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How Does An Amazon Sign-On Bonus Work?

Author: Jimmy Barron
Published:September 14, 2022
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How does an Amazon sign-on bonus work? You may ask that question if you’ve just started working at Amazon. These bonuses also interest people looking for employment in companies with large warehouse operations.

Amazon gives new employees a sign-on bonus for the first and second year after employment. The sign-on bonuses are divided by the 12 months of the year and paid out monthly. If you are entitled to a $ 48 000 bonus in year one, you will get a $ 4,000 bonus each month. And the process repeats itself until you’ve received all your bonuses.

What is an Amazon Sign-On Bonus?

Amazon sign-on bonuses are given to new full-time employees during their first and second years at the company. The bonuses also apply to former Amazon employees who want to resume working at the company.

Companies like Amazon that run massive warehouse operations are in competition with each other to get talented workers during peak season.

How Much Are Amazon Sign-On Bonuses?

Amazon uses sign-on bonus incentives to get enough staff to take care of customer orders and perform other company responsibilities. The bonuses range from $ 1000 to $ 5,000, depending on one’s position. Some locations also accompany Amazon bonuses with pay rises.

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However, it’s important to note that not all Amazon locations offer employees bonuses or pay raises. Therefore, if you are interested in working at Amazon, apply at a facility that offers sign-on bonuses.

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Who is Eligible for an Amazon Sign-On Bonus?

Amazon sign-on bonuses are given to new employees, senior employees such as area managers, and repeat employees. These bonuses are subject to taxation that’s calculated higher than that of regular pay. They also differ based on an employee’s hire date, position at the company, and work schedule.

Sign-on bonuses in Amazon are paid out differently. Senior employees get more than junior employees, and their bonuses are paid in lump sums during the first year. Night shift workers also get higher bonuses than morning shifters.

Amazon workers get bonuses under strict conditions, such as a rule that they adhere to their work schedule. Some locations have even been known to cancel bonuses for shift workers who change their work schedules or quit too early.

How to Get an Amazon Sign-On Bonus?

While you may think of leaving Amazon and re-applying for a job there to get bonuses, it’s not recommended. These jobs are not always guaranteed, and the sign-on bonuses sometimes dry up.

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New and repeat employees who’ve just been re-hired at Amazon are only assigned bonuses after they start working. The bonuses may appear on payday or after, depending on the location’s pay schedule. If your sign-on bonus takes too long to arrive, speak to your HR representative or shift supervisor.


Now you know the answer to “How does Amazon sign-on bonus work?” If you are planning to work at the company, this is a great incentive for you to make an application. The same case applies to past workers of Amazon.

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Amazon has many more hiring incentives you can take advantage of, such as vaccination and referral bonuses. Therefore, applying for a job at Amazon is an excellent idea if you are currently looking for work.