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5 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

Author: Adam
Published:March 26, 2022
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Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

Twitter was the first social media platform to use hashtags in 2007, but that doesn’t mean they’re totally out of use now in 2020.

Since the invention of the hashtag for social media in 2007, there has been a movement for the importance of hashtags; in fact, they’re more pertinent than ever. Hashtags define the success of posts on Instagram, including many other social media platforms. 

The maximum amount of hashtags that are allowed by Instagram is 30, so you won’t be able to include more than that in your posts.

It seems really difficult to understand hashtag strategy and how it can work in your favor, but actually, it’s not that complicated. There are so many simple strategies to make hashtags work for you. 

The most important thing about hashtag strategy is that you are able to identify the most valuable hashtags to use within your niche and which hashtags are most likely to gain you access to the most profitable areas, including the explore page as well as the top photo spot in your hashtag feed. 

It’s important that you avoid using the same hashtags in multiple posts, as Instagram will no longer honor posts like this and they will perform poorly against the algorithm.

There are much better strategies to keep your Instagram healthy in terms of algorithms. 

So, you may be wondering, which hashtags should you be using? There are so many different services that can offer you hashtag ideas and suggestions, as well as give you insight into which hashtags are performing best in your niche or market.

Creating an optimal hashtag strategy is vital to any Instagram success. 

In this very saturated Instagram platform, using an Instagram hashtag tool can help you to identify the best tags to give your content a competitive edge in your market. 

In this article, we’ll give you our top picks for Instagram hashtag generator tools that can boost your Instagram reach to the next level.

We want to make sure we get our social media platforms ready to take on the new year with the best tools out there. 

Why are Hashtags Important? 

On a platform with so much content and competition, it would be almost impossible to organize things without hashtags.

With endless photos, videos, stories, and posts, there needs to be some way to help spread all of this content out to viewers who may want to see it. 

This is exactly the job of hashtags. When you use a hashtag on your content, it links it to the stream of content that is attached to that hashtag.

That way, content that aligns or relates to specific topics can all be organized in one spot, which allows people who want to see that content to find it easily. 

It also broadens your feed to more users aside from those that you actually follow; now, you can follow hashtag feeds on Instagram so that photos using that hashtag will pop up in your main photo feed.

This can be a great way for your content to be discovered, as anyone who follows a certain hashtag feed will see your photo. 

One thing to keep in mind is that hashtags work best when your profile is public; if your profile is not public, your content won’t appear to anyone who isn’t already following you, thus making your content less discoverable with less reach.

It’s in your best interest to keep your profile public so that more people can have access to your content. 

Now that we know why hashtags are important, let’s take a look at the best options for hashtag generators and tools that can help make sure your hashtag strategy is on point.

What is a Hashtag Generator? 

Just real quick, before we look at the generators, we figure we’d better clarify what exactly a hashtag generator is.

Since using hashtags on Instagram can sometimes be a bit confusing, especially in terms of choosing the right ones, a hashtag generator will give you the best information that can help you decide. 

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They have a few features, but often they will give you a space to type in your keyword or topic, and then it will give you the best hashtags based on performance and popularity, as well as usage. 

Sometimes they’ll also offer you the ability to create hashtag sets and organize your top-used hashtags and track your progress.

You can also see trending hashtags and what is performing well on Instagram in specific niches. 

While each hashtag generator has its own interface and sets of features, this is the main function of a hashtag generator. 

Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools 

The following tools and generators will allow you to optimize your hashtag use on Instagram and reach more people. We love that! These tools are must-haves. 



Flick is definitely our favorite Instagram hashtag generator! The platform is super user-friendly and can help you find the best hashtags for your content so that more people will be reached. 

You’ll be able to look for the most popular or successful hashtags based on your keywords or topics, and you’ll also be able to track and curate your hashtag strategy through sets and testing of hashtag groups. 

When you are effective in choosing high-performing hashtags, you won’t have any problems in terms of reaching more people.

In fact, when you know your target audience really well, using hashtags will get your content consistently under the eyes of the right users, which is exactly what you need in order to grow your followers. 

Flick makes it so easy for your hashtags to pull in the necessary followers and know what’s working and what’s not. It’s much more convenient to stay organized with your hashtags and know what you’re going to use. 

You can also create your own hashtags and see hashtag analytics to make sure that you know how hashtags are performing. Awesome. 

Flick has really great service support and the insights that you’ll gain from Flick is invaluable. It’s without a doubt worth it in order to gain the competitive edge on your hashtag strategy. 



