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GrowBot for Instagram Review: Is It too Cheap to Be Effective?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
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GrowBot for Instagram Review: Is It too Cheap to Be Effective?

Instagram may be all selfies and food images for some people, but to influencers, businesses, and brands, this platform plays a major role in their marketing strategy.

Instagram is something beyond selfies and dinner photographs – it is a showcasing channel. In any case, bridling its maximum capacity is a huge challenge without the assistance of an Instagram agency or scheduling tool.

People naturally seek out cost-effective growth tools. However, it is not uncommon for cheaper options to deliver low-quality services.

GrowBot is one of the least expensive around, so we need to discover whether it has any redeeming qualities.

We asked ourselves, “Is it legit and safe, or should we look elsewhere Instagram growth help?”

The following will be a real eye-opener for you, so you can decide if this is something you want to engage with or not.

What is GrowBot Automator for Instagram?


The actual name of this service is GrowBot Automator for Instagram, which is literally Instagram botting technology stuffed into a Google Chrome extension. This system is designed to auto engage with other user accounts on your behalf to help build and grow your IG profile.

That little tidbit alone means trouble right away.

You may or may not already know about bots, but essentially this kind of engagement is not viewed as ethical. The word “bot” itself is Instagram’s most unliked word. This social media platform does not permit Instagrammers to use this kind of AI technology. If/when they get caught using bots, Instagram will actively start blocking the offending accounts. If they continue to use this kind of engagement, they will get banned from the platform.  

That said, could using GrowBot Automator for Instagram most certainly get you banned from Instagram?

Most certainly is a strong phrase, so we would have to say ‘no’. Nonetheless, the odds of it happening are most certainly high. GrowBot offers some tips to prevent such things from happening, but we are not confident that these tips are reliable.

Interestingly, GrowBot has, thus far figured out how to remain above water. Many similar bots have been shut down via Instagram. We Imagine that they do this by regularly updating their app.

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How Do You Use GrowBot Automator for Instagram?


As I previously referenced, GrowBot Automator for Instagram is a Chrome extension. Before we go any further, we should mention installing extensions on Google Chrome is not the best idea. Many of these extensions come with risks that we will discuss later.

You can install this extension for nothing from the Chrome Web Store, and then use it for one week. Once that lapses, you will have to subscribe to it use it for one more week at no cost. If, after that, you decide to use it, you will need to pay for it.

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This application is accessed via A little robot symbol will generate in the upper left-hand corner, next to the Instagram logo. You will click on that icon to make adjustments to your preferences and get the bot up and running.

The interface of this app is quite complex. Therefore, there is a learning curve for figuring it out. As we see it, it should have come with a more user-friendly interface.

Alright, now we will discuss its features and capabilities.

Basically, this bot follows and unfollows Instagrammers who show the most interested in your niche or other profile characteristics. The concept that users you follow might choose to follow you back, (known as reciprocity) is about as old as Instagram itself, but it is still somewhat effective. Likewise, the bot can also like posts to make it appear that you have an active follower.

Obviously, you should not follow any old Instagram profile, so GrowBot allows you to target your suitable market and engage only within it. The filters on this app are very sophisticated and could actually be its best feature. We will address that more in the features section below.

GrowBot for Instagram Features

GrowBot Automator for Instagram

We have already discussed how the app’s interface pretty complex. However, it not what we would consider feature rich. The following will examine the features below.

Instagram Follow/Unfollow

GrowBot was developed to focus on the action of following and unfollowing. It performs these tasks for you to help you get more followers.

The app is constantly undergoing incessant updates, and they are frequently adding more options. Currently, you can set your minimums and maximums for following users according to your daily needs. Likewise, you can change the timing of the bot to try to create the appearance of natural engagement.

There are several settings you can adjust within this wildly disorganized app. Getting the hang of it can be a major challenge that can become an irritation.

So, does this app produce effective results? Indeed, it does, however it may not be what you anticipated.

The Instagram followers you get are usually bot profiles or not relevant to your specific niche. Likewise, we discovered instances where Instagram accounts got banned for using this app. After all, that is the risk you take if you want to use this kind of engagement.

Instagram Likes

GrowBot will also send automatic likes to your posts. It can like your posts on your feed as well as posts from other users. You get to choose how many automatic likes you want from the app.

The auto likes feature does not come with as many options for modifications as the follows feature, however, it is quite flexible.

Sadly, using this app is likely to put you on Instagram’s radar, resulting in getting you banned from the platform. You could possibly pull off it if you use GrowBot prudently and avoid overuse. In any case, this kind of usage will likely yield less effective growth.

Filtering and Targeting

GrowBot is filter rich and brimming with targeting options. You can pursue Other user’s followers, commenters, and likers. If you choose to use this app, use ample filters to narrow your target audience.

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For instance, follow only Instagrammers with a specific number of followers/posts. Also, unfollow users who neglect to follow you back (reciprocity) within an acceptable time frame. These are just a small sampling of what GrowBot can do.

Notwithstanding these high-level features, this app still gets a ton of irrelevant and/or fake or followers, which you do not want.

GrowBot for Instagram Pricing

It is obvious that GrowBot is so cheap, it is one of the least expensive of its kind on the market. Robot’s monthly subscription costs a low $6.99, and the annual subscription price is $69.99.

This service uses Google Payments for its payment system.

Is GrowBot for Instagram Legit?

We are not entirely sure of the legitimacy or safety about this service. We are inclined to say ‘no.’

Discovering a truly genuine GrowBot Automation for Instagram review written post 2019 is highly unlikely. That was when bots were permissible to use on Instagram and other social media channels. Today, that is a whole different story.

We suspect that this anomaly is because GrowBot does not have many happy clients to leave positive reviews nowadays. Instagram runs a tight ship nowadays and its algorithms are quick to detect bots.

Is GrowBot for Instagram Safe?

We have to say ‘Yes,” and “No.” regarding the safety of GrowBot Automator for Instagram.

The Good: Their site is secure, and the significant data about the organization is straightforward. Their pricing is transparent, and they have a dedicated FAQ page.

The Bad: The fact that this system using botting technology comes with many risks and makes it generally unsafe for Instagram use. We mentioned it before, and here it is again – it is likely to get you banned. Additionally, GrowBot is a Google Chrome Browser expansion, which could create an issue with your confidential information. This factor vastly escalates your risk.

Pros & Cons

  • It is free for a trial period.
  • It is cheap – maybe too cheap.
  • This is a bot that is likely to get you banned from Instagram.
  • It has a perplexing interface.
  • There are no new real reviews since 2019.
  • Customer support and service is lacking.
  • It may draw fake/irrelevant followers to your account.
  • Essentially, Robot’s website is merely a FAQ page.

Review Conclusion

Would it be advisable for you to try GrowBot out?

We think not, but naturally, that is ultimately up to you to decide. We do not recommend using any Instagram growth service that using botting technology.  Bots are unacceptable on Instagram. Using this kind of service just is not worth the risk of getting yourself banned from the platform.

There are better methods of engaging and growing on Instagram that you can spend your money and energy on. We are suggesting that using organic growth methods result in the natural development of your Instagram presence because they offer you results for the long haul.

Always read reviews (user and professional) before you invest your hard-earned money in any kind of growth help for Instagram. If you cannot find recent or real reviews on a company, steer clear of it.