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How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Forever 21?

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Published:February 19, 2024
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Deciding to join the workforce is a significant step, and if you’re interested in fashion retail, you may want to know how old do you have to be to work at Forever 21.

To work at Forever 21, the minimum age requirement is generally 16 years old.

However, this can vary by position and location, as some roles or regions may have specific age requirements due to legal restrictions.

If you’re under 18, you may need a work permit to be employed, depending on the labor laws of your state.

Keep in mind, some stores within the company do set the bar at 18 and up, especially for certain positions.

Forever 21 often has opportunities that cater to those starting their first job, with roles that can introduce you to retail and customer service.

Before applying, it’s a good idea to check the specific age requirements for the store location where you’re interested in working.

This can help ensure that you meet the criteria and are eligible to take the next steps towards securing a position with Forever 21.

Remember, the company values a diverse workforce and provides various opportunities that might be suitable for your entry into the retail industry.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Forever 21?

To embark on a career at Forever 21, you must be at least 16 years old.

This age requirement applies uniformly across various locations in the United States.

Eligibility Verification

Before you apply to Forever 21, ensure that you meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years old.

If you’re under 18, your state may also require you to obtain a work permit.

Be prepared to provide age proof during the hiring process, which could include presenting a birth certificate, state ID, or driver’s license.

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Resume And Interview Tips

When preparing your resume, focus on any relevant experience that can showcase your customer service skills, even if that experience is informal or volunteer work.

During the interview process, demonstrate enthusiasm for fashion and the retail industry.

It’s important to articulate why you want to work at Forever 21 specifically, aligning your personal interests with the brand’s image.

Work Permit And Legal Considerations

When considering employment at Forever 21, you must be aware of the work permit requirements and state-specific age regulations that could affect your eligibility.

State-Specific Age Regulations

The minimum age for working at Forever 21 generally starts at 16 years old.

However, some states may allow you to work earlier with a work permit. For example:

sales associate job in mall
  • New Jersey: Minimum working age is 16.
  • Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, etc.: You can work from age 14 with a work permit.

To see if your state allows employment at a younger age with a work permit, check the local state labor website for the most current information.

Work Permit Procedures

If you’re under the age of 18 and meet the minimum age requirement for your state, you may need to obtain a work permit.

Here’s a brief outline of what that typically involves:

  • Secure a job offer from Forever 21.
  • Obtain a work permit application from your school or state labor department.
  • Complete the application with necessary details including your job offer.
  • Submit the application for approval, usually through your school or a state official.

Keep in mind that work permits often come with restrictions on how many hours you can work, especially during the school year.

Benefits Of Working At Forever 21

When you join the Forever 21 team, you’ll enjoy several perks that make the job valuable beyond your paycheck.

Employee Discounts

  • Generous Discounts:
  • You receive a notable discount on merchandise, allowing you to enjoy the latest fashion trends without straining your wallet.
  • Family & Friends Benefits:
  • Occasionally, your loved ones can also benefit from special discount events.

Career Advancement Opportunities

  • Promotion from Within:
  • Forever 21 often promotes employees to higher positions, giving you a clear pathway to advance your career.
  • Training and Development:
  • You have access to various training programs that help refine your skills and prepare you for potential leadership roles.
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Hours And Scheduling At Forever 21

When you’re considering a position at Forever 21, it’s important to understand the expectations regarding work hours and scheduling:

marcus urbenz r1uQZcPw424 unsplash
  • Part-time Hours: Typically, part-time employees at Forever 21 can expect to work anywhere from 4 to 8+ hours per day.
    • However, be aware that the number of hours can vary greatly depending on the store’s needs.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: One aspect you might encounter is a variable schedule.
    • It’s common in retail for schedules to change weekly, so you’ll need to be adaptable.
  • Full-time Employment: If you’re aiming for full-time employment, plan for standard retail working hours, which often include evenings, weekends, and holidays.
    • Remember, longer shifts are more frequent for full-time staff.
  • Managing Availability: Your ability to manage and communicate your availability is key.
    • Forever 21 uses a rotating schedule, so keep your availability up to date and discuss any time off needs with your manager.

Here’s a simple breakdown to help you understand typical shifts:

Shift TypeDuration
Short Shift4-5 hours
Standard Shift8 hours
Extended Shift8+ hours (as needed)

Always check your scheduled hours in advance and maintain open communication with your supervisor.

By understanding the scheduling process, you’ll be better prepared to balance work with your personal life.

Key Takeaways

When considering employment at Forever 21, you should note the following key points:

Minimum Age Requirement:

  • You must be at least 16 years old to be eligible for most positions.
  • Some roles may require you to be 18 years old, especially if they involve managerial duties.

Work Permits:

  • If you’re under 18, you may need a work permit prior to starting employment.

Positions Available:

  • Job offerings typically include sales associates, stock clerks, cashiers, supervisors, and management roles.


  • Forever 21 generally prefers applicants with a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Regardless of age, a passion for fashion, strong communication skills, and a commitment to customer service are important.


  • Check with the local Forever 21 store or their official website for the most accurate and updated hiring practices.
  • Variations in age requirements can occur due to local laws and regulations.
Age Limit16+ for entry-level, 18+ for certain roles
Work PermitRequired for minors
Preferred QualificationsHigh school diploma, customer service skills