images, try videos, infographics, behind the scene images, etc.

This’s helps in creating a library of valuable content for your followers and provides them an opportunity to interact with different content.

Here’s a list to help you:

  • Share more videos: Videos perform six times better than images and text posts.
  • Include at least one high-quality image in your posts.
  • Use infographics to deliver information innovatively.
  • Post before & after images, quotes and user-generated content.
  • Take advantage of Instagram’s post layouts: Vertical posts, Horizontal posts, Carousel posts, etc.

Bottom-line: Post only high-quality and valuable content.

Post consistently


Consistency is everything on Instagram.

When you post regularly, not only do you attract a huge number of followers, but you also provide value to them.

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Here’s how it works:

By posting consistently you show your followers you’re capable of producing regular content for them and hence provide enough opportunities to engage with your posts.

But the most troublesome part in publishing regularly is finding the inspiration to create unique content every day.

To solve this problem, you can do research on your competitors and famous influencers in your niche. This will tell you what ideas are working for them. You can also follow the trending topics in your niche and create content around them.

Finally, use a content calendar to plan your content ahead of time or simply use an automation tool like Growthoid to reach more followers.


Just give Growthoid a list of the profiles you want to target, and it’ll bring you millions of followers by grabbing their awareness. Read more about Growthoid on EarthWeb.

Use platform-specific features

These are features native to Instagram. For example: IG stories, IGTV, Reels and IG Live.

How do these features help you become famous?

Well, the simple answer to this question is: Because these native features are themselves famous among users. Let’s discuss each one of them.

IG stories

People want a quick and effortless way of consuming content. Stories provide just that. You can easily post hundreds of stories and people can quickly skim through them in no time. This’s a great way to provide a sneak peek of your upcoming post or product. You can post behind the scene images showing your life at the backend or repost your best content.

 Instagram also provides tons of amazing stickers you can use in your stories.

For instance, the poll sticker lets you post a question with options that users can choose from.

The countdown sticker helps you set timers for an approaching event, and you can use the question sticker to let your followers ask you anything they want.

With stories, the possibilities are endless.


It’s Instagram’s form of television where you can share long videos based on your requirements.

This’s helpful when you need to share interviews, product demonstrations, or short movies.

Instagram also displays IGTV on the news feed, making it more visible to the users.


Reels took IG users by a storm. As TikTok lost its momentum, Instagram used this opportunity to launch reels.

You can use it to share short videos of 15-30 seconds. What’s amazing is there’re millions of sound effects and songs to compliment your content.

Whether you’re a content creator or brand, reels can help you entertain and educate your followers.

IG Live

Finally, we have the Live feature. The best part about IG Live is that when you go live, Instagram sends notifications to all your followers about your live session.

Your session also appears at the first position of the stories feed with a coloured ring around it to increase its visibility.

IG Live is great for attracting organic traffic and helps you host real-time conversations with your followers.

You can use it to organise Q&A sessions, announce company news, show around your workspace, unbox a product or have a casual chat with your fans.

Hence, use the native features to make the most out of them.

Engage with your audience


Now, you don’t want to be selfish to your followers. When you constantly ask them to engage with your content without engaging with them, you’re creating a poor impression of yourself.

Remember, social networks are like communities, which means you’ve to give before you ask. Also, when you engage with other accounts, they feel they should also engage with yours.

By interacting with your followers, you’ll provide them value and make them feel loved. This’ll help you build a loyal fan base.

How can you engage with your audience?

Comments section

This’s where all the discussions about your post happens. People express whether they love, agree, or hate your post. Hence, you can use the comments section to engage with your fans.

Start by replying to each comment, or at least like them. This’ll show people you care about their opinions. You can also mention random accounts and thank them for following you. Finally, take part in any conversations happening around your post or niche by giving your views.

Host giveaways and contests

Giveaways and contests that involve a prize work like a charm.

Who doesn’t want a free coupon or product?

People love when accounts host such events and eagerly take part in them.

You can use this opportunity to increase engagement of your content.

Ask your followers to like your posts, comment on them, tag their friends and share them. You can even ask people to follow you.

This’ll not only bring engagement but also assure people you care about them by hosting giveaways.


Another trick is to like, comment and share content of your followers and other relevant accounts in your niche.

By doing this, you’ll send powerful signals that you’re interested in their content and appreciate what they’re creating.

How does this help you?

This’ll not only urge them to check out your profile and engage with your posts but also build meaningful relations. If things go well, you can collaborate with accounts with more followers than you to produce content. This way you can increase your exposure in front of a new audience.

Host regular Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions are one of the best ways to engage with your audience.

You can use them as an opportunity to increase transparency between you and your followers.

