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How To Apply To Walgreens 

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:July 13, 2022
3 mins 33 secs

You’ll need to know how to apply to Walgreens if you want to secure a job at this leading pharmaceutical store. Though the process may seem quite complex, completing a successful application to Walgreens is possible. 

To begin the process, go through the Walgreens website, where you’ll find the ‘Apply Now’ instruction. You will have to review specific information concerning hiring processes and consent to it. Afterward, there will be a Q&A session to help the company better understand the candidate. Once you’re done, review your answers and submit the application.

Walgreens is a dream company for several young people, and a job here could be all you ever wanted. Continue with this informative post to get full details on handling your Walgreens application. 

What is Walgreens?

After CVS Health, The Walgreens Company is the second-largest chain of pharmacies in the United States. The primary products that Walgreens sells are both over-the-counter and prescription medicines. It also offers several other products and services, such as photos, health and beauty products, greeting cards, and gifts. 

The headquarters of the business is conveniently situated in Chicago, the location of the original Walgreens. Today, there are so many of these businesses that 76% of Americans live no more than five miles from one. This is probably one of the elements influencing how well-liked the pharmacy chain is.

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Benefits of Working in Walgreens

You can choose from various doctors and plans if you work at Walgreens and receive comprehensive health insurance. You’ll have access to general medical, dental, vision, and if you choose orthodontic coverage through your health plan. Prescriptions will also be filled at a discount.

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For qualified team members, Walgreens provides cash rewards. A 401(k) plan is available with an employer match of up to 4 percent to assist you in saving for retirement. The business provides qualified employees with paid term life insurance. 

You could have up to $25,000 in coverage if paid hourly. Employees can also choose to pay more money for more life insurance.

How to Apply to Walgreens

Follow the simple processes below to apply to Walgreens:

1. Visit the Official Website

Start by going to the primary careers website. By selecting “Career Areas,” you may select a career field. Select the correct page, then click the “Apply Online” link in the website’s center.

2. Begin the Application Process

To begin the formal application process, the candidate must create an account. Applicants with accounts can log in by entering their SSN (Social Security Number) on the left. If not, open a new account using the “Register” option.

Fill up all the required profile information, and a “Job Opportunities” page will pop up. By inputting a zip code, city, or state, the applicant may choose locations closest to their needs. Check the matching box for the chosen position.

Use the drop-down option to specify the candidate’s willingness to travel for work. Click the box next to any place with a yellow “Apply Now” link. Select all the companies you are keen to work for (to simultaneously apply to multiple locations).

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3. Review the Necessary Information

Users will then be directed to a “Welcome” page where they must assess the information provided by the EEO links.

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An applicant must review the AAP information. Once you’ve reviewed the information, click Continue. You may then apply for electronic consent. Select “Electronic Signature” after providing your name and SSN last four numbers.

Complete all of the contact information fields on the page’s forms. Afterward, click the link to continue the application.

4. Pass the Q&A Phase

To be hired by this firm, the candidate must consent to specified hiring practices. You will be given a prompt and need to read and choose your responses.

Your availability for employment will be requested in the following area, and three references afterward. Once done, respond to inquiries about your academic history.

Choose the languages that you can speak. Any more queries will be addressed to the applicant. Respond to each set of inquiries and proceed with the process.

5. Submit Your Application

End your application process by signing electronically and then submitting.


You will successfully complete your Walgreens application with these steps. Once you’re done, sit tight and wait for the review process and feedback.