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GoRead Review: Reliable Instagram Growth or Yet Another Scam?

Author: Adam
Published:September 13, 2022
10 mins 13 secs

Looking for a quick and reliable growth service for your Instagram, and you’ve just spotted GoRead? It might have been a good idea to look for some reviews online first. So, are they any good? Let’s find out together.

Buying Instagram followers sure seems to be a straightforward process, especially if you’ve just begun exploring the social media growth service domain. After all, they’re all offering the same service, right?


We’ve all been thinking that back in the day when we first began looking for Instagram growth services, but it’s not true. Every service claims to provide Instagram followers. Only a portion of those actually cares about your growth more than taking your money away from you. And yes, by that I mean that the field is rigged with scammers, fakes, and other wrongdoers.

And even among companies that really deliver followers there’s a difference. Some of them offer real followers who are real users with active profiles, while others rely on hordes of obviously fake accounts that will swarm over your content, alienate your existing communities, and dissipate quickly after your order.

You see? There’s quite a difference, although they all sell the same thing!

And here we have GoRead, a service that promises “super real growth” and “power likes”, all the while claiming they’re the best Instagram growth service there is. Do they give reliable Instagram growth, or are they yet another fake? My review will try to shed some light on the issue and decide once and for all.

What’s GoRead? logo

GoRead is a social media growth service that works as an Instagram exclusive and provides Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views to those Instagrammers who find themselves to be struggling with the softblock this social platform puts on new content creators.

They flex with their knowledge of Instagram algorithms and social bias that both prevent small-size Instagram accounts to properly establish their followings. I’ve personally been in that spot from which you can’t grow because both people and Instagram software stay clear from you. I can tell you, it sucks. Of course, that made me look favorably on sites who show understanding for this issue. 

But are these statements by GoRead false promises or the real deal?

GoRead boasts of lightning-fast delivery of your promotional goodies; ostensibly, mere minutes after you order, your comments, likes, followers, and views start pouring in. Apparently, they have a professional customer support service that is available 24/7, which is very good if true. On top of all this, privacy, safety, and security rank high among their priorities with various measures like secure payment, privacy checks, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

At first sight, wow! So good! Almost too good to be true.

But then you start noticing some cracks in their presentation. Their “super real followers” sounds fishy. Since when was regular real not enough? Also, there are a lot of issues on their site with grammar, syntax, and language in general. The whole customer support section starts with a title that goes “<<a”. Wait, what?

And then you stumble upon three random reviews that are obviously fake. A certain Sara-Jade Bevis is a “bloger”? Then a certain John Smith says his delivery came within 5 seconds of the order.


Something’s wrong here. All my danger alarms are ringing. I had the urge to check them more carefully, and that’s exactly what I did. 

And my suspicions were justified. 

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GoRead Features

High-Quality Service?

First things first. GoRead promised me high-quality service with real followers and real engagement from real people. Then I checked the price tag. Their most popular (written on the site as “most populer”) package gives you 100 followers for less than a dollar. This is cheap. Dangerously cheap.

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Real followers don’t come for this low a price. Most of what I consider to be verified social media growth sites earn their bread by partnering up with followers and giving them a portion of their income. What’s left for the followers if you pay them only parts of this negligible amount?

As I thought, what I got was by no means real followers. Obviously bot-farmed, these fakes ended up spamming on my content, annoying what little real followers I had before the order, and, what’s worse, putting a magnet for fakes from Instagram on my profile. I ordered an Instagram boost package to improve my online reputation, not utterly destroy it!

Fakes and bots are dangerous for more reasons than only soured reputation. Did you know that every major social media imposes drastic penalties for any dealing with fake accounts? It constitutes a grave breach of Instagram terms of agreement as well. Even if the ruined reputation doesn’t get you off from Instagram, its security measures will.

Yes, fake accounts eventually get your account suspended. If you’re buying bot accounts, it’s only a matter of time before you’re caught and banned.

Are these “super real-followers”, “high-quality”, and boosted reputation? Not in my book. The first unforgivable mistake for GoRead. Let’s move on.

Vast Choice

I have to say, when it comes to choice, the GoRead team gives their best to maintain the look of diversity. You can order down from 50 up to 200,000 followers/likes in one package. If only they offered reliable products and real followers/engagement, this would be ideal. However, as I have experienced myself, when it comes to fakes, it’s better to have no followers than 200,000 bot accounts.

Plenty of other features suffer from the same issue. Fast delivery? Too fast, especially if it drives your account towards suspension at neck-breaking speeds.

Too bad, much of GoRead had potential. Alas, it was all for nothing.

Security & Reliability

Remember the part where GoRead promises various checks and guarantees that act to preserve your safety and protect your privacy? This part is yet another that falls in the face of shady accounts that are obviously fake, but still get included in all the packages that GoRead offers.

