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Helper Tools for Instagram Review: Is it Safe?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
6 mins 30 secs
Review of Helper Tools for Instagram: Is it Safe?

Instagram bots are growing in popularity because of their automation features.

Imagine building your presence while sipping your coffee because bots help you complete your task and bring engagement in no time.

While this’s an intriguing prospect that simplifies the tough work of building an organic audience, it’s also important to choose to right bot for the job.

This’s because the wrong bot can destroy your credibility and get you banned.

Today, we’ll discuss one such bot called Helper Tools for Instagram.

Let’s get started…

What is Helper Tools for Instagram?

Helper Tools for Instagram v2

Helper Tools for Instagram is a Chrome extension that uses automation to work on your behalf. You can use it to analyse users, like posts, block & unblock and follow & unfollow accounts.

Considering bots that use automation to perform some basic actions on Instagram, Helper Tools offer unique features to its users.

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How to get started?

To get started with Helper Tools, you need to download it from the Chrome Extension Web store. You can also visit their official website and click on “Get started Now”.

Remember from the chrome store you get the free version of the extension, but there’s a premium version available at $10/month.

After you’ve installed it, visit the Instagram desktop site and click on the extension. You’re good to go.

Key Features

Now, let’s go through what features Helper Tools offers to its users.

Analyse followers

You want our followers to increase. This is because more followers mean more engagement and exposure. But these followers need to be relevant to your content and niche.

Say, you’re a logo designer but engage with profiles that publish with digital marketing content.

Do you think you’re targeting the right audience?

Of course not, because people who’re in the digital marketing niche would be least interested in your content.

Hence, relevancy of the audience is important if you want to grow your presence.

But it’s easier said than done because finding the right audience is a tedious task and requires lots of research.

This’s where Helper Tools comes into play.

With its analysing feature, you can get a list of all the users who follow the target account specified by you. There’s also an option to get the list of the profiles that your target account follows. You can even export the lists into .xlsx and .csv formats. By using this feature, you can identify the best accounts to target.

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Analyse likes & comments

Now, you’ve the list of all the accounts you want to target. But it’s a good practice to narrow down your search to accounts that engage more with the content in your niche. Confused?

Let me explain.

Consider your Instagram account as an e-commerce store. Now, there would be many customers who’ll come to buy your products, but among them you’ll find a few customers who spend more than others. And it’s natural you’ll want to always sell to them because you’ll be getting more money.

Now, think of those big spending customers as Instagram accounts that engage the most compared to others. These are the accounts you want to target and want among your followers.

How can you identify them from your list?

Helper Tools has a fantastic feature that lets you find the total number of likes and comments on an account.

By using the information, you’ll identify the most active profile and hence target them.


Liking other users’ content is an incredible method to attract engagement to your content.

When you interact with your followers’ content regularly, it shows that you care about them and appreciate them for following you.

Hence, the more you engage, the more engagement you attract.

But liking every post you come across is one hell of a task. This is where Helper Tools auto-like feature comes in. You can set it to like all the posts that appear in your home feed. If you want to target specific users, then you can set the auto-liker to like posts of only those users.

What if you want to engage with people outside your feed?

You can do this by specifying hashtags to the auto-liker, and it’ll like posts of users using those hashtags.

This’s helpful when you want more exposure for your content and attract new followers.

Auto-follow & unfollow

This feature lets you input a list of followers and specify which users you want to follow and which to unfollow.

Suppose you analysed several target users and now have a huge list of accounts that you want to follow.

You can simply use the auto-follow feature to do it without manually doing it.

Similarly, if you’ve a list of accounts you want to unfollow, you can do it with the auto-unfollow feature.

Helper Tools knows that this’s against Instagram algorithm hence uses time delays to avoid possible suspicions.

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Reasons for not using it

Helper Tools for Instagram v2

Helper Tools offers several helpful features, but it’s not worth it.

Confused? Let’s discuss why you should avoid using it.

Version 2 is a scam

Recently, Helper Tools launched the second version (V2) of the extension. When a tool gets updated, it’s natural to expect that its features upgrade with it and bring new functionalities. But the V2 of the Helper Tools is a scam. Let me explain.

The biggest update with V2 is the payment method. It’s difficult to believe that they did little to no work to improve the features which are the bread and butter of their extension.

Think about it. Why would you use Helper Tools or any tool in the first place?

The obvious answer is for their features that help you simply your tasks. Helper Tools didn’t mention if you could target more users, analyse more data, or get more followers. This means the V2 is a marketing strategy to bag more customers.

You don’t really get any value from it.

It’s mostly buggy

Remember how we discussed all the amazing features that Helper Tools offers. The only problem is that the extension is buggy. This means while using it on your browser, you’ll come across several breaks and problems that’ll cause your desired actions to fail or crash.

This might not be an issue if you don’t spend your money with the free version that lets your target up to 1000 users. But if you’re investing $10 per month only to use a buggy extension, that’s a big deal.

Malware prone

Many times Chrome extensions bring malware and viruses with them.

This means by downloading Helper Tools you’re putting your device at risk of getting infected by viruses.

Your account could be banned

Instagram knows best about the practices of bots and discourages their uses. Hence, by using a bot like Helper Tools, you’re violating Instagram’s terms of service, which puts you at the risk of getting banned.

Puts your information at risk

When you install the Helper Tools extension, it asks you to grant certain permissions. The problem is, you don’t know what you’re granting access to. By doing this, you’re putting your information at risk. The extension might misuse or leak your data.

Review Conclusion

There you have it. This’s all about the Helper Tools extension and its features. No matter what it offers, it’s a bot that uses automation to attract engagement. It’s malware prone and puts your information at risk.

Hence, stay clear of it because, unlike Helper Tools, there are alternative growth services that provide real value to their customers.