Hashtagify is another hashtag generator that can help you to analyze hashtags, find hashtags that will work for you, and boost your hashtag performance. 

It will give you the option to search hashtags both on Instagram and Twitter in order to find out key performance metrics about the hashtags: what are the trends, what is the popularity ranking, what are some suggested similar hashtags, and other information like this. 

Hashtag marketing helps your content perform better, so it’s really important that you understand how hashtags are performing on the platforms and which ones are more likely to gain reach and get more people seeing your content. 

Hashtagify offers a variety of plans that cater to your needs depending on what exactly you’re looking for, which means you’ll probably be able to find an option that works for you as well as for your budget. 

Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll be able to see how your hashtag strategy is working as well as other accounts out there that are using it; having knowledge of this information is vital in terms of Instagram strategy.

If you don’t know how things are looking in your niche, you will be less likely to gain the followers you need as your hashtags will just be random. 

Hashtag generators like Hashtagify can help.  



Sistrix is a toolkit that will help with SEO and some other things, so it’s not a dedicated hashtag generator, but they do have a useful hashtag generator option for Instagram.

SEO is a really useful element of this platform if you have products or services that you offer and want to enhance your content as well as see how SEO keywords are performing; these can also sometimes be indicators of hashtag performance, although the two are totally separate and used for different purposes. 

Sistrix’s hashtag generator will take millions of different hashtag combinations and help to suggest the best ones for the keywords that you entered.

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It’s a relatively straightforward service and just has the one feature, so it doesn’t give as much comprehensive information that you might get with a hashtag generator like Flick, but it can still be valuable if that’s all you need it to do. 

It’s easy to use and they’ll provide you with up to 25 hashtag searches daily without registration, but if you want more, you’ll have to register.

Upon doing your search, they’ll give you a bunch of different hashtag suggestions for each of your keywords ranked in order. 

If you want a simple, no-frills hashtag tool, Sistrix might be a good option for you. You won’t get the in-depth analysis, but it could still work for you. 

Display Purposes

Display Purposes

Display Purposes has an interesting and unique hashtag generator tool that gives you the opportunity to do a few different things.

The black search bar at the top is the hashtag generator; it will allow you to put in some keywords and then it will generate a list of related hashtags that can give you insight into how things are trending on Instagram. 

It can also give you a breakdown of how they’re being used, where they’re trending, among other metrics.

There’s another black search bar down below which allows you to put in your Instagram username and it will generate some analytics based on your profile.

This feature won’t be available unless you register, but it will give you a breakdown on your hashtag use and see how things are performing. It’s simple and straightforward. 

Display Purposes has a lively color scheme and also has a unique image and branding. It’s really easy to use and can help you to understand a variety of different elements of hashtag use and strategy for your niche. 

All Hashtag

All Hashtag

All Hashtag is all about hashtags, and they will give you a generator, creator, analytics, as well as top performing hashtags.

This can be useful if you need to expand your hashtag strategy and want to discover more about various hashtags and how they’re trending. 

All of the tools are at the top and you can select which one you want to use.

All Hashtag can help you to create hashtags if you want to create one for a brand and prompt your users to tag it in their posts; this is a great way to engage with users and also grab some user-generated content. 

Even if you don’t use a hashtag generator to create your hashtags, using a custom hashtag can give you a leg up on building your brand reputation.

It will be especially useful if you get people to tag their posts because that boosts your brand’s credibility. 

Wrap Up: Best Hashtag Generators

It’s no question that the likelihood of growing your Instagram is totally dependent upon your use of hashtags.

Remember, hashtags are made much less effective if your Instagram is private, so you’ll want to make sure that it is public before you try to expand any hashtag strategy. 

Using a hashtag generator is an excellent way to have a bigger understanding of what is working for users on the platform, and which hashtags are likely to gain you better results and help your content perform better on the platform. 

While there is no agreed-upon magic hashtag number, the platform allows you to use up to 30 per post, and people have sometimes agreed that 11 is a good number.

You can use hashtags in your caption directly, space them out and put them towards the bottom of the caption, include them mixed into your caption, as well as add hashtags into the first comment once you make your post. 

All of these different options are basically up to personal preference; it’s a good idea to test a variety of different ways and see which ones perform better so that you can keep what works and avoid doing what doesn’t. 

You can also use your own custom hashtags which can be useful if you want to capture user-generated content; your brand or business will basically have it’s own go-to hashtag feed when you create and perpetually use your created hashtag, which can be great for generating interest and building your reputation.