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How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Dutch Bros?

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Published:February 17, 2024
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If you’re excited about the opportunity to become part of a coffee house team, you need to know how old do you have to be to work at Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros Coffee, a company known for its enthusiastic service and community focus, has a general minimum age requirement of 16 years for employment.

This minimum age applies across the company, so if you’re 16 or older, you’re at the starting line for a potential job at one of their lively locations.

However, it’s important to remember that local operations may vary because each Dutch Bros shop is independently operated.

Some shops might have specific age requirements that are higher than the company-wide standard.

So, it’s a smart move to check with the specific location where you want to work for any additional age criteria they might enforce.

Applying for a position at Dutch Bros is straightforward. Interested candidates may visit Dutch Bros’ official website to search for job openings and apply to work at a local shop.

When applying, make sure you meet the educational requirements and residency stipulations, since the company often seeks current or recent college students who live in states where Dutch Bros has operational stores.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Dutch Bros?

If you’re interested in joining the Dutch Bros team, you must be at least 16 years old to apply.

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This is a company-wide policy, but keep in mind that some locations may implement additional age requirements due to local labor laws.

When planning to apply for a position at any Dutch Bros location, it’s straightforward:

  • Confirm you meet the age requirement. All applicants must be 16 years or older.
  • Check local variations. Some stores might have higher age minimums; it’s wise to verify with your local Dutch Bros shop.

Now, once you’ve determined you’re of age, applying is just a few clicks away:

  1. Visit the Dutch Bros online application page.
  2. Enter your location to see open positions.
  3. Follow directions to apply for a role that fits you.

Should there be an opening suited for you, and your application impresses, the shop’s management will reach out using the contact details you’ve provided.

It’s a good idea to ensure the information on your application is current to facilitate smooth communication.

Remember, being enthusiastic and showing a genuine interest in the company can only benefit your application.

Good luck, and maybe soon, you’ll be part of the lively Dutch Bros family!

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Employment Eligibility And Laws

When you’re interested in working at Dutch Bros, it’s important to consider the legal age requirements.

These regulations ensure both your safety and compliance with labor laws.

Federal Law:
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the minimum age for employment is set at 14 years old.

However, restrictions apply for those under 16 regarding the number of hours you can work.

Dutch Bros Requirements:
For a position at Dutch Bros, you generally need to be at least 16 years old.

This is the age where you’re presumed to have a reasonable level of maturity and the ability to take on responsibility.

RegionMinimum Age Requirement
Most locations16 years old
Select locations18 years old

Certain locations might have higher age requirements due to state-specific labor laws or permits needed for employment.

Before applying, it’s a good idea to check the specific requirements for your local Dutch Bros as they can vary.

Visit their website or contact the store directly to get the information you need.

If you’re in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Sweethome, Oregon, for example, you must be 18 years old to work at Dutch Bros.

Remember, these laws and regulations are in place to protect you and ensure a fair work environment.

Always verify the exact age requirement for your area before applying.

Job Opportunities At Dutch Bros

Seeking a job at Dutch Bros can be an exciting venture for anyone with a love for coffee and vibrant social interaction.

If you’re at least 16 years old, you’re eligible to apply for a position with this energetic brand, known as a Broista, which is their playful term for a barista.

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Locations are independently operated, so age requirements might vary—some shops may require you to be older.

To find a job at a Dutch Bros shop near you, check out their official application portal by visiting

If you’re interested in a position at their headquarters, keep an eye on openings listed on their careers page.

Note that some roles may be specific in their requirements, seeking applicants who are recent graduates or those who reside in a state where Dutch Bros operates.

Here’s a quick list to help you get started:

  • Minimum Age: 16 years (may vary by location)
  • Position: Barista (Broista) and other roles
  • How to Apply:

Remember, each Dutch Bros location might follow its local regulations regarding employment, so it’s smart to touch base with your local Dutch Bros and inquire directly.

Application Process

To join the Dutch Bros team, you’ll start by finding job openings.

First, navigate to the Dutch Bros careers page and enter your location to search for available positions.

Once you find a position that suits you, you can apply directly through their website.

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Steps To Apply:

  1. Search for Jobs:
  2. Fill Out the Application:
    • Complete the application form with your personal details, education, and any relevant work experience.
    • Ensure to double-check for accuracy.
  3. Submit the Application:
    • After filling out the form, submit it either online or by handing it in at the location you’re applying to, if applicable.

Important Tips:

  • Check Minimum Age Requirements:
    • You must be at least 16 years old to work at Dutch Bros.
    • Some shops may have additional age restrictions.
    • Verify with the local Dutch Bros shop.
  • Prepare for Follow-Up:
    • Keep an eye on your email and phone for a potential response from Dutch Bros regarding the next steps.

Remember, your application is your first impression—make sure it’s thorough and reflects your enthusiasm for joining the Dutch Bros family!

Training And Development

Upon starting your journey at Dutch Bros, you will be welcomed with a comprehensive training program designed to set you up for success.

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Dutch Bros values its team members and ensures you receive proper guidance from the get-go.

Here’s what you can expect in your training:

  • Introduction Training: You’ll start with a 2-day introductory training where you get familiar with the Dutch Bros culture and basic job duties.
  • Hands-On Experience: After your initial introduction, you’ll get hands-on training at your location.
    • This will involve learning how to make drinks, operate the cash register, and deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Continued Learning: Dutch Bros supports continuous development, so expect ongoing training to help you keep up with new products, promotions, and any necessary skills to thrive in your role.
    • Make sure to bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn; Dutch Bros Coffee is a fast-paced environment, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Your team will be there to support you every step of the way!

Key Takeaways

  • Minimum Age Requirement: You must be at least 16 years old to work at Dutch Bros.
    • This age requirement applies company-wide.
  • Local Variations: Some Dutch Bros locations may have additional age requirements.
    • It’s wise to check with your local Dutch Bros for any specific age policies.
  • Job Application Process:
    • Visit Dutch Bros Apply to look for job openings and apply to shops in your area.
    • Ensure you meet the location-based eligibility and are a recent or current college student.
  • Job Opportunities: Entry-level jobs are available, making it a suitable choice for high school and college students looking for their first job.
  • Community Involvement: If you are interested in joining an organization that values giving back, Dutch Bros places importance on community contribution and social responsibility.
Age Requirement16+ (with possible local variations)
Application ProcessOnline via Dutch Bros official website
EligibilityRecent/current college students preferred
ValuesCommunity involvement and social responsibility

Remember, the application process and age requirements can change, so always check the most current information available from Dutch Bros directly.