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How To Disable The Ctrl-Shift-Q Shortcut 

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:July 13, 2022
2 mins 45 secs

If you’re tired of mixing up keyboard shortcuts, you might want to know how to disable the Ctrl-Shift-Q shortcut. The good news is that there’s a way to get rid of this shortcut via your settings. You only need to take simple steps to disable the Ctrl-Shift-Q shortcut and replace it with something else. 

You cannot entirely disable the Ctrl-Shift-Q shortcut and end the frustration of closing all tabs suddenly, but you can override it. Begin by opening the extensions section of Chrome, from where you’ll select an extension. Secondly, click on the box next to the extension. Input ‘Ctrl-Shift-Q’ in the box and click OK to assign another function to the shortcut. 

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What Does the Ctrl-Shift-Q Do?

If you’re unfamiliar, the Chrome shortcut Ctrl-Shift-Q instantly shuts all open tabs and windows. While you may rarely find it useful, shortcuts have other disadvantages. For one thing, it can suddenly close all your work, and you may lose your progress. 

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What then may make you click on these key combinations? The Ctrl-Shift-Tab keyboard shortcut, which switches back to the previous tab in the active window, is agonizingly close to this action. Hence, when clicking Ctrl-Shift-T, you may accidentally click on Ctrl-Shift-Q. 

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How to Disable the Ctrl-Shift-Q Shortcut

Surprisingly, getting rid of the frustration you get from this shortcut is quite easy. With a few clicks around Chrome, the Ctrl-Shift-Q Shortcut won’t be closing all your tabs suddenly anymore. 

However, bear in mind that you cannot completely disable the shortcut – you can only override it. This means that instead of stopping it completely, you can assign another function to it. Hence, if you mistakenly click on the ‘Q’ instead of ‘T,’ you shouldn’t face serious consequences. 

Follow the processes below to disable the Ctrl-Shift-Q shortcut in Chrome:

1. Go to Your Chrome Extensions

Type chrome://extensions into your browser’s address bar. This will open the Chrome Extensions page. When this opens up, find the part labeled ‘keyboard shortcuts.’ 

If you don’t want to browse the extension page, use Chrome’s drop-down menu – the three dots at the top. There’ll be extension options present in the drop-down menu. 

2. Select an Extension 

Click the box next to the extension after choosing anyone you prefer. You’ll need to install one if you don’t have any extensions. Visit the Chrome extension store and install any basic extension for the process. 

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When it is ready for input and active, the box will change color and say, “Type a shortcut.” Make sure you see that text before continuing to the next step. If not, you’ll mistakenly activate the dreaded Ctrl-Shift-Q command and force all of your tabs to close.

3. Finish the Process

To ensure the box is active, use your keyboard to press Ctrl-Shift-Q. End it by tapping on the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the screen.

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That’s all it takes to get rid of that frustration. You’ve essentially just added your Ctrl-Shift-Q shortcut in place of Chrome’s standard Ctrl-Shift-Q shortcut. Therefore, the next time your fingers unintentionally press that combination, the extension you selected will open.