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How To Fix Action Blocked Instagram Message

Author: Adam
Published:September 14, 2022
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How To Fix Action Blocked Instagram Message

Instagram is the second-largest social media platform in the world.

Millions of people around the world use it to share content over various niches and connect with friends.

The mobile application offers a plethora of exciting features to keep users engaged.

You can post reels, photos in many formats, stories, videos, share IGTV content, go live on the platform and more.

Well, after reading this, if you think Instagram is the absolute best, then it is. But this doesn’t mean users face no issues on the platform.

One of the major issues that users face on Instagram is getting action blocked.

When you get an action block, you see the message: “This action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.”

Recently, many users have complained about facing this issue. 

So, what can you do if you get action blocked on Instagram?

This is what we discuss in this article.

Today, you’ll learn how to fix the action block Instagram message.

Let’s get started…

What is an Instagram Action Blocked Error?


This is an error you face when you exceed the daily limits of the actions you perform on Instagram. When this happens, you get blocked from executing actions on the platform.

How Long Temporary Action Block on Instagram Lasts?

Say, you get action blocked on Instagram. How long does this block last? 

Well, the good news is the action block from Instagram is temporary. Hence, you needn’t freak out because the block gets lifted after a few hours.

The temporary block lasts for 48 hours, after which you can use your account with complete freedom.

Does Instagram inform you when they are going to lift the block?

Yes, sometimes Instagram provides you with a date. But mostly they don’t reveal the period for which you are getting blocked.

Why Am I Seeing “Action Blocked” Instagram Error?

Now, let’s understand what can force Instagram to action block you. There are many reasons Instagram can block you.

The first thing you need to understand is Instagram follows its Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, strictly.

This means you need to post content that Instagram considers relevant to the platform. You can’t post restricted content, like NSFW content.

Instagram also hates the use of automation and encourages users to stay away from bots. Hence, if you use a bot to grow interaction on your account, Instagram will block you.

You can also get blocked if you use a third-party service to complete actions on Instagram.

Why Am I Being Blocked on Instagram?

Instagram wants users to use in-platform resources to grow their accounts. They are strictly against the use of automation.

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Well, if you think about it, you will realise using a third-party automation tool is one of the best methods to boost engagement.

You can get thousands of followers and meaningful interactions like comments, shares, saves and likes on your posts within a few weeks.

A bot fastens the growth process by interacting massively with profiles you think are relevant to your niche.

This means, with a proper content strategy and an excellent automation bot, you can increase your growth 10 folds.

So, why on earth is Instagram trying to stop this?

Don’t they want users to grow on the platform?

Well, there are two reasons Instagram restricts the use of third-party automation tools.

The first reason is Instagram understands that only a small percentage of their users are aware of automation tools.

This means most users grow their profile by executing manual actions. Hence, Instagram wants to create a fair-growth environment on its platform.

The second and the prime reason is Instagram wants to make money. 

How can Instagram make money from restricting the use of automation?

Well, Instagram wants users to use the in-platform advertisement feature. These advertisements come in many forms and cost money.

You can promote your content, products, and profile by targeting the most relevant profile through advertisements.

Instagram earns most of its revenue from the money users spend on advertisements. Hence, to protect it from third-party tools, Instagram has put restrictions over them.

Therefore, when you use an automation tool to grow your account, Instagram blocks you.

Do I Risk My Account Getting Banned?


Let’s discuss the actions that are safe to execute and that can get you banned from Instagram.

Well, you can get banned if you use an automation bot or a third-party service to purchase bulk followers.

You also need to avoid posting restricted content that Instagram considers unsafe for its community.

They will send you a pre-ban warning, but if you still continue to post the restricted content ignoring their suggestion, they will ban you permanently.

What actions are safe to execute on Instagram?

Instagram supports manual actions you take to grow your account.

This means you can use third-party social media managers to monitor your profile statistics and advertisements to attract engagement and promote products.

How to Get Instagram Unblocked?

Now, let’s address the question of this article: How can you get unblocked on Instagram?

As you know that even if you get blocked on Instagram, the block is temporary and gets lifted after a few hours.

So, what can you do to lift the block?

1. Stop Automation

Automation is the prime reason users get blocked on the platform. Instagram wants to create a fair space for people to grow. They want you to utilise the In-platform resources to drive growth of your profile.

Hence, if you are already using an automation bot to execute actions to attract quick engagement to your profile, you need to stop it immediately.

Instagram monitors user actions to detect suspicious activity and blocks them. Hence, stop any kind of automation you are using.

2. Take a Break

There is no definite period for which the block lasts. There are some users who got their block lifted after 48 hours, while others had to wait for 7 days. Hence, the best thing you can do is take a break.

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Think about it.

Instagram’s action blocks you either for breaking its guidelines or overdoing actions.

In such cases, the only effective solution is to stop executing actions on the platform for some time.

This also allows you the time to come up with growth strategies to boost meaningful interactions on your profile.

3. Change your IP address


Another solution you can apply is changing your IP address. Instagram blocks IP addresses to stop users from accessing their accounts.

Hence, you can change your IP address and check if this unblocks you on Instagram.

Well, if you are on a Wi-Fi network, you can switch to your mobile network.

4. Link Instagram with Facebook Page


Using automation to execute actions on the platform makes Instagram think you are a bot or using a bot.

Hence, an excellent practice is to present yourself credible in front of Instagram.

One way to do this is by linking your Instagram account with your Facebook page. 

When you link your page with Instagram, this tells them you are an actual person and not a bot.

5. Switch Devices

Another solution that has helped many users is changing devices.

In simple words, sometimes using a different device to log in to Instagram solves the issue.

Hence, you can try this and check if this works.

6. Report it to Instagram

If none of the above solutions help you. The last thing you can do is report this problem to Instagram. 

This will help you get in touch with their team. They can explain why you got action blocked and how you get unblocked.

How to Avoid Getting Blocked by Instagram?

Well, you can always not let the block happen.

And trust the cliché: “Prevention is better than cure.” 

There are a few things you can do to stay on the safe side.

1. Don’t Use Automation


Instagram monitors the actions users execute on its platform.

This means the Instagram team monitors the methods used by users to grow their account.

As you know, Instagram is strictly against the use of bots and blocks accounts that utilise automation tools.

Hence, if you use third-party automation bots to execute actions, Instagram will block you.

How Does Instagram Detect a Bot Action?

Automation bots quickly interact with thousands of profiles by liking their posts, commenting, and following them.

Imagine, following 200 accounts in one hour. 

Well, this raises red flags with Instagram, and they block you.

2. Don’t Complete Too Many Actions

Too many actions lead Instagram to think you are a bot.

Say you liked 300 posts in a few hours, or followed 200 accounts within an hour. 

Well, such actions will force Instagram to block you immediately. 

Hence, try to execute a stable growth strategy that doesn’t involve completing too many actions in a short period.

Action Blocked Instagram: Final Thoughts 

There you have it. Now, you know what causes Instagram to action block your account and how you can fix it.

Reason this happens is when you use automation bots to drive growth and post restricted content consistently.

Hence, take your time to rebuild the strategies that involve organic actions to grow your profile.