You don’t need safety after your account gets suspended. If you were promised safety, you need to be protected from bots, fakes, and spam in the first place.

And there were signs of GoRead being pretty dangerous to use. I’ve seen about 30 reviews on the site, all five stars, of course, but all fake, of course. Having spelling errors to make them more believable works, but no one would call themselves “bloger” while spelling perfectly their full name, middle one included. John Smith doesn’t sound all that convincing either. 

Then you look for reviews outside of their website and you start to get the real picture.’s average rating of GoRead is 3.9, but all the real reviews gave them 1 star, while ordered reviews gave them 5 stars. There are no reviews that give them 2, 3, or 4 stars.The real reviews are made of complaints that range from “stole my money” and “they don’t respond to emails” to “didn’t get my order” and “my followers disappeared after 2 weeks”.

After everything I experienced, these only confirm my fears.

No About Page

There’s not a single name to be found anywhere on the GoRead site. Yes, you can find an address in Estonia and a local phone number, but no one’s responding. If the company really is Estonian, why is the only language available on site besides English – Thai?

Lots of questions and dilemmas and not so many answers. I’d dare say, no answers at all.

Customer Support?

Speaking of names and secretive info policies, the customer support really isn’t that responsive. It responds rarely, if they respond at all. This is risky because they expect followers to dissipate over time (due to others flagging them as “fake”, even though they’re SUPER real), after which you fulfill a refill request that goes through, you guessed it right, the customer support service.

A wicked cycle that, once you get into, there’s no way out.

The same goes for their money-back policy. They do offer you your money back in case of “unsatisfactory service”, but only within the first 4 weeks, or 28 days. However, what happens if they don’t respond within 28 days…?

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It might be smarter not to give them money in the first place than going through the refund ordeal all over again. Trust me, I’ve been there. 

No Trials, No Freebies, No Way to Test Their Services

Once I’ve unmasked their weak spots and false advertising, one thing remains painfully obvious. You can’t really test their services before committing to an order, which is usually indicative of something being hidden from you. Never trust agencies that aren’t willing to give you samples of their service, and this goes even outside the social media growth industry.

GoRead makes you verify their effectiveness through direct order only. Yes, they offer a refund policy on paper, but there’s heaps of wrong linked with their refund policy, of which I’ve already written above.

Do you really need more warning signs? I think not–my review/testimonial should be enough.

Should I Buy Followers in the First Place? Pricing

Every time that I mentioned a risk or danger with GoRead might have further discouraged people from actually buying followers in the first place. However, this is not entirely justified.

Buying followers has its advantages, and not every service is as flawed as GoRead. In a digital world of Instagram which is already gigantic and has millions following a single name, it is not enough to create an account and post quality content. You might have the world’s best content, but if there’s no one to see your photos, stories, and videos, it might as well have been all for nothing. This is how social media works in 2021, and this is how social media have worked forever. 

Buying followers gives you a base that will break the social bias people have against Instagrammers without followers. It’s in human nature to act as a herd, especially so in social media. If we see others hanging out on someone’s profile, we’ll be more ready to stick around ourselves.

And there’s the whole algorithm thing. Social media growth experts have their tricks of trade that help them simulate the organic growth pattern that sometimes activates exponential growth sensors that Instagram has to promote instant-popular content. In other words, one time you might actually wake up to Instagram fame.

So yeah, you should definitely consider buying Instagram followers.

Alternatives to Buying Followers

Buying followers has its alternatives, and these come in dedicated account management and manual growth optimization.

What’s those? Those are services that don’t offer ready-made packages of followers/engagement, but instead rely on taking over control of your profile and putting it in the hands of experts in the field of Instagram optimization. By tweaking your campaigns, fixing your targeting, boosting your good sides and diminishing your bad sides in general, these account managers increase your engagement rate, outreach, and presence to “naturally” grow your follower count.

Neat, huh? And it works! No fakes, no bots, real followers and engagement only.

Review Conclusion

Having undergone this uncomfortable experience of dealing with them, I have to say that I really discourage anyone from using GoRead. Mixing several highly risky tactics, such as relying on bots and spam, as well as censorship and paid reviews, lowers their standard to a point where using them could bring more harm than improvement to your Instagram presence.

If you’re looking for a boost in your reputation, do yourself a favor and skip GoRead. I personally felt the weight of their bad decisions during my sampling of their products. Had I used them on my actual Instagram, I’d suffer a loss I’d probably never recover from. Thankfully, I trust my instinct with these situations and always make a back-up account.

You don’t need a back-up. You need a back-away. Back away from GoRead entirely. Or, if you really want to try your luck, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. And, after all, you have so many tried-and-true options out there–would you really want to risk it all for GoRead?

I thought not. In any case, good luck with your Instagram expansion. I’m sure you’ll grow to the following that you deserve!