For instance, you can ask them what they like about your content, what should you post next or what improvements they would want you to make.

Now, this’ll show them you’re eager to take their suggestions to improve your content.

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Also, people appreciate when accounts make efforts to provide them value.


Most people don’t take captions seriously, considering Instagram is all about the spark.

But this’s a huge mistake because good captions can tenfold your engagement.

You can use captions to tell a story about your posts and include call-to-actions urging your followers to like, comment or share.

Here’s how to write effective captions:

  • Write them short. Nobody wants to read blocks of texts while scrolling Instagram.
  • Ask a question at the end and urge people to answer by commenting.
  • If you’re publishing a product post, include a CTA asking followers to click your link in the bio.
  • If possible, sprinkle your target keywords in your captions.

Use Tags


Tagging is an amazing feature that lets you target a specific audience relevant to your content.

Let’s discuss the two common tags on Instagram.


These are keywords written after the “#” symbol.

For example: #YOLO, #MARKETING, etc.

Hashtags are incredibly helpful in categorizing your content and ensure your posts appear in front of the right audience.

Instagram also shows results based on the hashtags used.

Now, you can find some of the best hashtags in your niche by searching for them in the search bar, or you can just create your own.

Although, Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, but studies show10-12 hashtags work best. Finally, remember to only use the hashtags relevant to your content.

But finding the right hashtags and that too regularly is a tedious task which consumes loads of time.

To make this easy you can use TaskAnt.

Task Ant

Yes! TaskAnt is an amazing Instagram hashtag tool which offers many features like:

  • Finding 100’s of relevant hashtags with one click.
  • Hashtag analytics to measure the performance of your hashtags.
  • Creating hashtag sets for future use.
  • Building hashtag strategies on auto-pilot.
  • Using hashtags to find people who want your content.

And there’re more features. Hence, use TaskAnt to nail your hashtag game on Instagram.



What are geotags?

A geotag is when you tag your location in your post.

This helps you target local audience interested in your niche or content.

By tagging your location, you tell Instagram to display your content in front of people in your area or when someone local searches content in your niche.

Make the most of Instagram Analytics

Analytics 112

First, you need to have a business account to access the analytics feature of Instagram.

Why is Instagram analytics important?

Well, it’s a set a data or metrics that measure the performance of your content on the platform.

Think about it. If you’re only posting content without measuring their performances, then you would never know what’s working for you and what’s not.

Of course, the posts with more engagement show that people like them, but who has the time to go through every post?

But when you use Instagram analytics you get in-depth information about your audiences’ demographics, interests, when they are most active on the platform, how many meaningful connections you’re creating and the ability to track your advertisement campaigns.

By using these insights, you can identify your strengths and improve the areas where you’re lacking.

Hence, upgrade to a business account and measure your performance.

Monitor your competitors


You probably have many competitors in your niche giving you a hard time attracting potential followers.

What can you do?

Use them to your advantage by monitoring them.

How to do this?

Make a list of your top competitors and regularly monitor their posts/activities.

If they’ve more followers and receive more engagement than you, then they must be doing something better than you. Right?

Hence, obverse what type of content is working for them, how they interact with followers, what is their unique selling point and more. After all you share the same niche, so their followers are not much different from yours.

But remember, don’t just copy what they do. Most people fall for this, and it’s a huge mistake.

Although the niche is same still audience preferences might differ.

For instance, if video content is working for them, but your audience is happy with your infographics posts.

Why disturb what’s already working by sharing video content?

In such a situation, doing experiment is your saviour.

Take the time to post video content and measure its performance. If you notice positive results and engagement, then post them regularly.

Bottom-line: Take cues from your competitors and experiment their strategies before applying regularly.

Promote Promote Promote


Now, all that remains is to promote your content.

Promotion plays a vital part in increasing your profile exposure in front of potential followers.

Now, there’re various ways you can promote your content. Let’s discuss them.

Cross-platform promotion

Here, you can use all your other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc to share your Instagram posts.

Instagram even allows you to share directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Email signature

If you’ve an email list, use it by including your IG address in your newsletters. This’ll inform your subscribers of your Instagram presence.

Website Promotion

You can add a clickable Instagram button on your website to direct your website traffic to your profile. You can also embed screenshots of your posts in relevant blog posts.

Instagram ads

Finally, use Instagram Ads to create paid campaigns for your content.

Instagram offers various advertisement layouts to help you target audience based on your requirements.

You have stories-ads, carousel-ads, IGTV-ads, video-ads, photo-ads, collection-ads, and more.


There you go, all the proven ways you need to become famous on Instagram. Remember, there’s nothing as instant success on Instagram. If you want more followers and engagement, you’ll have to work hard and provide value to your followers which takes time.